Boudoir photography is booming

Back in the late 80’s the glamour photography went from very popular to virtually non-existent within only a couple of years. No one was interested in those hazy images with ridiculous poses. I remember, they even had filters for camera lenses to make the image hazy. Of course, that was all before Photoshop, so every trick had to be done in-camera. Women were so impressed with hazy, often blurry images showing them in lingerie.

However, almost overnight, the interest in those pictures completely evaporated. They became cringy, and no one wanted them anymore. And those who had those albums made, shoved them into the darkest parts of their wardrobes to hide them from discovery. I have no idea who decided to pull a plug on that type of photography, but it went quick and decisive.

Fast forward to 2015 and later and the interest in those glamour images came back. Not overnight, but gradually women decided that they actually do like nice images of themselves. Of course, the images themselves were nothing like those in the 80s. The image quality improved, the poses became much more casual and the whole art-form of boudoir photography became much more beautiful. Once women decided that it’s no longer cringy to pose in lingerie, they went ahead with boudoir sessions like never before. Some however chose a much less radical change, by just refreshing their looks

New studios opened just to cater to this style. A lot of new photographers converted to this style. And more importantly, women who wanted these images were actually willing to spend a good amount of money to get the best pictures for themselves. Or for their other half, which is a very popular gift idea for Valentine’s day.

Jay Smolak Boudoir Sydney photography studio is one of the few experienced boudoir photographers in Sydney. He started as a portrait and wedding photographer but decided to change his style to boudoir a few years ago. He had no regrets doing it. It may be harder for a male boudoir photographer to shoot that style, but interestingly enough, a lot of women actually prefer a male photographer. They think that since they are making a gift for their husbands or boyfriends, it’s good to shoot the pictures in such a manner that would appeal to another man.

Another boudoir photography studio in Sydney is Candidtown Photography. They offer other types of photography, but boudoir is one of the most popular styles that customers order. Women are no longer turned off by cringy 80’s style glamour images, and actually fully and eagerly embrace their femininity. This is a very strong trend, and for the sake of boudoir photographers, something to be happy about.

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