Ladies and gents, join us on an exciting exploration into the mysterious subterranean world of minerals! Without further ado, here we present to you seven top minerals:: not your average, run-of-the-mill minerals but rather those which hold power – literally building blocks of our world! So fasten your seatbelts as we venture through these fascinating seven minerals – they promise more excitement than watching paint dry!

Photo by Hasan Can Devsir on Unsplash

Quartz: The Showstopper

Now let’s talk about one of nature’s ‘Beyoncé’ minerals: Quartz. Yes, that’s right – Quartz is truly a mineral diva who steals the show when it comes to minerals! Although seemingly commonplace in gardens and tea shops alike, its versatility has become legendary among geologists worldwide due to its remarkable properties – from jewellery making and scientific equipment, through kitchen worktop sparklers or wristwatch timekeepers, Quartz shines bright like no other mineral can. So there it goes another star performer added by geology’s geologists: Quartz! You could say it adds a bit of ‘bling’ to the geological world. Brilliant isn’t it?


Feldspar: An Unsung Hero

Let’s give a round of applause for Feldspar, an often overlooked and underappreciated but nonetheless powerful mineral – the ‘Adele’ of minerals! While not as flashy or visually impressive as Quartz and Gold, Feldspar remains the most prevalent mineral on the Earth’s crust and boasts one of the highest abundances. Feldspar is the unsung hero of our mineral world – like that quiet chap at the back of a choir who holds everything together! Without its support, our porcelain dishes would be as dull as dishwater and our windows might as well have been brick walls! Feldspar might not be the leading singer of its rock band of minerals, but its rhythm sets its beat nonetheless. So let’s applaud its unsung hero status; not all heroes wear capes!


Mica: The Glitterati’s Favourite

Imagine that Mica were ‘Victoria Beckham’ of minerals; always dressed to impress and ready to pose for photos, Mica is beloved among glitterati. Mica has an incredible crystal structure which allows it to be broken up into thin, glossy sheets – the ideal ingredient for adding an extra splash of shine! Mica can be found everywhere from stylish eyeshadow palettes to electrical appliance insulation. Mica may not make headlines like Quartz or Feldspar, but when it comes to cosmetics and industrial applications, Mica shines like no other mineral. So the next time you put on makeup for an evening out on the town, don’t forget that Mica’s star power will always be with you – now that’s rock and roll!


Diamonds: More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

Who needs an introduction when Diamonds are the ‘James Bond’ of minerals? Bold, durable and irresistibly attractive – that is all we know when talking about Diamonds. Don’t be fooled by their glittery exterior; these stones are rock solid! Diamonds are one of the hardest known natural materials on Earth and they certainly know how to make an impression! Not only are they stunning to look at but they have important industrial applications as well. From cutting, grinding and drilling to heat dissipation in electronics, diamonds demonstrate their value in everyday life – not only as jewels of course, but as workers. While GIA diamonds might win hearts, industrial diamonds power much of our daily lives too – so the next time you are dazzled by a stunning ring set with diamonds remember there’s more to them than meets the eye; diamonds don’t just sparkle but work hard too; that’s true dedication!


Amphibole: The Versatile Virtuoso 

Ladies and Gentlemen! Make way for Amphibole – an abundant yet often-overlooked mineral which boasts many uses and functions akin to that of a Swiss army knife! A versatile ‘jack of all trades’, Amphibole has much to offer when it comes to mineral science.  Amphibole’s range is truly expansive; from gemstones to asbestos (yes, you read that right!). While its shine may not draw as much attention as Diamond does, without Amphibole our world would be much less solid and rock-like. Amphiboles, with their wide array of composition and form, can be found everywhere from igneous and metamorphic rocks to the soil we walk upon, including brake pads on your car! But you might not realise its role when hitting the brakes: Amphibole may just be your unsung hero in mineral form! Versatile yet indispensable, Amphibole truly stands as one of our mineral world’s unsung heroes – which makes for true rock n’ roll!


Pyroxene: The Dark Knight 

Now it is time to meet Pyroxene – the mysterious ‘Bruce Wayne’ of the mineral world! Unlike diamond and Amphibole which tend to make bold statements with their appearances, Pyroxene prefers keeping its head down, being hidden by dark hues of green, black, and brown. Pyroxene mineral group is an unsung hero of our planet’s upper mantle, constituting a significant percentage of it. Not one to shy away from extreme conditions, Pyroxene can even be found in the basaltic lava of volcanoes as well as extraterrestrial bodies – truly out-of-this-world! Pyroxene, as the key component of lunar basalts and meteorites, makes an epic voyage through space! From supporting earth’s structure to gazing upon stars above us, Pyroxene stands as an embodiment of power yet grace. A mineral with incredible influence beneath our feet! That’s one amazing performance!


Titanium: The Lightweight Champion

Let us not forget Titanium – our lightweight champion and darling of the aerospace industry. Titanium may not have the glitz and glamour of diamond, Amphibole, or Pyroxene but when it comes to strength and resilience it makes up for itself in spades! Titanium’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio allows it to be as strong as steel while remaining 45% lighter overall. Titanium is corrosion-resistance makes it the go-to material for everything from aircraft and spacecraft, to bicycle frames. Without it, we might all be pedalling slower… and who wants that? Titanium doesn’t just reside on Earth; it also can be found in solar radiation and meteorites – making it one of the star performers! So when gazing upon the stars, keep in mind there may be some Titanium out there as well; the featherweight champion of minerals. From Earth to stars and back again – Titanium truly proves ‘Big things come in small packages’. Now that’s an impressive performance!

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

And that concludes our journey! An exhilarating tour through the mineral Hall of Fame. From Diamonds and Amphibole’s spectacular shine to Pyroxene’s quiet power and our other mineral marvels’ subtle beauty – each played their unique part in making up our world, often unnoticed or underappreciated by most. So next time you see something sparkle or feel the solid ground beneath your feet remember that these rock stars stand on giant shoulders; giants who don’t just rock; they ARE rock – that’s a hard fact to ignore, eh?


Scuba diving is a thrilling and adventurous activity that offers the opportunity to explore the underwater world and encounter a variety of marine life. It is a thrilling way to see the world and explore. If you are not one to go sightseeing but would rather see things from another perspective, then traveling to find the top diving spots in the world is a great idea.


Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting out, choosing the right dive destination is key to having a memorable and safe experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at three of the world’s top dive destinations: the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.


1 – The Caribbean


Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and discover a world teeming with life. This popular diving destination is renowned for its warm waters, diverse marine life, and a lot of dive sites to explore.


Embark on an underwater adventure in the Bahamas and marvel at the kaleidoscope of tropical fish and be amazed by the sight of dolphins and whales. Or, if you’re looking for a more challenging dive, visit the Cayman Islands and discover an underwater world of walls, canyons, and overhangs.


If vibrant coral reefs are what you’re after, then the British Virgin Islands should be on your bucket list. With its abundant coral, you can explore everything from shallow reef dives to thrilling deep wall dives. You can take full advantage of these dive opportunities by booking a British Virgin Islands yacht charter with 12knots.


2 – The Mediterranean


From the stunning coastlines of Spain and France to the historic waters of Greece, the Mediterranean is home to a wide variety of dive sites that will appeal to divers of all levels.


Because of the long history of seafaring on the Mediterranean Sea, there is a high chance of seeing some archeological points of interest. The seafloor is littered with the remains of ancient Greek and Roman shipwrecks. If you do some diving in Sicily, for instance, there is a high probability of seeing bits of ancient amphorae and possibly even entire pieces.


Another popular dive destination in the Mediterranean is the Balearic Islands in Spain, which offer a variety of dive sites, including shallow coral reefs, deep wrecks, and stunning underwater caves.


3 – The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Australia, is one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. It’s home to an incredible range of marine life, including over 1,500 species of fish, hundreds of species of coral, and a variety of larger marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, and dugongs. The reef is also home to several shipwrecks, providing an exciting and unique diving experience.

In addition to its diverse marine life, the Great Barrier Reef is also known for its clear waters, providing exceptional visibility for divers. Since a lot of this reef is being lost to the effects of climatge change, you should see it in all its glowy before it’s too late.



Tasmania might be one of the smallest Australian states, but it has a big personality. As well as being the namesake of the Tasmanian devil, it’s also a place that’s rich in culture, natural diversity, and much more. It consists of one large island and 1,000 other islands surrounding it. While people may often be drawn to other parts of Australia first, you don’t want to miss out on Tasmania if you want to get a good idea of what the whole country can offer you. Tasmania has so many wonderful things to do that you’re sure to love if you’re looking for adventure.

Enjoy Delicious Seafood

Part of the joy of travelling is getting to try delicious new food all the time. As an island state, food in Tasmania has a strong focus on seafood, which is good news if you love anything that comes from the ocean. You can spend your time enjoying Barilla Bay oysters while observing beautiful views of the bay, seek out the best fish and chips, or head to Salamanca Market to find the very best food stalls. And if you’re looking for something delicious to drink with your seafood, you’re sure to find some great wines in Tasmania too.

Go Hiking

Tasmania is a paradise for people who love hiking. There are lots of different options for walking, whether you want a day trip or you would like to go on a multi-day trip and camp along the way. You can take a really short 20-minute walk with the Cape Tourville Lighthouse Walk or take on a slightly more challenging 10km hike with the Freycinet Walk if you’re looking for a walk to do in a day. For multi-day hikes, there are options like the Overland Track. Guided hikes are available if you want a little help finding your way.

Stay on a Private Island

If you’re looking for something unique to do, why not consider staying on a private island? Picnic Island is available for exclusive hire and features five lodges for you and your friends and family to stay in. You can take trips back and forth from the island, as well as spend your time exploring the waters. You have the option to kayak, fish, dive, and more. You might even have the chance to spot some cute fairy penguins while you’re staying on the island.

See the Aurora Australis

A lot of people have the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, on their travel wishlist. But did you know there’s a southern version? The aurora australis can be seen in New Zealand, Antarctica, and even Tasmania. The best time to see the lights is in September, during the equinox. It’s a great time to visit, as it’s also when the Junction Arts Festival is held in Launceston. You might also have a chance of glimpsing them during the winter too, when the nights are longer.

Tasmania can feel like a magical place, and it offers a lot of fun things to do for anyone who chooses to visit.

Every employee in California should know about the laws that exist to protect them. Some of the laws found in this state are unlikely to be found elsewhere. However, knowing what the laws are and how they can protect you is important.


Minimum Wage Laws

One of the most important laws that works to protect employees in California relates to minimum wage. Workers who are non-exempt can expect to be paid at least the minimum salary. At the time of writing, the minimum wage was:

  • $14 per hour for those who work for an employer with no more than 25 employees
  • $15 per hour for those who work for an employer with 26+ employees

The minimum wage law found in California pays more than it does in any other state. Therefore, the wage may come as a surprise to those who have previously worked elsewhere.


Workplace Safety Laws

California’s labor law states that employees have the right to work in a safe place.

Employers are legally obliged to inspect the workplace for hazards.

They also have to provide personal protective equipment and pay for it.

If an employee is injured while at work they can claim worker’s compensation.


Wrongful Termination Laws

From time to time, an employee may feel as if they have been wrongfully terminated. However, it is illegal for employers to terminate employees for reporting a workplace injury, taking a vacation they’re entitled to, or using their First Amendment rights.


Anti-discrimination Laws

Every worker in California has legal protection from discrimination at work. There is a range of federal and state laws that can apply to cases of discrimination. These laws can be used if someone is discriminated against because of their:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation

Those who have faced discrimination in the workplace can file a Fair Employment claim.


Meal And Rest Break Laws

Some employers may not seem to like employees taking meal and rest breaks. However, by law, they have to. If a non-exempt worker works more than 3.5 hours a day, they’re entitled to breaks.

A 10-minute rest can legally be taken for every 4 hours worked. A 30-minute meal break can be taken if more than 5 hours are worked.

If an employee works more than 10 hours they can have two 30-minute meal breaks.


Family Rights Law

Employees in California have the right to take unpaid time off work. This is usually only permitted if the employee has to care for a sick member of their family.

The Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act insist that this is OK.


There is a number of other laws that exist in California. However, the above laws are usually at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The laws exist to protect workers and they help to prevent employers from taking advantage of their team.

Are you interested in completely committing to the travel lifestyle? This is of course, a little different to simply going on holiday on occasion or taking trips. Instead, those who fully embrace the travel lifestyle tend to go away far more often and can head out for months or even years at the time. Here are some things to keep in mind before you make this type of decision for yourself. 

Think About Home Security

First, if you are traveling in the long term, then you do need to make sure that you are taking steps to keep your home secure. Homes that are left for long periods are always going to be more vulnerable and a target for thieves. 

To cope with this, you should think about exploring options such as remote CCTV solutions. This will allow you to keep a check on your home even when you are away and ensure that nothing is out of order. Automated light switches can also make it seem like the house is occupied in the long term. 

Pack The Right Supplies

Next, you need to make sure that you are packing the right supplies for your trip. You might assume that you will be able to buy anything once you get to your destination. However, this isn’t always the case and it’s great if you can make sure that you have everything that you need in your luggage. For instance, you migh want to consider packing some liner pads. These can be very discreet and will ensure that you don’t have an uncomfortable experience on  a long trip away. 

Another necessity would be clothing for different weather conditions. It’s likely that if you go away for longer, you will experience a few different types of weather. It’s important that you can keep cool or stay dry. 


Next, you should consider the issue of safety requirements. Problems with safety can be a massive concern particularly if you are traveling alone. It’s important that you research destinations that you are interested in visiting carefully as long as places where you are planning to stay. 

You may also want to think about getting a guide for locations that are considered to be more risky for tourists who are flying solo. 


Finally, you should consider how you are going to pay for longer trips that you are planning to take. There are a few ways that you can deal with this. For instance, you might decide to save up all the money that you need. Or, you could think about earning while you’re traveling. If this is the case, then you could look at seasonal jobs or positions that you have the right qualifications for. You can even gather some new qualifications, specifically so you’re more suited for a few different travel jobs. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you should take to ensure that you can successfully and fully embrace the travel lifestyle, reaping all the benefits of doing so. 

embrace travel lifestyle

living in rv

Traveling the world and living out of an RV certainly seems like a dream come true. You can work from the road, see incredible sites, and don’t have to stick to such a strict schedule.

However, with all of the fantastic benefits and advantages, it’s important to remember that it is not as easy as it may appear. There are a lot of things you need to be aware of before you make a decision.

Below we are going to talk about five questions that you should ask yourself before living in an RV.

Let’s get started.

Do I have time to prepare?

You can’t just buy any old van and expect to start your journey within two weeks. Traveling and living out of an RV requires effort, and there is a lot of preparation involved.

Alongside taking care of your old responsibilities, you also need to make sure your vehicle is suitable. From doing research on your power system to installing a water filter, it could take months before you are officially on the road.

Need help getting started? Find out how many batteries for 100 watt solar panel are required by clicking here.

Can I live a minimalist lifestyle?

RVs and vans have very limited space. If you like to hold on to possessions and don’t think you would let go of items, you might need to reassess your decision.

While you don’t need to throw away everything, you will have to do a lot of down-sizing. Everything you do purchase will have a practical purpose – No more knick-knacks and keepsakes!

Do I have the budget?

While traveling in a RV is always going to be more affordable than other transport and accommodation, it’s still important that you make sure you have the funds to support your trip.

Alongside your standard living costs, there will be hidden fees such as maintenance that will all add up. You don’t want to get halfway on your journey, only to realize you ran out of cash and have no income.

What type of RV is right for me?

If you’re going to be living on the road full time, you want to choose a vehicle that you will be comfortable with. Therefore, it’s best to do some research into different RV types.

This could be a smaller model that is easier to drive or something larger with all of the bells and whistles to keep you feeling secure.

What commitments do I have back home?

Finally, and probably one of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself is what type of commitments you have back home. A mortgage, children, pets, and work responsibilities will all impact whether or not you can afford to live in an RV.

If you don’t think that anything is holding you back, you can be confident about your choice. However, it’s still important to keep your long-term goals in mind.

Final words

As you can see by the above, making a decision such as living in an RV is not something that can be done on a whim. You need to assess multiple different factors before determining if it’s right for you.


As one of the most popular destinations in the US, Las Vegas opens its doors to 42.9 million people on average per year, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. With all the excitement that comes with preparing for a trip to the so-called Sin City, there might be a few things that might not have made it on your list. You’ve packed your ID, your fancy outfits, your camera, the works — but to top it off, we’re listing five more essentials for a memorable trip to Las Vegas.

Clothing fit for the season

This might not come across as a priority factor for a trip to Vegas, as you’re probably planning on bringing your flashiest clothes. However, you might want to take note of what season it is, as October to April in Vegas is cooler, while the months of May to September get unbearably hot. In our How to Feel More Comfortable When You’re Traveling’ blog post, we mention the importance of donning clothes that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. So during hot seasons, steer clear of coats and thick fabrics, and be sure to bring a good cover-up during colder months.

A list of all the top attractions

There are hundreds of sights to see and wonders to experience in Las Vegas. From seeing performances, playing games, and going for some relaxation, you’ll never run out of activities to do. If budget is an issue, there are plenty of free events and attractions like the 15-ft aquarium at The Silverton Hotel, or the Bellagio conservatory and fountain show. We recommend keeping an eye on event calendars as well and exploring areas outside of the city, like the hiking trails in the Red Rock Canyon National Park. Making a list of attractions you want to visit before you go will help ensure you don’t waste any precious vacation time.

A selected casino to explore

You should choose one casino to visit and fully explore while in Vegas rather than dipping into multiple locations. The casinos are much more than their gaming floors and have a wide range of attractions for all interests. For those looking to experience a world within a world, recommends The Venetian, as you can get a taste of what it is like to visit Venice as you travel on your own personal gondola within the casino. For those who want a more luxurious experience, make sure you fully explore the Bellagio. It is a AAA Five Diamond Hotel with one of the best spas in the entire country.

Knowledge of casino games

If you do plan on playing at the casino tables then it is best to be prepared. Vegas attracts players from all over the world, and if you want to play against them in a game like poker it is best to have a good understanding of the rules.’s guide to poker for beginners points out that Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of the game and it is the easiest to grasp. As you could be facing up to nine other players do some research to develop some solid poker strategies. This will make for a much more thrilling experience with a greater chance of success. And if you’re not planning on joining any poker tables, it is still a good idea to be familiar with the rules of blackjack and roulette. This way you will have a much more engaging experience.

Finally, it’s Vegas — so throw away your hesitation and worries and you’re sure to have the time of your life.

The Malvern Hills are the most renowned and internationally famous travel destination in central England. Whilst perhaps not being the same as a trip away to locations in Australia, or other popular European travel destinations, Malvern has a cultural history, a celebrated past, and amazing hiking opportunities. It is well known that the composer Edward Elgar famously came up with his Pomp and Circumstance (Land of Hope and Glory) here, inspired by the countryside and the peaks of the Malvern hills.

malvern hills

The Malvern Hills End to End

The Malvern Hills have been designated a Biological and Geological site of special scientific interest, as well as an area of outstanding natural beauty which stretch around 13km from north to south, rising and falling across the vast flatness that surrounds them on either side. The highest peak, the Worcestershire Beacon that reaches 425 metres (1,394ft) is a popular hiking destination. The region boasts leisurely, intermediate and some quite steep routes, so hiking sticks to steady your feet are recommended here. The hills are also particularly famous for their natural springs, with springs cropping up at many places set into the hills.

This hike can be quite tricky for beginners and it can take a toll on your feet, especially if you don’t have much experience with the steep sections. Packing the right gear will help you manage the hike comfortably, so make sure that you get a good quality pair of hiking shoes to cushion your feet and give you more grip. It’s also worth packing some heel balm to put on at the end of a long day, so your feet don’t get cracked and dry. Even on a hot day, it can get cold when you are that high up, so pack a warm hiking jacket too.

Another common hike is the walk from end to end, inbetween the villages of Great Malvern and Colwall, and is easily short enough for a strong day’s hiking, but many split it into two, stopping at the various and plentiful sites along the way. The pubs and country shops (an especially quaint and picturesque one being the hidden Saint Ann’s Well) sell local produce and detours into the town of Great Malvern can be made easily across the route. A final destination for the walk, (or one that is often walked in its own right) is the hill known as British Camp, the name referring to the remains of a Bronze Age hill fort that ripples down the hillside. At the top there are views to the north and south, with both the Cotswolds, and the Brecon beacons visible in the distance. On stormy days, the peak has an ancient feeling to it, the force of the winds often amplified by the folds of the hill, and people take cover within the safety of the mounds.

Quarry’s, Lakes and Reservoirs 

Walking the route, there are woods to pass through, springs to stop at, quarries, lakes and reservoirs to view. The Malvern Hills Trust lists a number of these. Gullet Quarry is well known for its steep face and the depth of its water, where many people congregate in the summer or walk around for the view and the wildlife in other seasons. There are many stories about Gullet Quarry, and its location close to the market town of Ledbury, close to the Malvern Hills, means that it can be visited easily. There the town hall, the Victorian facades of the buildings and the many cafes and independent shops are visibly close to the hills, alongside other walking routes of Dogwood or The Conigree.

The Wytch Cutting is another well known and dramatic destination along the course of the hills. Close to the Worcestershire beacon, the roads rise to cut through the hills themselves, passing through a rock face at one of their peaks. Here, set into the rock are a number of small pubs and hotels with undeniably beautiful views, the ability to sit out in pub gardens with a view only usually reached at the peak of many of the other hills.

The Malvern Hills are definitely a world renowned site, on a par with many locations around Europe and at the heart of England make a day out that can be both child friendly, or more challenging, with culture sites and beautiful views that see people returning year after year.

The evening before traveling, it is always worth getting your bags by the door and going through your hand-luggage to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Write a quick checklist and ensure everything is packed, from your passport to your travel documents and entertainment devices. No matter your journey, whether it be for business or pleasure, going away can be exciting, so you don’t want to forget something and be disappointed when you land at your destination. If you are traveling to Southeast Europe, read my article before you go! Below is a list of a few things to remember before your trip. 

Phone charger 

Potentially number one on your list, a phone charger is the most annoying thing to forget when going away – especially if the country uses different plugs to yours. The night before your flight, make sure you have one packed in your hand luggage, and if you have a spare, one in your hold luggage as well. This way, if you did lose one, the other will be there when you arrive at your destination. 

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Face Wipes

A long haul flight can make you feel a bit groggy and unclean. Before getting off the plane, why not give your teeth a brush to freshen them up and your face a wipe with some face wipes? By having these in your hand luggage, you can quickly get them out and pack them away discreetly, instead of having to look through your main suitcase when you arrive. 

Entertainment device 

Do you like to bring your Ipad, Kindle, or some headphones to listen to music on your phone? Make sure you remember to pack these the night before your flight. No matter the type of flight, not having your entertainment device can make the journey a lot slower, let alone a pain when you are in another country. If you forget them, it costs a lot to replace, so chances are your whole trip will be without. 

Compression socks for the flight

Valid more so for a long haul flight than a short (over five hours). Compression socks are important to wear, as they can prevent swelling and reduce DVT. Make sure you have some packed in your hand luggage, which you can quickly put on at the start of your flight and take off at the end. They can be really comfortable and warm up your feet during a long flight. If you haven’t bought any yet, you can buy compression socks at therawear.

What snacks will you be enjoying during your flight

Have you bought any snacks for the journey? If so, make sure you remember them, and they are packed in your hand luggage. Breakfast bars, dried fruit, and nuts can be really useful for a long haul flight whilst hard-boiled sweets are great for if your ears pop on take off or landing. Make sure you check with your airline on what you are allowed to bring on before traveling as you don’t want them taken away. 

Do you have a checklist that you follow before going away? What do you check is in your hand luggage? Let me know in the comment box below. 

But could you believe that while Paris and Italy and England are extremely popular locations, they definitely aren’t the best ones in Europe to visit? In fact, South East Europe offers some of the wildest, most picturesque places on the continent.

Now, southeast Europe is quite a big chunk of countries to visit in a single trip. We thought, why not choose our favorite locations for you? To be frank, we certainly believe that those will be awesome as standalone trips too. So, without further ramblings, let’s run through them!

Spend a day or two in Croatia!

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe is certainly Croatia. With all the castles and old architecture, no wonder it was one of the main locations the Game of Thrones crew chose to shoot at.

But the beauty of its cities doesn’t end just there. Rent a yacht in Croatia with and you’ll be sure to experience one of the most amazing times of your life. The Adriatic sea is certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe, only maybe rivaled by the Black Sea.

Make time to roam around the Albanian Riviera.

We briefly mentioned the French Riviera in the intro, but we truly believe there are other, just as good, rivieras in Europe.

The Albanian Riviera is certainly in the top five most beautiful places in Europe and the town of Himara is surely the top destination if you’re looking to have an awesome time during your trip.

Plan a trip across the mountains of Bulgaria.

Certainly, our favorite choice, a summer trip across the Bulgarian mountains should be on the list of every person that loves traveling.

Grab a rental car and roam across the Rila and Rhodope mountains. Get yourself across Old Mountain and witness some of the most beautiful sights in the world, like the Seven Rila lakes hidden high in the mountains.

A bonus is that you’ll get to go through some isolated villages with no more than ten people living in them, which gives you a perfect opportunity to see how people lived sixty years ago.

And why don’t you enjoy a summer trips across the Crete island?

After spending some days in Bulgaria, it’s a great idea and opportunity to hop over to the beautiful Grece and visit the Crete island.

Explore the biggest island in Grece. It offers everything from small villages to metropolitan cities bustling with life, shops, and beaches — there’s pretty much something for everyone’s cup of tea.

With so much to do and see in Europe, it’s definitely worth exploring the Southeast part of the old continent. With some of the most picturesque places, the scenery and nature is nothing like you can see anywhere else. We’d love to hear what’s your favorite place to visit in Europe in the comments below.

At this point, many adventure seekers have grown tired of virtual travel and are ready to get out and explore again. Yet, things are a bit complicated at the moment still.

Safety when traveling is an issue that has taken on new dimensions in the last few months. Which is why people should be looking into traveling in an RV instead of staying in hotels.

There are a lot of benefits to traveling by RV and there are many different worldwide motorhoming holidays to be had.

In this article, I will go over several of the ways that a motorhome is the best way to travel. From the ultimate in comfort when traveling, to the freedom there is nothing quite like traveling in an RV.

1 – Safety

Traveling with the shadow of a pandemic still present in some areas means that you need to be extra vigilant about how you travel. And hotel hopping can be risky when it comes to the cleanliness of the hotel rooms.

Some hotels are taking things very seriously and doing everything possible to reduce the risk of transmission of any kind of threat. Others talk about it but may not be as diligent.

The only way to be sure is to be in your own room wherever you go. In a rented RV, you are in control of how it gets cleaned and don’t have others coming and going in your room.

2 – Convenience

Imagine being able to roam to the exact spot where you want to stay and then set up your temporary home. You will usually be staying in a campground where you have a lot of different amenities that go way beyond what a typical hotel offers.

But, there is more to it than that. You have your own little home that you can cook in when you have a motorhome with a great kitchen. You can sample the local specialties and shop at the farmer’s markets to take food home to cook yourself. This also saves a lot of money as you aren’t forced to eat out for every meal.

3 – Closer to nature

Staying at hotels usually means being in the thick of a city, or in some lifeless industrial area outside of town. This is convenient if you are going to a conference, but not ideal if you are looking to see the natural sites of the area where you are traveling.

In an RV, you can stay in a campground on the edge of many natural parks so you can feel like you are immersed in the natural setting. Even outside of campgrounds, you can generally find RV friendly places to stay the night that are off the beaten trail.

4 – Group travel is cheaper

A family of four or five can see some pretty big hotel bills as you will usually need at least two rooms or even a suite to be able to fit everybody. In an RV there is usually plenty of room to sleep a group of people. And in comfort, too.

If you have never been to Australia before, and you are planning on going soon, then you will want to consider how you are going to make the most of it. There are a number of sights that you will absolutely want to visit and which you might consider essential if you do go, and some which are less well-known but still amazing, which you will also want to think about. All in all, you want to make sure that you are going to have seen Australia in all its glory, and that is something that you can make sure of easily enough. In this article, we will look at some of the things you might want to add to your list when you visit Australia, to ensure that you engage in a wide variety of activities while you are there.

Image Credit – CCO Licence

See Uluru

The huge mass of rock in Northern Territory otherwise known as Ayers Rock is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a beautiful spot, from the top of which you can see much of central Australia, it’s also a place with incredible history and culture attached for the aboriginal people of htat land. Any visit to Australia is definitely worth a visit to Ayers Rock, and it is worth climbing it if you have the chance to do so. But do make sure that you take care to be respectful of the land while you are there – it is an important, even sacred, place for those who have lived there for so many years, and it needs to be treated with great care and respect.

Go Diving

If you find yourself in the growing city of Brisbane, Queensland, you might want to take a spare afternoon to go diving. This is not in the city itself, but in another well-known town in the same part of Queensland, known as Mooloolaba. There you can find the HMAS Brisbane, an historical shipwreck which is worth a visit in its own right. But as well as the fascinating history of that, you can also do an HMAS Brisbane Dive – and see some stunning underwater life and coral in doing so. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to see a slightly different side to Australia – or if you want to see the famous coral but you are not going to have a chance to get to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Image Credit – CCO Licence

Eat Out In Sydney

Sydney is the most popular tourist destination in Australia, and often considered to be its cultural capital in many respects. If you are hoping to soak in as much of the Aussie culture as you can, then visiting Sydney is absolutely going to be a vital thing to do. There is so much to do there, and you could easily spend weeks just in Sydney without going anywhere else, but in particular one of the things that it is great for is eating out. Sydney has some of the world’s top restaurants, and if you love to eat well then you are going to feel that you are in the right place indeed. In particular, you can expect to find some amazing seafood restaurants, so if you want to try out some surf and turf, you are absolutely in the right place.

Visit The World’s Largest Zoo

In terms of the sheer spatial size of the thing, Australia Zoo in Queensland is the largest in the world – quite impressive, but so is the fact that it also houses the widest variety of animals of any zoo in the world. It is also an ethical zoo, as it was set up for conservation purposes by the late, great Steve Irwin – something of a local legend, and someone whose spirit still infuses the experience of the place today, not least because the zoo is still run by his family. If you want to see some of the world-famous croc shows, then you are going to be in the right place for it – and if you’re lucky, one of the Irwin family will actually be there on the day to perform it!

As you can see, there is such a wide variety of things that you can do when you are visiting Australia, and no two visits are ever going to be quite the same. If you visit Australia soon, consider doing these things in order to get a good glimpse of the country.

There are, of course, countless things to love about packing your bags and setting forth on an adventure. However, it would be wrong to think that every aspect of it is amazing. There can be trying times when you’re out of your comfort zone, and sometimes you’ll run into things that slightly derail your fun. At other times, you’ll simply feel a little physically uncomfortable. There are things we can do about this, though. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some useful tips that’ll ensure you’re more comfortable when you’re on the road. 


You’ll find it hard to stay comfortable when you’re traveling if you’re uncomfortable when you depart. The thing about adventuring is that it slowly takes away your energy; if you’re going on a real adventure, then you’ll likely return home in need of your bed. But it’s important that you only feel this way at the end of your trip, not halfway through. As such, look at setting off feeling in great physical shape. In the week running up to your trip, take things easy, and get plenty of sleep. You’ll be raring to go and have energy to spare.

Comfortable Clothes

There may be times when you want to dress up and look your best, but it’s not as if you need to be wearing your best clothes all the time. If you’re going to be moving around a lot, then choose comfort over style. It’s much easier to enjoy your adventures when the weight of your clothes isn’t dragging you down, for instance. And take it from us: if you have a long flight, coach, or train journey, you’ll be grateful that you packed comfortable pants, rather than say, stylish but uncomfortable jeans.

Handling Issues

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re traveling. That’s part of the fun! But sometimes, it means that unpleasant things might happen too. If you have physical discomfort, such as nausea or heartburn, then you’ll find it much more difficult to enjoy all that your trip can bring. One way to get around this is to pack a small pack of medicines, just in case. Things like aspirin, zanzole tablets, and common-cold tablets will all be worth their weight in gold, should they be needed. You can’t always prevent falling ill when you’re traveling, but you can control how well you can combat the symptoms. 

Schedule In Downtime

We always want to make the most of our time traveling. However, it’s important that you’re scheduling in some downtime too. You’ll only wear yourself out if you’re constantly moving. Plus, if you’re always on the go, you’ll miss some of the magic of your destination. 

Hotel Options 

Finally, if you know that you’re going to be extra tired by the time you arrive at your destination, be sure to book a comfortable hotel. It’s sometimes worth paying slightly more than normal if it means you can have a great night’s sleep when you really need it. 

Pantheon is most unique building I’ve seen because of it’s open dome (meaning a hold on the roof). It is about 20 minutes walk from Colosseum. Being one of the best-preserved and most influencial of all Ancient Roman buildings, it has been in continuous use throughout its history.

It was built as a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As the brick stamps on the side of the building reveal it was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125.

The coffered dome has a central oculus as the main source of natural light. When it rains, it also rains inside the Pantheon.  But the floor is slightly sloping floor with 22 well-hidden holes help the water flow away, thanks to an effective drainage system.

One of the masterpieces of architecture present in Rome, it is a must see. The original Pantheon was destroyed in a fire around 80 A.D. It was rebuilt by Emperor Domitian, only to be burned down again in 110 A.D. Hadrian became emperor in 117, a time when the Roman Empire included much of present-day Europe, as well as parts of the Middle East and northern Africa. The final Pantheon was entirely rebuilt in 126 AD by Emperor Hadrian, using more up-to-date architectural and engineering techniques. In honor of its original builder Agrippa, Emperor Hadrian did not take credit for it by inscribing its own name on the building.

Since the Renaissance the Pantheon has been the site of several important burials. Today, this impressive museum is free to visit.

From Pantheon, walk towards northern east direction, you’ll reach Trevi Fountain in 10 minutes also.

The Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. The fountain dates back to ancient Roman times, since the construction of the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct in 19 B.C. that provided water to the Roman baths and the fountains of central Rome.

The fountain is located in Rome’s Trevi district, abutting the Palazzo Poli. An earlier fountain on the site was demolished in the 17th century, and a design competition for a new fountain was won by Nicola Salvi in 1732. His creation was a scenic wonder.

trevi fountain

Trevi Fountain, Italian Fontana di Trevi, fountain in Rome that is considered a late Baroque masterpiece and is the best known of the city’s numerous fountains. It was designed by Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. The fountain also features statues of Abundance and Health.

According to legend, tossing one coin into the Trevi Fountain means you’ll return to The Eternal City (Rome), tossing two coins means you’ll return and fall in love, and tossing three coins means you’ll return, find love, and marry. An estimated 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day. In 2016, an estimated €1.4 million (US$1.5 million) was thrown into the fountain. The money has been used to subsidise a supermarket for Rome’s needy. Not surprisingly, there are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain, even though it is illegal to do so.

Remember the scene in the movie Roman Holiday? The right way to throw a coin is to toss a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, with your back to the Fountain. 🙂

Head north for another 10 -15 minutes, you’ll reach another famous spot – the Spanish Steps.

But in reality, you might be stopping here and there in between because this is the ancient centre of Rome. Nearly the whole walk is lined with buildings of interest, bars and small restaurants. Do get a good guide book and pick up a detailed street map to guide you throughout the journey.

Standing at the top of the Spanish Steps is Peter’s Basilica. the 16th-century Trinità dei Monti church, which was built using French funds, having been commissioned by King Louis XII.

The Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the steps is named after the Spanish Embassy there, so the name simply extended to the steps, which were built in the 18th century to connect both the Embassy and the Trinita dei Monti church (which was under French patronage) with the Holy See – the seat of the Catholic Church.

That scene of Princess Ann eating ice creams while sitting on the steps in the movie Roman Holiday made those steps famous worldwide. I was lucky enough to have visited it in earlier years, so siting and chilling on the steps were not a problem then. Unfortunately sitting on the staircase at Rome’s Spanish Steps has been banned now. The move is reportedly part of the raft of strict new regulations which recently became available to the city’s local police force.

The steps are a wide irregular gathering place consisted of 138 steps placed in a mix of curves, straight flights, vistas and terraces. They connect the lower Piazza di Spagna with the upper piazza Trinita dei Monti, with its beautiful twin tower church dominating the skyline.