Once you experience a headache, neck pain or even back pain, you would generally go to the pharmacist for over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol. While in most cases, these types of painkillers will help reduce and numb the pain until it eventually goes away. However, sometimes, the pain doesn’t just go away. In fact, it increases and constantly recurs.

If this sounds all too familiar, then consider booking an appointment for Physiotherapy.

The usual treatment for headaches and migraines would be to drink ample water and rest in a dark and quiet room with your eyes closed, pumped full of prescribed or over the counter pain medication and wait it out.

Neck and back treatment would usually be to apply ice to the inflamed area, to pay attention to your posture and of course, to take pain medication to numb and ease the sensation and wait it out.

While the above treatments do help for a short period, numerous health risks can present themselves. Your body can create a powerful immune system towards the pain medication. Therefore, the effects of the medication will not be as intense as it was when you started taking it. Sooner or later, you will need even stronger pain medication which can be dangerous for your health and well being.

A great alternative to pain medication and you having to ”wait it out” is Physiotherapy.

In general, when hearing the term Physiotherapy, one automatically thinks this type of therapy is mostly for elite athletes, professional sports players or individuals who have to recover from an injury. However, this is not the case at all. Everyone of all ages can benefit from booking an appointment for Physiotherapy.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that restores, maintains, and makes the most of an individual’s mobility, function, and physical well-being. It helps through physical restoration, injury prevention, fitness and health. In addition, with the help of a highly trained and certified physiotherapist, you get to be directly involved in your own recovery.

How Does Physiotherapy Help?

Severe Migraines And Headaches

Physiotherapists are trained in various arts of massage therapy specifically designed to release tension, relieve muscle spasms and improve blood flow and circulation.

Research shows that therapeutic massages can decrease pain, tension, frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

Chronic Back Pain

Exercise is considered to be the foundation of chronic back pain. However, no individual has or is experiencing the same type of back pain in the same area. Therefore, your Physiotherapist will guide you every step of the way. They will design a specific exercise routine tailored to your particular needs to ensure that your back pain is treated accordingly.

Acute Neck Pain

Even with today’s advanced technology, the exact causes of neck pain remains a mystery. It could be caused by injury, trauma, fractures, poor muscle tone, infection; the list is endless.

Fortunately, it is treatable. With the help of professional Physiotherapists, they will start applying treatment to reduce the stiffness and pain in your neck, then move on to an exercise program to strengthen and stretch your neck and relieve the pressure and tension.


You’ve made a decision to start living a healthier life and to begin taking better care of yourself. Naturally, this means you have to start exercising regularly. If this is something you haven’t done before, it’s easy to think you can just jump straight into things. As eager as you might be, you need to stop and prepare yourself for your new exercise regime. This begins by running a few tests that will help you identify any potential issues that could impact your workouts. Likewise, the tests should help you figure out if it is safe for you to exercise or not.

Here are the essential tests to conduct:

Fitness Tests

Technically, this includes lots of different tests under the same banner. Fitness tests are exactly as they sound; tests to see how fit you are. They can come in different varieties but are mostly split into two categories:

  • Strength tests
  • Cardiovascular endurance tests

A strength test can consist of a push-up test where you see how many you can do in one go. Head online to compare your results to others and it indicates how strong you might be. This helps you put realistic expectations on what you should start doing in the gym

Cardiovascular endurance tests will help you understand how fit you are aerobically. There’s a 1-mile test most people use, and the results can be found online and compared once again. If you are way below average, it shows you you need to work on improving your cardio – which will be good for your overall health. 

Flexibility Tests

Similarly, you need to conduct flexibility tests to see which muscles are the tightest in your body. This is also a good way of identifying any possible restrictions when you exercise. For instance, if stretching your shoulder causes pain, you might have an issue in the joint that should be seen before you start an exercise program. 

There are loads of stretch tests you can do, and the internet is once again a fantastic resource for you to look at. You can find loads of videos that will help you do the stretches as well. 

ECG Test

This is the most serious of all the tests as you are recording the electrical activity of the heart. As noted on dralasady.com.au, this is often referred to as an exercise stress test. In essence, you are hooked up to a device that measures your heart rate and tracks the rhythm. It will assess if your heart is beating normally and if there are any irregularities. 

The reason this is so vital is that it can detect concerns when you are exercising. It may identify that your heart is put under extreme stress when exercising and it can’t handle vigorous bouts of activity. By undergoing the test, you figure this out before something bad happens. 

Testing never sounds fun, but it’s an integral part of starting your fitness journey. Make sure you test yourself to see what needs to be addressed before you start exercising regularly. 


Wild camping is one of those trips which can really test someone. It’s exciting because there’s an element of the unknown involved. An element of danger, even. Whether you’re going into the australian outback, the arctic wastes, or simply up the nearest mountain, there are steps to take to ensure you have a safe, yet fun trip. Wild camping can be a brilliant experience for you and your friends or family, but it has to be treated with respect, especially if you’re going somewhere you have never been before. Before you pack up and set off it’s worth checking out some of the tips below. You may have even thought about some of them but it’s a good exercise to shift your perspective to one of ensuring you have the best trip possible.

Make Sure Your Car Is Ready

A mistake would be to put too much time and effort into getting all of your gear and location right but not thinking about the car. It needs to be fully kitted out and ready for the move. If you’re towing a caravan, or heading out in a truck make sure you’ve got good ground clearance with 4wd rims or something similar. You need to be sure your car can handle the ground. Take spare tyres with the corresponding jack, ensure you take fluids for the car and take a spade to dig out if it gets trapped. You might want to get it serviced by a mechanic first if you’re not too good with cars, just for peace of mind. You may even need to take spare fuel if you’re really going off track and know you won’t have enough to get back to a petrol station before running out. 

Take The Right Tent

If you’re going out into the wilds, you need something solid which won’t easily break. What you usually take to a camping park might not be sturdy enough. This rings true if you’re camping in an open plain. Usually camping parks are in fields, but they’re surrounded by trees or other win blocking items. There’s no such protection on the plain. It could be blown over, ripped, or provide zero insulation. Consider where you’re going and for how long and buy the right tent. Remember, you may need specific anchors depending on the ground. Some may work for icey, while others would apply for clay. Don’t just take the right tent, take the right attachments for it. The same applies to your sleeping bag. What you use for warmer weather simply won’t do for the cold nights in the middle of winter when the temperature drops below freezing. You don’t necessarily need a high end sleeping bag, but you do need a decent one which will keep you warm. 

Check The Weather

Weather makes such a huge difference and you need to double check it before heading off. It could make the difference between sleeping in a bog or a field. If you’ve got everything booked up you might not have a chance, however even if this is the case you would have prepared for the rain or snow. It also impacts the drive. If you’re wild camping off the beaten track, bad snow or rain may mean your car or even caravan won’t get there and you could end up being stranded. There are always variables in the weather and it’s hard to properly predict it, but by checking you’ll at least know what you’re heading into and for how long. You can also be pretty confident if you see a huge storm coming in that you’re not going to want to sleep in the middle of it and can put your trip off to a later date. 

Be Safe

The key to wild camping is to ensure that you stay safe. You need to take things which enable your safety. Make sure you take enough food and water for the duration, and some extra just in case. A good, vetted, first aid kit is always a good idea too and if you’re on medication take more than enough. Make sure you tell people where you’re going and for how long and try to always be contactable. If you’re really going into the sticks make sure you take something like a satellite phone. A good power bank also makes a strong difference. It means you’ll be able to power up your devices for longer. You don’t want to be charging everything off of the car battery either as you may end up draining it, especially if it’s an older one.

Extra artificial chemicals are added to many of our foods. These include flavourings, colorants and preservatives. Sometimes it is obvious to know when chemicals have been used. Brightly-colored candy for instance is almost always colored with chemicals. However, there could be other instances of chemicals that might be surprising.

Many of these additives can be harmful when consumed in high doses. Certain yellow colorants have been found to promote ADD in children, while the likes of caramel coloring and perfluorooctanoic acid are known to be carcinogenic. If you want to stay healthy and take up a more organic diet, here are some of the hidden sources of added chemicals that you may want to be wary of.

Salad dressing

When whipping up a healthy salad, you may want to be careful of dousing it in salad dressing. Many store-bought salad dressings contain lots of added sugar, making them surprisingly calorific. On top of this, many brands of salad dressing were found to contain colorants such as caramel coloring, as well as red and blue dyes. Fortunately, there are brands of healthy salad dressing on the market that don’t have any of these additives. To be totally safe, you can also opt to make your own salad dressing.  


Commercial popcorn is sometimes packed full of added chemicals. These include carcinogenic ingredients such as caramel coloring and perfluorooctanoic acid, as well as butane (commonly found in lighter fluid). Not all popcorn brands contain these chemicals – you can find a guide to several healthy brands here at https://www.womenshealthmag.com.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is generally considered a healthy food, but some brands have been found to add colorants and artificial flavours including caramel coloring, blue #1 and red #40. Fortunately, there are a lot of brands on the market that just use fruit and natural colorings – it’s worth shopping for these brands when buying Greek yoghurt.

Maple syrup

Many big brand of syrup contain added flavourings and colorants. Some of these chemicals have been found to cause cancer or liver disease. If you stick to the real stuff (i.e. grade A maple syrup) there shouldn’t be any of these added chemicals. You can read this guide to maple syrups grades at https://newengland.com for more information.

Tap water

Your tap water may contain chemicals such as fluoride. While this is good for our teeth, consuming too much fluoride has been linked to crippling bone diseases. The best way to avoid this chemical is to filter your tap water by installing a filtration system. There are many companies as found at https://www.filtap.com.au/ that can install these filtration systems for you. This is certain to make your tap water chemical free.

Store-bought smoothies

So-called ‘health’ smoothies are sometimes incredibly unhealthy. Some are packed full of added sugar and others are packed full of chemicals such as colorants to make them look more ‘fruity’. If you want a truly healthy smoothie, the best option is often to make your own at home. You’ll know exactly what is going into it.

It’s always important to keep things fresh. If you don’t, then things can begin to feel a little stale. This is true for all areas of our lives; our interests, our day to day routine, and, yes, how we look too. Aside from all the other benefits that mixing up your style can bring, it also helps to keep life interesting and can make looking back at photographs all the more fun (who wants to look the same their whole life?). In this blog, we’ll take a look at a way tried and tested methods for mixing up your look and keeping things fresh. 

New Threads

The easiest way to freshen up your look is to get out the credit card and hit the stores. Indeed, within just a few hours, you can have a whole new wardrobe! But of course, that’ll be expensive. Rather than focusing on quantity, think about what type of clothes you really want, and make the investment. It’s not just about from where you buy the clothes (though that is important), but also about how you wear the items you buy. You can make an “off the rack” piece of clothing look great just by wearing it in your own style.

Out With the Old

As well as buying new clothes, you’ll want to take a look at the clothes that are currently in your wardrobe, and see whether they should really be worn out in public. We all get attached to those pieces and outfits that did, for sure, once look pretty hot. But that some time ago; over time, the colors will begin to fade and other imperfections will set in. At that point, it’s best to put the clothes out to pasture. Sometimes, the best way to freshen up your style is to commit to wearing other items outside. 

DIY Pieces

Not that all items that are slightly past their best have to be thrown out. You may be able to modify them into new wearable garments. Clothing DIY is easier than you might think, and can be an effective way to really make your look stand out a little more. And aside from being effective: it’s fun! If you or one of your friends is the artistic type, then take a look at getting out pens and going to town on the t-shirts that would otherwise be retired. You might just find that you’re able to create an enviable item with just a bit of effort.

Accessories and Essentials

Not enough people make the most of accessories. They can turn a standard outfit into something special, with next to no effort. The types of accessories you wear will depend on the time of the year. During the summer, it’ll be all about hats and summer jewelry; in the winter, your scarves, gloves, and earmuffs can provide an additional source of style. Don’t forget about the essentials, either. Glasses aren’t just functional; they can be stylish too. Check out the collection at www.eyeglasses.com, and get a pair that gives your style a boost. The glasses (and sunglasses) that you wear can really change the overall look and feel of your style. 

Hair and Makeup

Just as with our favorite clothing, we usually fall into a cycle of styling our hair and doing our makeup in the same way as always. If this sounds like you, then why not change things up? For your hair, it’s recommended that you visit the best salon in the area and ask them to create something stylish and trendy; you’ll pay more for it, but it’ll be worthwhile, plus it’s not an expense you have to make regularly. For your makeup, you could take a look at some YouTube tutorials and play around for a while until you’ve found the one that you like.

High on Confidence

Finally, let’s think about confidence. All of the tips we’ve mentioned above will push you towards looking your best, but the impact won’t be quite as powerful if you’re low in confidence. If you’re looking to turn heads, then confidence is the way to do it — everyone notices that person that seems secure within themselves. The tip we’ve outlined will naturally give you more confidence (who doesn’t feel great when they’re looking their best?), but there are other things you can do too, such as setting yourself challenges, learning a new skill, and getting rid of those things that may cause you to lose confidence in the first place. 

We would all like to have white teeth. Not only is it a priority of the culture, but it also signals health and vitality. Plus, a great smile helps create good first impressions when we meet new people.

Unfortunately, not everyone has white teeth, but it is not always the result of poor hygiene. Mostly, it’s just the foods that we eat. 

Fruits and vegetables contain chemicals called tannins. These are chemicals that give the foods that we eat their characteristic color. 

Plants use these pigments to signal to bees and protect themselves from the environment. But they’re also dyes – and that’s the point at which your teeth can get into trouble. When you eat these foods month after month, year after year, they eventually incorporate themselves into the enamel, causing it to look duller and browner. 

The good news, though, is that a lot of this discoloration is superficial. Clinics like DentEssential, for instance, point out that you can usually get rid of this with a single visit to the hygienist. 

But what about the six months between visits? What can you do to avoid stains then and keep your teeth white year-round? 

The answer is simple: avoid the highest-tannin foods! Or if you can’t, blend them up and drink them through a straw, bypassing your teeth. 


Sorry all you coffee lovers out there, but the world’s favorite drink is one of the leading causes of tooth discoloration. Tannins from the coffee bean have a nasty habit of incorporating themselves into the tooth enamel and turning your gnashers brown over time. 

The heat of coffee makes this problem worse. The high temperature softens the enamel and makes it more prone to infiltration. 

So what’s the solution here? Should you avoid coffee altogether? 

Avoiding coffee won’t do you any harm – and it might do you some good if you drink cup after cup of the stuff. But you can avoid going without by drinking your coffee through a straw. No – it’s not the done thing, and it looks a little strange, but it does help keep your pearly whites white. 

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are delicious, but here again, you need to be careful. Oranges, lychees, and the rest all contain abundant tannins that can make their way onto your teeth. 

Fortunately, you can quickly whip these fruits up into a smoothie and use the straw method to guzzle them. 


Berries are high in anthocyanins – cyan-colored pigments that make your mouth look purple after you eat them. 

As you might expect, these phytochemicals can stain, so it is critical to rinse your mouth out after you eat berries.

Green Tea

All teas have a nasty habit of coloring your teeth, but green tea is one of the most insidious. It looks relatively benign, but don’t let its soothing green color fool you. This drink is chock full of chemicals that color your teeth and make them go brown. 

So, there, you have it: some of the foods that you should avoid if you want white teeth. Keep your diet simple and be wary of particularly colorful menu items. 

Back in the late 80’s the glamour photography went from very popular to virtually non-existent within only a couple of years. No one was interested in those hazy images with ridiculous poses. I remember, they even had filters for camera lenses to make the image hazy. Of course, that was all before Photoshop, so every trick had to be done in-camera. Women were so impressed with hazy, often blurry images showing them in lingerie.

However, almost overnight, the interest in those pictures completely evaporated. They became cringy, and no one wanted them anymore. And those who had those albums made, shoved them into the darkest parts of their wardrobes to hide them from discovery. I have no idea who decided to pull a plug on that type of photography, but it went quick and decisive.

Fast forward to 2015 and later and the interest in those glamour images came back. Not overnight, but gradually women decided that they actually do like nice images of themselves. Of course, the images themselves were nothing like those in the 80s. The image quality improved, the poses became much more casual and the whole art-form of boudoir photography became much more beautiful. Once women decided that it’s no longer cringy to pose in lingerie, they went ahead with boudoir sessions like never before. Some however chose a much less radical change, by just refreshing their looks

New studios opened just to cater to this style. A lot of new photographers converted to this style. And more importantly, women who wanted these images were actually willing to spend a good amount of money to get the best pictures for themselves. Or for their other half, which is a very popular gift idea for Valentine’s day.

Jay Smolak Boudoir Sydney photography studio is one of the few experienced boudoir photographers in Sydney. He started as a portrait and wedding photographer but decided to change his style to boudoir a few years ago. He had no regrets doing it. It may be harder for a male boudoir photographer to shoot that style, but interestingly enough, a lot of women actually prefer a male photographer. They think that since they are making a gift for their husbands or boyfriends, it’s good to shoot the pictures in such a manner that would appeal to another man.

Another boudoir photography studio in Sydney is Candidtown Photography. They offer other types of photography, but boudoir is one of the most popular styles that customers order. Women are no longer turned off by cringy 80’s style glamour images, and actually fully and eagerly embrace their femininity. This is a very strong trend, and for the sake of boudoir photographers, something to be happy about.

When it comes to the New Year, so many people are focused on diets and getting expensive gym memberships which they’ll use for a few weeks but then quit by the end of the month.  In many ways, whilst the New Year fitness craze can feel inspiring, it can also feel quite sad, as so many people race to lose weight without really taking care of their holistic wellbeing.

Indeed, with so many ways to get fit at home in 2019, there’s no excuse to not jump off the couch and take the year by storm – yet, fitness isn’t just about losing weight and toning up.  In fact, many people’s idea of what fitness is, could be better described as vanity!

Therefore, in this article we’re going to take a look at a few ways to take care of your holistic wellbeing this new year.


In simple terms, stress is a killer.  Stress is often at the heart of most illnesses, or at least it will exacerbate health conditions – from heart attacks to chronic fatigue, stress plays a much larger role in most illnesses than we realise.

Therefore, you really want to make sure you find healthy ways to reduce your stress levels this new year.


We all want a more fulfilling life, and whilst many people strive for success as a means for fulfilment what we tend to find is that many people neglect their ‘inner child’ and therefore feel depleted.  They often pursue success, only to reach their goal to find it doesn’t fulfil them as much as they hoped.

We therefore need to look a little deeper into ourselves, and work out what feeling are we wanting to create in our life.  

For instance, if your ‘inner child’ craves security, it makes sense that going out and earning good money will satiate this need, however, if your ‘inner child’ craves a sense of adventure, yet you live a dull existence of working, working, working – you’re not going to be happy.

Therefore, work out what your innermost self wants most from life, and ensure you find a way to meet that need.


We all know that we should be drinking more water than we probably drink – as so many people live in a perpetual state of chronic dehydration despite knowing the risks, and the benefits of ensuring we are fully hydrated.

You probably already know that your brain is made up mostly of water, so when it’s dehydrated it  functions at a sluggish rate. Dehydration causes brain tissue to shrink – meaning the brain has to work  much harder to perform the same task.

Drinking more water might also be good for your New Year weight loss goals…

The reason that drinking water has the power to assist in weight loss is mostly due to the fact people who drink water before a meal tend to feel more full, meaning they eat much less food, though there are other more complex reasons to do with metabolism.

I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas but have started to really like it. This is the season that everyone can take a breather, enjoy a couple of days freedom, a big feast with loved ones and simply be merry.

Not ready to let 2018 go yet but it’ll leave us forever regardless. Instead of feeling a little sad, this year I’ll just slow down to reflect, doodle, cook, eat and really take my time to enjoy the last few days of 2018.

Merry Christmas everyone. May your days be filled with love, joy and sweet dreams!

I’ve finally located other photos of Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship I took the other day.

There were saved in a different folder with no names so I couldn’t find them straight away. Yep, I’m still learning to be more organised. 🙂

So here are more photos of the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney. Can’t wait for Summer to come!