The Super Seven: A Whistle-stop Tour of the World’s Top Minerals

Ladies and gents, join us on an exciting exploration into the mysterious subterranean world of minerals! Without further ado, here we present to you seven top minerals:: not your average, run-of-the-mill minerals but rather those which hold power – literally building blocks of our world! So fasten your seatbelts as we venture through these fascinating seven minerals – they promise more excitement than watching paint dry!

Photo by Hasan Can Devsir on Unsplash

Quartz: The Showstopper

Now let’s talk about one of nature’s ‘Beyoncé’ minerals: Quartz. Yes, that’s right – Quartz is truly a mineral diva who steals the show when it comes to minerals! Although seemingly commonplace in gardens and tea shops alike, its versatility has become legendary among geologists worldwide due to its remarkable properties – from jewellery making and scientific equipment, through kitchen worktop sparklers or wristwatch timekeepers, Quartz shines bright like no other mineral can. So there it goes another star performer added by geology’s geologists: Quartz! You could say it adds a bit of ‘bling’ to the geological world. Brilliant isn’t it?


Feldspar: An Unsung Hero

Let’s give a round of applause for Feldspar, an often overlooked and underappreciated but nonetheless powerful mineral – the ‘Adele’ of minerals! While not as flashy or visually impressive as Quartz and Gold, Feldspar remains the most prevalent mineral on the Earth’s crust and boasts one of the highest abundances. Feldspar is the unsung hero of our mineral world – like that quiet chap at the back of a choir who holds everything together! Without its support, our porcelain dishes would be as dull as dishwater and our windows might as well have been brick walls! Feldspar might not be the leading singer of its rock band of minerals, but its rhythm sets its beat nonetheless. So let’s applaud its unsung hero status; not all heroes wear capes!


Mica: The Glitterati’s Favourite

Imagine that Mica were ‘Victoria Beckham’ of minerals; always dressed to impress and ready to pose for photos, Mica is beloved among glitterati. Mica has an incredible crystal structure which allows it to be broken up into thin, glossy sheets – the ideal ingredient for adding an extra splash of shine! Mica can be found everywhere from stylish eyeshadow palettes to electrical appliance insulation. Mica may not make headlines like Quartz or Feldspar, but when it comes to cosmetics and industrial applications, Mica shines like no other mineral. So the next time you put on makeup for an evening out on the town, don’t forget that Mica’s star power will always be with you – now that’s rock and roll!


Diamonds: More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

Who needs an introduction when Diamonds are the ‘James Bond’ of minerals? Bold, durable and irresistibly attractive – that is all we know when talking about Diamonds. Don’t be fooled by their glittery exterior; these stones are rock solid! Diamonds are one of the hardest known natural materials on Earth and they certainly know how to make an impression! Not only are they stunning to look at but they have important industrial applications as well. From cutting, grinding and drilling to heat dissipation in electronics, diamonds demonstrate their value in everyday life – not only as jewels of course, but as workers. While GIA diamonds might win hearts, industrial diamonds power much of our daily lives too – so the next time you are dazzled by a stunning ring set with diamonds remember there’s more to them than meets the eye; diamonds don’t just sparkle but work hard too; that’s true dedication!


Amphibole: The Versatile Virtuoso 

Ladies and Gentlemen! Make way for Amphibole – an abundant yet often-overlooked mineral which boasts many uses and functions akin to that of a Swiss army knife! A versatile ‘jack of all trades’, Amphibole has much to offer when it comes to mineral science.  Amphibole’s range is truly expansive; from gemstones to asbestos (yes, you read that right!). While its shine may not draw as much attention as Diamond does, without Amphibole our world would be much less solid and rock-like. Amphiboles, with their wide array of composition and form, can be found everywhere from igneous and metamorphic rocks to the soil we walk upon, including brake pads on your car! But you might not realise its role when hitting the brakes: Amphibole may just be your unsung hero in mineral form! Versatile yet indispensable, Amphibole truly stands as one of our mineral world’s unsung heroes – which makes for true rock n’ roll!


Pyroxene: The Dark Knight 

Now it is time to meet Pyroxene – the mysterious ‘Bruce Wayne’ of the mineral world! Unlike diamond and Amphibole which tend to make bold statements with their appearances, Pyroxene prefers keeping its head down, being hidden by dark hues of green, black, and brown. Pyroxene mineral group is an unsung hero of our planet’s upper mantle, constituting a significant percentage of it. Not one to shy away from extreme conditions, Pyroxene can even be found in the basaltic lava of volcanoes as well as extraterrestrial bodies – truly out-of-this-world! Pyroxene, as the key component of lunar basalts and meteorites, makes an epic voyage through space! From supporting earth’s structure to gazing upon stars above us, Pyroxene stands as an embodiment of power yet grace. A mineral with incredible influence beneath our feet! That’s one amazing performance!


Titanium: The Lightweight Champion

Let us not forget Titanium – our lightweight champion and darling of the aerospace industry. Titanium may not have the glitz and glamour of diamond, Amphibole, or Pyroxene but when it comes to strength and resilience it makes up for itself in spades! Titanium’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio allows it to be as strong as steel while remaining 45% lighter overall. Titanium is corrosion-resistance makes it the go-to material for everything from aircraft and spacecraft, to bicycle frames. Without it, we might all be pedalling slower… and who wants that? Titanium doesn’t just reside on Earth; it also can be found in solar radiation and meteorites – making it one of the star performers! So when gazing upon the stars, keep in mind there may be some Titanium out there as well; the featherweight champion of minerals. From Earth to stars and back again – Titanium truly proves ‘Big things come in small packages’. Now that’s an impressive performance!

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

And that concludes our journey! An exhilarating tour through the mineral Hall of Fame. From Diamonds and Amphibole’s spectacular shine to Pyroxene’s quiet power and our other mineral marvels’ subtle beauty – each played their unique part in making up our world, often unnoticed or underappreciated by most. So next time you see something sparkle or feel the solid ground beneath your feet remember that these rock stars stand on giant shoulders; giants who don’t just rock; they ARE rock – that’s a hard fact to ignore, eh?


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