Everyday Activities That Lead To Chronic Pain

Back pain is never fun. But chronic back pain can eat away at your mental health, especially when painkiller medication isn’t effective anymore. Many people who experience recurring back pain have developed coping mechanisms such as making an appointment for physiotherapy and staying away from potentially harmful activities. 

Unfortunately, when you’re doing everything to prevent pain, it can be disheartening to struggle with chronic soreness. If you are a chronic pain victim, you want to make sure that your condition isn’t linked to a medical diagnosis. Indeed, some medical conditions can facilitate back pain. The good news is that your doctor can’t see any underlying condition. The bad news is that the back pain is still haunting you. Where does it come from?  You’d be surprised to know that back pain can be the result of everyday activities. 

Gardening with the right equipment

Anybody who loves gardening would tell you: You need to take care of your back. Therefore, whether you are using a push lawn mower or a fertilizer such as the Earthway 2170 commercial broadcast push spreader, you want to make sure that you don’t have to bend to use it. The push handles should be high enough for you to stand up.  Similarly, other guilty culprits in the garden include short-handled lawn edger, root fork, and rake. If you have to bend for a long period of time, you’re going to hurt yourself. 


Cooking and back pain

Could your kitchen be a source of back pain? The answer is yes. An inadequate layout where appliances at not at the right height for you can facilitate soreness. A low countertop will see you bent forward throughout the preparation, cooking, and even washing-up stages. It’s a good idea to check for appliance height when you buy a property with a fully functional kitchen. Many homeowners think they are saving themselves a lot of hassle when they found a pre-installed kitchen. However, the wring height installation can lead to severe back pain. 

Netflix and chill and sink

Ah, can there be anything more relaxing in the evening than sitting on the sofa and watching your favorite TV show on Netflix? Netflix is an integral part of our day-to-day life, especially since the pandemic. Truth be told, it can be a fantastic way to wind down at the end of the day. However, if your sofa doesn’t give you any support, you might end up sitting in an uncomfortable position for a prolonged period. 

When strength training causes pain

If you have been told that you have weak back muscles, you may be tempted to improve your overall strength. Strength training offers a fantastic solution to tackle back pain. However, it doesn’t mean you can hit the gym and lift heavy weights from day one. In fact, it’s best to stay away from weights unless you know what you are doing. Poor lifting form is the number one cause of back injuries at the gym. While the injury may not be handicapping, it can lead to chronic back pain if you’re not careful. 

Are you experiencing frequent back pain? It can be a good idea to keep a journal of your activities. You’d be surprised to find a causal correlation between some of your hobbies and your condition. 


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