4 Fun Style Trends to Try Out in 2023


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on who you are and maybe make a few changes. These don’t have to be anything drastic if you don’t want them to be – sometimes a few simple style changes can be enough to make you feel fresh and new again for the next twelve months ahead.


If you’re stuck in your ways when it comes to fashion and stumped on what to try out in 2023, here are a few fun style trends that will be big this year. Don’t be afraid to try out styles that you would normally avoid. Be bold and adventurous and you might find you love it!




In 2023, skinny jeans are out, and oversized everything is back in. think big slouchy T-shirts, oversized sweaters, loose cargo pants, flare denim and even shoulder pads. The bigger, the better, but make sure to keep it classy. You could choose the baggy-all-over look and rock a full matching sweatsuit, or you might choose to pair your bigger, oversized pieces with something tighter fitting to create a more balanced look that suits your figure.


Think wide-leg jeans with a tight crop top. Or perhaps a big, puffy blouse paired with smart tapered trousers and a pair of steampunk glasses for extra flare? Count us in.


Time Warp


This oversized theme is a part of something greater, namely the return of the early 2000s trends. High-rise jeans are already a thing of the past as the hip-riding style makes its way back into our fashion magazines.


You’ll notice fast fashion stores reaching back into the 90s, so try to embrace this trend and head back to who you used to be. The nostalgia will be fun, and hey, you already know how to style these items because you’ve been here before. If you’re not wearing cuffed jeans, they had better be flared.


Texas Chic


Another fun trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2023 is the cowboy aesthetic. This won’t necessarily tie in with your 90s slouchy band T-shirts, but who says you need to be tied down? This trend is especially fun for ladies with a more feminine style – you’ll be able to experiment with braids and boots and summer dresses.


Even if you’re not a girly girl, you can lean into this trend by reaching for your old flannels (or stealing one from your partner) and figuring out how to style your cowboy boots ASAP.


Go Grunge


Finally, it seems that grunge is back with a vengeance too, but in a slightly more refined style. Think Wednesday Addams, but toned down for everyday wear.


The all-black look is easy to style but full of fun pieces to style. Think Peter Pan collars, loads of lace and buttons, velvet, braids and a sultry red lip. This style can be morphed in so many different ways that just about anyone could have fun with it and make it work for them.


There’s nothing to say that extra curly and wavy hair can’t be beautiful. In fact, we know that to be true. However, some people simply don’t want to invest all the time necessary to keep unruly hair looking kept together. To that end, here we’re going to look at the steps you can take to bring it under control, both short-term and long-term.

Cut it shorter

One of the easiest ways to deal with hair that’s a little wilder is to have less of it to deal with in the first place. Getting your hair cut might not be the most ideal solution for those who want to keep their hair long, but it’s definitely one way to freshen up your look. It’s then also much easier to take care of frizzy hair. What’s more, it can help you get rid of the dry, dead ends that might’ve started cropping up.

Protect it from the heat

For a lot of women, their hair might be manageable enough until the summer rolls around, then it can be a minefield of messy tangles. Aside from avoiding things like hot showers and using curling irons, you can also make use of heat-protectant sprays that can reduce damage to your hair overall. These need to be applied on a regular basis.

Taking the irons to it

Of course, one way to make your hair much easier to deal with is to get rid of any of the frizz in the first place. Hair straighteners are a tried and true method, but it’s also well known that it’s not the healthiest approach for your hair, either. To that end, you should look up methods of straightening your hair safely. Aside from using the sprays mentioned above, it’s recommended you use the right smoothing conditioners to prepare your hair.

Take a longer-lasting approach

If you don’t want to spend every day sitting down with a pair of straighteners, then there are treatments that can help you make your hair easier to keep straight for a longer time. A keratin treatment is one of the most effective options available. It usually lasts around two to two and a half months and smooths over your hair to make it both more manageable and also to give it a glossy, healthy look.

Style with care

If you don’t want to take as long-lasting an approach as the treatments mentioned above, then you should look at what styling products you use to care for your hair. Hair oils and waxes, especially those that contain argan oil, can make unruly and thick hair much easier to manage and style, while also offering the hydration and nutrition that can help you avoid frizziness and dead ends in the first place.

If you love having hair that’s more natural, then, by all means, rock it. However, if you would rather settle things down a little, then hopefully the tips above can help you. It’s all about what makes you feel confident about your own look.

We may well be in the early part of the year but if you’re anything like us, you feel how fast 2020 went. One minute we were all being put into lockdown and the next, it was Christmas. Every day is Groundhog Day right now for many people, but that actually means that you are going to blink and it’ll be Christmas again!

You should be planning and preparing for Christmas now, so that you are ready in case of more lockdowns, more outbreaks and more issues. You want to have the freedom to shop but utilizing your online abilities, you can log on and get Smooth Sales | Crazy Deals Every Day easily. Christmas may seem like it’s an age away right now, but it’s good news as this will give you time to get everything sorted out. So, what can you be doing right now?

  • Start shopping! Setting your budget for each person/family you buy for is important. Without a budget to work to, it’s very easy to end up spending more than you can officially afford. Setting your budget now will help you to gradually buy what you need without breaking the bank. Your budget can be as set or as vague as you like, but you do need it in place to get a rough idea of how you can break up your needs over the next few months. You can then start shopping based on this! Any ideas you may be struggling for? Well, go for the traditional hampers and gift baskets of bath bombs to make life easy for you.
  • Enter the sales. Between now and Christmas, you’re going to encounter summer sales, Easter sales, Fall sales and more. This means plenty of opportunities to save some cash and shop where you need. You could buy clothing and technology on sale when you have the money to, and then you can probably cut your budget in half!
  • Create a cupboard. You need somewhere to hide your purchases for the Christmas season. Not only do you need to think about keeping things hidden from the kids, you need to consider that a cupboard will mean that you’re not cluttering up the house with all the random purchases. Tape all the receipts to the boxes for now and add the name of the recipient to it – just so you know for whom you’ve bought a gift. Add gift wrap and cards to the Christmas cupboard, too, just do you have everything in one place.
  • Homemade gifts. If you plan to send Chrstmas cakes, jams and fudge to family, friends and colleagues, start planning now. Jam can be stored for months, as can Christmas cakes and puddings. If you plan to make your own ornaments for family, do these early, too. Get everything stored in your new Christmas cupboard!


Christmas is only far away because we’re in the early part of the year. It’ll come around quick enough and the earlier you organize it, the more you can sit back and relax while the season rolls on through!

Let’s be honest. If you are actively dating, you are using an online dating app of some sort. You may still pretend that you aren’t if someone asks you directly, but you are. Everyone is using an app or an online dating website to find partners. And there is a ton of different websites to choose from. Tinder is by far the most popular, but RSVP, Bumble, eHarmony, and many others are there to cater for different types of people, different personalities, and different types of relationships.

The profiles that people write on these websites changed a lot over the years. A few years ago most would put a lot of effort into the text of their online dating profile. Many used a copywriter to create a great profile that would attract the most potential partners. I think these days are behind us. Sure, eHarmony of EliteSingles would still emphasize the description of each person, but if you look at Tinder, the most popular app, you will struggle to find a profile that is longer than a paragraph. Often just a sentence or two. Pictures, as they say, tell a thousand words, and it is nowhere more true than on Tinder.

I watched a girl scan their Tinder feed for potential partners, and she spent maybe half a second on a picture they see. Probably even less. I watched her finger swipe left maybe 30 times in a couple of minutes, and not once has she actually read the profile itself. There were actually a couple of pictures she paused for a couple of seconds and proceeded to check other pictures in the profile.

She was clearly not that interested in the wonderful personality of the person she checked, or their likes or dislikes. She liked the photo and that was enough. She said everything else can be worked out later, or on the actual date. Face to face. She said, she wants to find out who the man is, and not who he thinks he is. So the profile is just his own view of himself, and that is always skewed by his own perception of himself.

So, the moral of the story is, if you want a potential partner to pause for a second while scanning dozens of profiles, you need a kick-ass profile photo. What it means is that a selfie against a dirty bathroom mirror would probably not be good enough. You can also put in the same category all the awkwardly posed snapshots, blurry images, and group photos where the viewer has to guess which one of the drunken people is actually you.

I asked Jay, who runs his online dating photography studio in Sydney, what makes a great tinder photo. He says, that the rules are actually very simple. Women want to look beautiful in their pictures and men want to look cool. That’s it, just 1 rule, and it’s pretty much universal. He shot online dating photos on 3 continents and this rule applies here in Australia as well as in Europe and Asia.

If you are naturally cool and beautiful, then a selfie may well be enough. Unfortunately, 99% of us belong to the other category and a little bit of guidance would help a lot. That is when a professional photo session will do the trick. A professional photographer will not make you look like Brad Pitt, but they may help you look your very best. And that is the ultimate goal in getting a good dating photo.

Jay says that even a very small adjustment in the posture can make a huge difference in the final image. The way we stand makes a difference, where we put our hands, where we look, what clothes we wear. All these points add to the final image and a good photographer will help you get that cool look.

Another thing is facial expressions. A little bit of guidance will transform a typical image into a great portrait that you will be happy to post online. Actually, a lot of people now get a portrait session, not just for an online dating profile, but for Facebook and LinkedIn. There is also a group of people who like slightly more risque images, whether for themselves or even for certain dating apps. Check the popularity of boudoir photography. You can use your photos for anything, not just dating. Instagram is another place you can use a few cool shots of yourself.

A portrait shoot is not a huge investment. It may be, however, the best money you spend on your dating profile. To get someone to pause on your picture and maybe even read about your wonderful personality in your profile is worth a little bit of money. If you want to see a few great tinder portraits, you can check his work on Pinterest.

woman in white spaghetti strap top standing on the seashore

For a lot of people, they find their style somewhere in their teens or their twenties, and then they stick with this style until retirement age hits and they are expected to trade in their younger garments for something that’s a little more ‘age-appropriate’. However, failing to update your look and style for this long means you risk being left behind, and even feeling bored with how you look. Perhaps, then, it’s time to make a change. 

You Can Fix Imperfections

If you feel self-conscious about problems like thinning, stringy hair or chipped or missing teeth, among a variety of other supposed imperfections, then attending to these first can be a massive boost and the first step to freshening your look up. 

You can find out how to choose a cosmetic dentist that can aid with any dental issues, whereas speaking with your hairdresser can give you ideas on what adjustments to make that will make your hair healthier. It may be a small change, it may be a big one, but you’ll be happy you went for it. 

You Will Feel More Confident

Whether you decide to buy a whole new wardrobe, dye your hair, or fix those blemishes you’ve worried about since you were a teenager, refreshing anything about you will flood you with the confidence you haven’t felt in years. 

Often, it’s just a little thing that can make a huge difference, and even if you’re not sure if it was the right move, the immediate compliments you receive will alleviate any fears. With this newfound confidence, you’ll find yourself working better, talk better, and having more fun with fewer inhibitions that could make you transform into the life of the party. 

You Can Try Something New

Trying something new can be a little scary, especially if you’re not entirely sure that it’s the correct move for you. However, if no one ever did anything new, the world would be so utterly dull that we may as well shut the whole thing down and start over.

When the opportunity arises to try something new, whether it’s a new hairstyle, makeup routine, or wardrobe, it’s always better to take the chance rather than stick to what you know. It might not work out, but that doesn’t matter, at least you know for the future. 

You Will Stand Out

The idea of standing out is possibly the worst reason for introverts to refresh their look, but it doesn’t need to be as long as you stand out in the right way. 

Too many people look too similar, so finding your own style and rocking it with confidence without going overboard can make people gravitate towards you. If you appear interesting, you’ll feel interesting, which could help increase your social skills and help you make new friends and connections. 

Refreshed and Ready

Sometimes all you need is a little change to start feeling better and looking better. Other times, you might need to look at more profound ways to refresh your look and style. Whichever it is, you can be sure you’ll stride out after making this change feeling more confident and less concerned with what everyone else thinks. Because who cares? 

As one season goes and another one comes, it gives individuals a great opportunity to update their look with the latest trends. Right now it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with abundant choices available from the Boxing Day Sales after Christmas. Can’t decide what to buy? Here are some style tips to give you a helping hand while shopping.

The colour to go for this coming season is definitely blue. The great thing about this colour is that it is extremely versatile. There are so many different shades of blue available; this means that there is something to suit all hair colours, skin tones and styles. A striking cobalt blue is a great way to add some life and energy into an outfit. If you are daring enough and like to stand out from the crowd then go for a striking pair of trousers or even a jumpsuit in the electric blue shade.

Now that we’ve established the colour on trend, let’s have a look at the fabric. A leather garment is a fantastic way to add a dominant, edgy and bold vibe to any look. It is something that featured frequently throughout the fashion weeks, designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Lanvin, JW Anderson, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, used it in their looks. A classic leather jacket is always a good piece of investment, or go for a leather pencil skirt when seeking something for a more formal occasion.

The military look is another one which has come back into fashion. This is the perfect trend for laid back style. Opt for a pair of khaki trousers or an army patterned jacket to emulate this popular trend. It is recommendable to opt for a sleek and striking style of hair and makeup when going for this look. A slick of red lipstick and polka straight hair is a great choice.

Intriguing and innovative retro patterns have very much come to the forefront of womens fashion clothes as well as of late. Loud dresses find a way for individuals to express themselves and make a statement. These patterned garments differ extensively from the subtle to the elaborate. Which one you opt for simply depends on you and your fashion taste.

And finally, the floral trend is something that is also bang in fashion at the moment. It is a look which featured in the A/W collections of the likes of Preen, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen and Dior. There are various ways in which you can channel this look. Opt for a floral blouse, a floral scarf, a t-shirt with a flower motif or a pair of floral patterned shorts… the list is endless! 

Hope this helps if you are looking for new ways in which to update your wardrobe and reinvent your look over the coming season. Remember, always adapt the trends to your personal style and to stay true to yourself!

Summer is coming slowly to Sydney this year. I’m hoping it’s time to finally put away jackets and trench coat for a while and wear summer clothes.

One of the best summer outfits for summer for lazy gals like me has to be Slides + Dresses. Don’t worry, when I say slides, they are not those sloppy ones we wear at home and bathroom. There are many slides perfectly for office wear:

And there are slides cute and dressier:


Why slides and dresses? Because it’s easy and quick to get changed into; it’s comfortable and stylish to wear; it’s can be easily dressed up and down to suit different occasions.

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Here are some example of smart and chic ways to wear slides and dresses. Enjoy the warm weather!

No doubt we all love to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. However very often it’s not easy to achieve both. It hurts our brain to think about what to wear when we are tired or time poor. We then quickly give up, conveniently pairing sneakers with jeans, track pants or shorts to be comfortable. Forget about being stylish!

The thing is, we don’t need to be super creative or go out to get a complete new wardrobe to be comfortable and look good. Just as jeans can be dressed up with heels to create the winning outfit combo, jeans’ good mate sneakers have the equally magic power. If you don’t like wearing heels or simply want a different look, try sneakers with skirts and dresses. It’s easy to wear and effortlessly stylish!

There are many easy and stylish ways to wear sneakers with skirts and dresses of course. Firstly, let’s have a look at sneakers paired with skirts of different lengths:

Mini skirts with sneakers

If you are young and have the perfect legs to flaunt, wear mini skirts with sneakers. This look suits girls of different heights.

Above knee skirts with sneakers

High waisted skirts around 10 centimetres above knee with sneakers can create an energetic look and elongate your legs.

Knee length skirts with sneakers

Knee length pencil skirts with sneakers creates a smart – together look. Rest assured you’ll stand out from the crowd for your fabulous taste, without looking like you are trying at all.

Midi skirts with sneakers

If you are not comfortable showing too much of legs and have slim ankles, midi skirts are your best friend. Sneakers go well with mini skirts of different shapes. 

Maxi skirts with sneakers

I personally love a good maxi skirt and maxi dresses, so basically maxi everything. Why? Because it suits many body types and is super easy to wear. Those ones with elastic waist? The best! 🙂 As to the style, flowy maxi skirts are the better to go with sneakers – leave your long bodycon skirts to high heels or ballerina flats. Maxi skirts with sneakers adds an instant cool edge to your feminine look. Have fun with adding a little bit colour to make your personal fashion statement.

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Sneakers with dresses:

What’s easier than wearing skirts and sneakers? It has to be wearing dresses with sneakers! Below are some examples of sneakers with different dresses: short or long, casual or dressier.

Nowadays most offices have relaxed their dress code, so as long as you are not attending a boardroom meeting, you could easily show up in the office in a mart dress and your favourite pair of classic little white sneakers.

Dresses with sneakers is not just an outfit combo for day time affairs. It also does wonders for a glamours night out. With a perfect fitted dress, you can totally up your sneakers game to the whole new level. At the end of the night, your feet will thank you for it!

If you ask what’s one of the most important style tips to create a classic look with sneakers + skirts/dresses? The answer is: Wear less colours! Stick to classic black/white, pastel/solid colours, timeless patterns. Remember the old saying? Less is more. Yes, the less colour you wear, the classier you’ll look, even when you are wearing sneakers.

Do you feel like “I have nothing to wear” more often when it’s changing season? Summer and Winter seem so much easier to choose what to wear. It’s almost like a non brainer: throw a one piece dress on in Summer and rug up in Winter:)  But it’s always tricky to choose the right outfit between season.

If you are facing the dilemma of what to wear in cooler days, here’s a simple solution: When in doubt, wear Jeans with heels. Why? Because I’m pretty sure every woman has plenty of jeans and heels piling up in their wardrobe. Hence Spring and Autumn are the perfect seasons to embrace your two favourite wardrobe staples: Jeans and Heals. Together they are your winning outfit combination.

Still confused about how to wear jeans with heels? Here are some classic examples of wearing different shapes and types of jeans with any kind of heels.

Skinny jeans with heels

Straight legged jeans with heels

straight leg jeans with heelsJeans with heels

Boyfriend jeans ( handy hint: cuff your jeans for best result) with heels

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Flared jeans

Flare is always a good idea, be it long or cropped.

Jeans with heels

Jeans with heels

Just more example of a few popular styles:

Cuffed jeans with heels

Ripped jeans with heels

jeans with heels

Frayed hem with heels



Spring is very much upon us. The sky is brightening, the temperature is climbing, and there are signs of springtime all around us. The trees are greener. The grass is flourishing. The beaches are starting to get busier, and flowers are popping up all over the place. Another thing that might be showing signs of spring is your wardrobe. Waterproofs and chunky jumpers are being packed away for another year as we instead reach for our shorts, bikinis, tank tops, loose tees and summer dresses.

Accessorising Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is a great time for colour. If you’ve been in jeans and dark tops all through the colder months, it can be great to throw on some bright colours and floral prints. But, all this colour can make it hard to accessorise your outfits. You want to add something extra, as well as more practical accessories, but you don’t want to go too OTT, or find yourself having to buy matching pieces for every outfit, because everything else clashes or doesn’t look right. Here are some key accessorising tips for spring style.

Invest in Quality

Choosing between quality and quantity can be tough, and there’s no one right answer. It’s great to have some cheaper pieces, like fun sandals, fashion jewellery and bright clutches that don’t cost much, only go with a few outfits and don’t get too much use. You don’t mind if these get damaged or lost, but they look great and add some sparkle to your outfits.

But, it’s also great to invest in some higher quality, more expensive items. A large leather bag for example, in black or brown, will go with all of your outfits, be big enough to fit in everything that you need, and last the test of time. A good denim jacket, comfortable leather shoes and good sunglasses, with UV protection, are other items, worth spending a little more on.

Keep it Simple

If you love your spring wardrobe bright and eye-catching, it can be a good idea to keep your accessories simple, dainty and classic. Simple silver or gold jewellery look great with brighter outfits.

Make sure you’ve also got some statement, colourful pieces to go with more casual and dressed down outfits.

Add a Scarf

Lightweight, oversized scarves can be an excellent option in spring and summer. They look great with lightweight tops, or strappy vests, without overpowering your look. But, they also give you options. A scarf can give you some extra coverage and protect your skin on scorching days, as well as adding an extra light layer on cooler spring evenings. You can even turn it into a cool boho head scarf to keep your hair out of your face, and free from knots and sand for a day on the beach.

Get Your Shades Right

Sunglasses are a vital part of your wardrobe, they look great, and they protect your eyes. But, make sure that you get the right shape to suit your face. It’s not as easy as you might think. There are round, oval, heart-shaped, oversized, small, thick-framed, no frames, squared and more. There’s a lot to consider. Get a second opinion before committing to an expensive pair.

capsule wardrobe

To start off simply – what is a capsule wardrobe? The idea began in France but has spread throughout the Western world – the concept is that your wardrobe consists of a handful of items that can be mixed and matched with each other to create many different outfits. It uses basic clothes to build fantastic outfits that are both versatile and fashionable.

However, a complete capsule wardrobe isn’t for everyone, or rather it isn’t enough for everyone. Where it does take away the panic of finding the right outfit, or wondering whether certain combinations will match, but it can also take away variety in your wardrobe; if everything matches each other, then owning a pair of khaki jeans and a maroon top would just make you look like Christmas. You can use a capsule wardrobe as your base, and then add on another handful of items that match half of the things in your wardrobe – this helps to cover almost every situation and occasion, and lets you introduce more colour into your outfit choices.


So here are our choices for ten things you should include in your capsule wardrobe, and then ten things you should add in as your wardrobe expansion pack.

Capsule Wardrobe

1| Short Sleeved Tee Shirt

This shirt is so versatile. If you keep it plain and with a floaty cut, you can dress it up for work with a blazer, keep it casual on it’s own or with a cardigan, or tuck it into a skirt for a cuter look. Choose a neckline that flatters your shape and a colour that goes with everything.

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2| Long Sleeved Top

Keep it loose or tight – a long sleeved top is just as versatile as it’s short sleeved sister. Introduce a pattern here, with stripes or a delicate print. Keep it simple, and make sure that the sleeves aren’t too short or long on you.

3| Shirt or Blouse

For smarter occasions you might need a smarter top. A button-up shirt can be fitted and tailored to your shape, and a blouse is perfectly feminine and floaty. Keep it print-free, but the cut can be a little more exciting on a blouse. Oversized cuffs on a shirt keeps it fresh and modern.

4| Knit

Choose an item of knitwear – jumper or cardigan? The suggestion either way is to go oversized. A large cardigan can double as a jacket when the days get warmer, and an oversized jumper, with a large knit, is right on trend. These items are perfect for layering in any situation.

capsule wardrobe


5| Little Black Dress

What wardrobe is complete with one? You can dress it up or down with heels or flats. Make it more serious with a blazer, or perfect for a night out on it’s own. Body con with a mid-length cut is perfect and on trend, and suits literally everybody.

6| Blazer

Fitted and tailored this item is perfect for all your professional outfit choices. You can even introduce some colour here. Most capsule wardrobes stick to a black, grey and white palette to ensure that it all matches, so pretty much any colour blazer will match. Burgundy, green, okra and dusty pink are the top choices throughout the seasons.

7| Jeans

A good pair of jeans are the staple look for any wardrobe regardless of its size. It’s up to you weather you choose a more casual look with a pair of boyfriend jeans, or you go with a pair of black skinny jeans. The former is perfect for all your casual outfits, and the later for your professional and going out choices.

8| Skirt

A little black skirt is perfect in casual and going out situations, but you might decide to choose a more tailored cut for a smarter look. A pencil skirt isn’t flattering for everybody, but it does add to your professional outfits. Choice a skirt that works for you and not for a particular occasion.

9| Boots

The perfect pair of ankle, knee-length, or even thigh-high boots is needed for every wardrobe. The don’t need to be heeled, and if they are you can choose between a stiletto or block heel. You can add some colour here, or keep to a black shoe to integrate with every outfit and occasion. If you do choose a colour, make sure it matches you coloured blazer, as you are very likely to want to wear these two together.

10| Flats

Slip on shoes or sneakers? Slip-on flats can go with every outfit, where sneakers do limit you to a casual choice. Either way, choose a pair that isn’t going to fall apart, that works with your colour scheme, and that is comfy.  

Extension Pack

1| Jumpsuit

Date night, birthday meal, clubbing, wedding, office – the right jumpsuit will see you through every occasion. Follow the rules or a little black dress, and keep the colour dark, but choose a looser cut that nips you in at the waist. Cropped trousers are on trend at the moment, and look fantastic with ankle boots or heels.

2| Jeans

Whichever choice you made for your capsule wardrobe – pick the opposite one now. Choose a lasting brand though, like Levis, so that your choice isn’t going to get worn out any time soon.

3| Heels

To sit next to you boots of choice, now get yourself a pair of heels. Stiletto or black heel doesn’t make difference – unless you can’t walk in a stiletto of course. You can add some colour to your outfits easily with your shoes, and a pair of heels will see you through every occasion, and can easily dress up the most casual of outfits.

4| Lace Cami

Wear it under your sheer blouse, on it’s own its under your knitted jumper. The hint of lace at the neckline is feminine and creates interest through layers. Black is best with your cami as it goes with every other colour, and white camis can easily dull to grey in the wash.

5| Leggings

A pair of leggings can be a welcome break from your jeans in a casual outfit. And if your shirt or blouse is longer than your hips, good quality leggings can easily be incorporated into a smarter or fancier outfit.

6| Brogues

They add to both your smart and casual wardrobe, and can give your outfit a slightly quirkier finish. They always look best in a dark tan, and made from leather or good quality faux leather material.

7| Hat

Do you prefer a fedora, snapback, or oversized sun hat? Hats can be very particular in regards to it’s occasion, but it can be a great finish to your outfit. The most versatile choice might be a fedora or pork pie hat.

8| Trench Coat

Your capsule wardrobe might be lacking in the coat department – so start off with a trench coat. It’s perfect for your smart, professional and dinner date occasions. A tan coat is great with any outfit.

9| Parka

Either padded with a faux fur trim, or thinly quilted and waterproof, a parka is perfect for your more casual outfits.

10| Shirt or Blouse

Whatever your choice for your capsule wardrobe, you can now extend it with the opposite choice. This opens up your professional outfit choices, and if you;re adding in the blouse, adds to your night out outfits too.

Obviously your wardrobe is always going to be particular to you, and filled with cuts and styles perfect for your body type and fashion inspirations. But the key to a versatile wardrobe lies in choosing items that compliment each other in style and colour. You might decide to have a capsule wardrobe for your work clothes, and then a very full one for your casual and going out outfits. Or have one for each season. If you’re  a person who changes their style frequently, then a handful of capsule wardrobes might serve your purposes as you can just rotate them as you change your mind.

A ‘capsule wardrobe’ means a small amount of clothes to suit every occasion. But that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it that small if you don’t want to. You can take whichever practices you like from the idea and incorporate them into your wardrobe however you like. Or you might want the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe – in which case, go for it and let me know how it works out for you!

capsule wardrobe


A great t-shirt is one hell of a wardrobe staple! They are comfortable to wear, you can dress them up or down, and as a bonus, they are easy to wash and iron as well. However, very often we think the humble t-shirts are boring and find it difficult to style them. The good news is, I have that covered, no matter what look you are going for, in the post below.

Rock a statement bag

What better way to show off a statement piece like a designer handbag than against the clean lines of a plain t-shirt. Get this look right, your t-shirt will be elevated to the next level!

Firstly you only need to pick a black, white, or at a push marl grey t-shirt. Rock it with jeans for a more casual effect, or go for a pencil skirt for something a little more flirty and tuck that shirt in:)

Of course you want your handbag to be in the best condition possible. That means putting it away in its dust cover after each use, and sending it to the repair shop if its showing sign of wear, as scuffed handbag might ruin the whole look.

Wear just the right necklace

Another way to perfectly accessories and style an plain, everyday t-shirt look is to pair it with just the right necklace. As you’ve probably seen, there are millions of necklaces designs, making it a challenge to get your choice spot on every time.

Luckily, there are some simple rules that you can apply for choosing a necklace that will work with your T-shirt. Matching the right neckline to the style and length is one of them. For example, a t-shirt with a crew neck can look fantastic with a large chunky statement collar piece. While a shirt with a v neck will look much better with a more delicate pendant on a chain.

Scoop neck t-shirts work best with rounded chains.

Once you have decided on the style of necklace, you will need to consider the material that your piece is made from too. Surprisingly, plastic items can look quite stylish, especially if they are oversized.Something that makes them perfect for teaming with a plain white t-shirt f you want a more delicate and feminine look.

Try a scarf

Lastly, another fab way of accessorising a plain t-shirt is to use a scarf. In fact, we are seeing this a lot in fashion publications at the moment, as the boho look is very much on trend.

To achieve this look yourself is quite easy enough too. All you need to do is to pick a scarf in a shade that suits your skin tone. You can check out the video above for the different ways you can tie it, and voila, you have a simple way to dress up any plain, boring old t-shirt and make it look remarkable!

Paris, Milan, New York — so many cities are known for their focus on fashion and chic design, so when it comes to city breaks, you want to look the part. Of course, a lot of the natives will look like they’ve just stepped off the catwalk, and if you’re paying for a holiday, you might not be rolling in money and designer gear. So, here’s how you can look city-break ready, without breaking the bank!

A maxi dress

If you are planning on walking by the canals in Venice or exploring the museums in Amsterdam, a flowy maxi dress looks beautiful as well as being easy to wear, and will keep you cool if the weather is warm. Maxi dresses come in a rainbow of colours, and they’re so light you can pack several in your suitcase and not have them take up too much space. They are definitely a great thing to chuck in for the days when you want something easy.

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A coat or jacket

Although you may be hoping for beautiful sunshine throughout your trip, that’s not always the case. So make sure you have a smart cover-up that can be worn with every outfit, at any time of day. For example, a lightweight trench coat, or a printed oversized blazer will look stylish, as well as keeping you warm, especially if it gets a little cold in the evenings.

Comfortable shoes

Whether you’re a culture vulture, wanting to check out the museums, or more of a shopaholic wanting to check out the sales, you are likely going to be walking quite a lot on a city break. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Look for shoes with a good sole, that are breathable and comfortable but that will go with everything.

Some stylish sneakers or slip-ons will be good for walking around during the day, and sandals or heels can dress up an outfit for the evening. If you are going in winter, make sure you pack some waterproof boots with good grip to stop you taking a tumble!

A shoulder bag

Keep your valuables secure with a crossbody bag that you can wear with every outfit. It needs to be big enough to store your phone, purse, makeup etc, but without being too cumbersome as you walk around. Something that offers detachable straps is really versatile as you can mix it up and use it as a clutch if you’re going out of an evening too!

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There is nothing more classic than a simple pair of jeans. They can be dressed up with heels, a blouse and blazer for a meal of an evening, or worn with a simple t-shirt and sneakers during the day — mix up your look with accessories and no one need know that you’ve worn the same pair for a few days in a row! They are a wardrobe staple and will help you blend in perfectly on a city break.

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What do you wear for a city break? Let me know in the comments below.

Almost all of us have a few pair of Jeans in different styles, the skinny jeans, the boyfriend or the boot cut. I once heard a famous fashion blogger saying that she never owned a pair of jeans. Maybe that’s the case for glamorous people who do fashion for a living, jeans are not high end enough for them:). Jeans are many girls best friend.

Cuffing your jeans is a sure way to up your street style game. Here are some examples of celebrity street styles:

You can cuff all different types of jeans. The bare ankle look is guaranteed to make your legs even longer.

How to cuff your jeans properly to create an effortlessly chic look then? Here are 4 ways to do it just like that!

The skinny roll cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

The deep cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

The double roll cuff:

Follow these 3 steps: The flip roll cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

Are you ready to play?

Going on holiday can strike the fear in you, especially if the holiday has crept up on you and you are living in a matter of weeks. A vacation should be a fun time with your friends and/or your family. A time to relax and unwind and enjoy the good weather, amazing scenery and perfect sights. But we can all get a little dazed with the pre-holiday preparation. So I thought I would share with you some of the steps you can take to ensure you look and feel your best on holiday.

Ditch the diet and just eat well

You might be tempted to take on a crash diet before you go away, in the hope of losing a few pounds and getting into shape. But this isn’t sustainable and could have you feeling miserable. Instead why not focus on eating well. Look at your diet and ensure you eating a balanced one. Getting all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function and survive. Sometimes it is this change that can be an ongoing thing. And you will find that things like your energy, your skincare condition and how you feel can all be affected, just by the food that you choose to eat.

Dress for your body shape

Your body shape is what it is, and often, you may not like how certain things look on you but this might be because you are not dressing for your body shape. We can all be guilty of confirming to a certain style, but actually why not embrace the new you and be happy with the body shape you have. Whether it is the one piece swimwear you want to enjoy or wearing dresses that flatter your figure, choose options for your holiday that look great but more importantly have you feeling great.

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Start to be more active

Maybe you want more energy, and a great way to do that is to be more active in general. That might be in the way of walking more, taking on a new hobby like running or even just going to your local gym and embracing new classes or exercise regimes. It could help increase your energy levels and help you start to feel good about things. This could just be the lifestyle change you are looking for, helping you to develop new habits.

Prepare your body and feel your best

Finally, prepare your body as best you can before you go away, but do what feels comfortable and right for you. Shaving your legs, book in for waxes, get your nails or hair done, shaping your eyebrows or applying a fake tan before you go away. Whatever it is that helps you look and feel your best, get it sorted ahead of time so you don’t feel rushed and on the last minute. If you look good you will feel good, on the inside and the out.

I hope that these steps help you to look your best for your holiday.