What To Pack In Your Hand Luggage

The evening before traveling, it is always worth getting your bags by the door and going through your hand-luggage to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Write a quick checklist and ensure everything is packed, from your passport to your travel documents and entertainment devices. No matter your journey, whether it be for business or pleasure, going away can be exciting, so you don’t want to forget something and be disappointed when you land at your destination. If you are traveling to Southeast Europe, read my article before you go! Below is a list of a few things to remember before your trip. 

Phone charger 

Potentially number one on your list, a phone charger is the most annoying thing to forget when going away – especially if the country uses different plugs to yours. The night before your flight, make sure you have one packed in your hand luggage, and if you have a spare, one in your hold luggage as well. This way, if you did lose one, the other will be there when you arrive at your destination. 

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Face Wipes

A long haul flight can make you feel a bit groggy and unclean. Before getting off the plane, why not give your teeth a brush to freshen them up and your face a wipe with some face wipes? By having these in your hand luggage, you can quickly get them out and pack them away discreetly, instead of having to look through your main suitcase when you arrive. 

Entertainment device 

Do you like to bring your Ipad, Kindle, or some headphones to listen to music on your phone? Make sure you remember to pack these the night before your flight. No matter the type of flight, not having your entertainment device can make the journey a lot slower, let alone a pain when you are in another country. If you forget them, it costs a lot to replace, so chances are your whole trip will be without. 

Compression socks for the flight

Valid more so for a long haul flight than a short (over five hours). Compression socks are important to wear, as they can prevent swelling and reduce DVT. Make sure you have some packed in your hand luggage, which you can quickly put on at the start of your flight and take off at the end. They can be really comfortable and warm up your feet during a long flight. If you haven’t bought any yet, you can buy compression socks at therawear.

What snacks will you be enjoying during your flight

Have you bought any snacks for the journey? If so, make sure you remember them, and they are packed in your hand luggage. Breakfast bars, dried fruit, and nuts can be really useful for a long haul flight whilst hard-boiled sweets are great for if your ears pop on take off or landing. Make sure you check with your airline on what you are allowed to bring on before traveling as you don’t want them taken away. 

Do you have a checklist that you follow before going away? What do you check is in your hand luggage? Let me know in the comment box below. 

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