4 Reasons That Traveling In An RV Is Better Than A Hotel

At this point, many adventure seekers have grown tired of virtual travel and are ready to get out and explore again. Yet, things are a bit complicated at the moment still.

Safety when traveling is an issue that has taken on new dimensions in the last few months. Which is why people should be looking into traveling in an RV instead of staying in hotels.

There are a lot of benefits to traveling by RV and there are many different worldwide motorhoming holidays to be had.

In this article, I will go over several of the ways that a motorhome is the best way to travel. From the ultimate in comfort when traveling, to the freedom there is nothing quite like traveling in an RV.

1 – Safety

Traveling with the shadow of a pandemic still present in some areas means that you need to be extra vigilant about how you travel. And hotel hopping can be risky when it comes to the cleanliness of the hotel rooms.

Some hotels are taking things very seriously and doing everything possible to reduce the risk of transmission of any kind of threat. Others talk about it but may not be as diligent.

The only way to be sure is to be in your own room wherever you go. In a rented RV, you are in control of how it gets cleaned and don’t have others coming and going in your room.

2 – Convenience

Imagine being able to roam to the exact spot where you want to stay and then set up your temporary home. You will usually be staying in a campground where you have a lot of different amenities that go way beyond what a typical hotel offers.

But, there is more to it than that. You have your own little home that you can cook in when you have a motorhome with a great kitchen. You can sample the local specialties and shop at the farmer’s markets to take food home to cook yourself. This also saves a lot of money as you aren’t forced to eat out for every meal.

3 – Closer to nature

Staying at hotels usually means being in the thick of a city, or in some lifeless industrial area outside of town. This is convenient if you are going to a conference, but not ideal if you are looking to see the natural sites of the area where you are traveling.

In an RV, you can stay in a campground on the edge of many natural parks so you can feel like you are immersed in the natural setting. Even outside of campgrounds, you can generally find RV friendly places to stay the night that are off the beaten trail.

4 – Group travel is cheaper

A family of four or five can see some pretty big hotel bills as you will usually need at least two rooms or even a suite to be able to fit everybody. In an RV there is usually plenty of room to sleep a group of people. And in comfort, too.

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