Creating a Bedtime Routine For Brighter Mornings

Do you hate to wake up in the morning? To some of us, the hour right after waking up makes the world seem dreadful – and it doesn’t really matter if we look forward to the rest of the day or not. Until we’re fully awake and had that cup of coffee, it’s actually better to just stay away.

They say that the key to better mornings is to go to bed earlier, though, and to make sure that we get enough sleep. Yet, what if we can’t fall asleep at 10? Luckily, there are a few hacks to this as well.

Here is a handful of the best ways to improve your mornings by setting a bedtime routine for yourself. It’s kind of like parenting yourself to bed but as long as it makes it easier to wake up, it’s definitely worth it.

First: Be active

Nobody sleeps better than those who have been active during the day. It’s difficult to fall asleep with ease when you still feel energised inside; try to get a sufficient amount of exercise while you’re awake, however, and it should be way easier to fall asleep.

Just try not to exercise too late, though, as this might boost your brain back into wake up mode. 

Next: Do something calming

How many times have you heard that you should avoid using your phone or being on your laptop before going to bed? It’s easier said than done, though, and especially when you’re used to checking the news and making sure that the world is still standing before tucking in.

Try to ease into another bedtime routine instead such as having a bath and reading a book. Both of these will help you to relax a bit more – and it’s good for you as well, by the way. 

Drink chamomile tea

That chamomile tea has calming effects is not just a myth – it’s scientifically proven and should definitely become a part of your bedtime routine. See if you can find that slightly more expensive type with whole flower buds as these have way more of the good oils in them than the grinded tea we usually find in the grocery shop.

A cup of tea and a book after a nice bath is just what you need before a good night’s sleep. Add the calming sound of rain on the window and a cat to snooze on your lap, and you have the perfect scene for a relaxing evening.

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