Ways To Appreciate Your Life

Life is a huge rollercoaster of good things, bad things and ugly things. We have so many experiences throughout our lives which shape who we are and allow us to be the best we can be, and our lives are often something we really neglect and don’t appreciate enough. This month, you should start to appreciate what you have in your life more. It will make you feel happier overall as a person and it will allow you to strive for more with confidence and optimism. Here are some of the ways you can truly begin to appreciate your life this year.

Write down the positives

Sit down at the end of the day at write down three things which either happened that day or three positive thoughts you had. It could be anything from the sound of the bird singing as you woke up, the fact that it was sunny all day long, or the fact that you spent the evening playing games with your family while watching a movie. Anything which made you happy today should be on the list and it will make you forget about all of the bad stuff which happened in between. Doing this each day can reduce stress and make us feel more positive in general.

Say thank you

It is so important to think about everything that you have in your life now and again and to say thank you for the opportunity. When you see your partner today, thank them for the happiness they have given you and any children which you share together. Thank your friends for always being there for you through the thick and thin of your life and never judging you, and thank your work colleagues for making your working days bearable. There are so many things you can be thankful for, and when you put it all together you can really start to see how good your life really is.

Think of who you have

Look at your family and your friends today and think about who they are. They are likely amazing, kind, intelligent and unique people who you adore and think the world of… and now think about yourself. If they are so amazing in their own right and they have chosen to be a part of your life, you must be pretty great yourself. Sometimes thinking this way can give us a much needed confidence boost and it can make living our live a much happier and pleasant experience.

Look after family

If you have older relatives who you don’t see that often, now is the time to make time for them and to make sure that they know you are here if they ever need you. It is all too easy for us to get caught up in adult life and forget about the people who raised us, but we won’t have forever to look after them and spend time with them, they might already need home care services or to be in a care home. Make sure you appreciate the older members of your family just as much as everyone else because you will regret it if you leave things too late and they are gone.

Small gestures

When it comes to showing your appreciation and gratitude in life it doesn’t have to be a big romantic gesture and you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time, money and effort to make people around you feel like they matter. It could be as simple as telling your partner you love them each day, smiling and saying thank you to the bus driver, getting a cup of coffee for your work buddy… small things matter and it is these small gestures which can make someone’s day and make them feel incredibly happy and loved.

Send a text

Sometimes the best kind of appreciation is the spontaneous kind, and you might want to text your friend or loved one and tell them how much they mean to you. It could be a short sentence or a huge paragraph, but sending a text like this to someone you care about can be exactly what you need to make them and you both feel special and happy for the whole day. It doesn’t take a lot but it can make a huge difference to your relationship and your bond.

Go away on holiday together

Sometimes the best way to appreciate what you have at home is to spend time so where totally new for a while. When you spend time with family exploring new places and immersing yourself in new culture you can often start to appreciate what you have back at home much more. By the time you get back home and settle on your sofa you will realise just how lucky you are to live where you live and have what you have in life.

Be present

It is always important for us to be present. Stay in the moment and enjoy where we are right now rather than simply looking to the future for happiness. If you spend your life thinking about what life is going to have in store for you in a year, you won’t ever be able to appreciate what is right in front of you and as a result you will also lose a lot of time to live your life with the people you love. It is ok to look ahead, but make sure that you focus on where you are right now and enjoy every single second you can spent with the people you hold most dear in the world.

Don’t let mistakes pull you down

No one in the world is perfect, and everyone makes silly mistakes once in a while which can cost them something great and replace it with sorrow. You can’t let setbacks knock you down and make you give in. You are worth so much more and you can achieve anything you want to achieve. As long as you get back up and try again, nothing can stop you being who you want to be in life.

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