Weekly Motivation: Be Present

Some people seem to be born collected and disciplined. They just glide through lives effortlessly:).

I, on the hand, am full of flaws. One of my other biggest weakness is that I never live in the present.
I used to put down “daydream” as one of my hobbies. But my type of day dreaming is a bit of overkill… Leaving shopping bags behind all the time after paying has become overly annoying.

My car is full of scratches because of my thought wonders through past events and future possibilities, but never really focuses on the present task: driving carefully.

So “Be Present” is another important point to be added to my never ending self improvement list.

  • Let the past be the past. You can’t change it any more. Don’t waste more time dwelling on it.
  • Don’t worry or fantasize too much about future. If you really want to spend time thinking about the future, plan and take actions instead.
  • The most important moment is now. Because if you miss it now, you’ll never get it back in your life.
    Focus on the task at hand. Finish what you intend to do. And give it your best shot.

Be present.

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