how to be a good listener

How To Be A Good Listener

There’s a Chinese saying: 诉说是一种本能,倾听是一种教养。It basically means that, it is our instinct to talk but it takes an educated (cultured) person to listen. We all know quite a lot active talkers and public speakers, but are there many good listeners around you? I for one, is a big offender of not listening. I didn’t even bother ask questions! Because I ...

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Weekly Motivation: Read Out Loud Everyday

5 months of this year have nearly passed. How many of you are still keeping in touch of your New Years Resolution for 2015? My usually pattern for New Years Resolution is to set and forget in 2 months’ time. But this is not going to happen any more:) After 2 years of practice, I’ve finally learned the importance of ...

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Stripy Love

It’s late autumn in Sydney and the temperature could drop to close to zero Celsius in regional areas NSW. I’m a little late in posting these pictures of my stripy dress but it reminded me of Summer:) Got this dress from Cotton On and I absolutely love its practicality and style. Though I have lots of dresses, this one soon ...

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Weekly Motivation: Be Present

Some people seem to be born collected and disciplined. They just glide through lives effortlessly:). I, on the hand, am full of flaws. One of my other biggest weakness is that I never live in the present. I used to put “daydream” as one of my hobbies in my youthful days… But leaving shopping bags behind after paying 80% of ...

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My French Cheese and Wine Tasting In Sydney

There are a lot places offer casual cheese and wine tasting in Sydney and NSW regional areas. So when Sylwia asked me if I’d like to go cheese and wine tasting with her in Pyrmont, my neighborhood, I thought it’ll be one of these “casual” things. I  happily said yes because I love Sylwia’s company but warned her that I’m a ...

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