How beautiful can Autumn be? And how good is the country life?

Though there’s no Autumn foliage in Sydney, every year we’d drive a few hours out of the city just to enjoy the extra fresh air, the endless country charm and breathtaking Autumn colours.
in the garden-2 in the garden-3 in the garden-4 in the garden-5 in the garden-6 in the garden-7 in the garden-8 in the garden-9 in the garden-10in the garden

I sat on the grass staring up at the bright yellow leaves and pure blue sky, feeling my heart bursting with joy. Oh how I love these Autumn colours. Could the sky be any bluer? Could this magical moment last longer? It was just perfect.

That blue sky is unreal. Oh how I love these Autumn colors?? #bluesky #daytrip #autumn

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Over the Easter I went to Berrima, a historic village in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. It’s about 2 hours drive from Sydney and there are a few cute antique shops along the way.

The antique shop in Berrima town centre is closed. At first I thought it was just closed for Easter Sunday but this time, the shop is shut for good. It seems that the whole place has been deserted with no signs like “For Lease” or “For Sale” to show the prospect of a new owner. It was just completely empty and awfully quiet.  There was no life around the shop apart from those beautiful bright yellow roses beaming up in slanting rays of sun.

Antique and collectables, together with vintage clothing were huge back in 2007-2010 but obviously trend comes and goes. I just hope someone will come to water those roses from time to time…

Berrima day trip-6 Berrima day trip-7 Berrima day trip-3 Berrima day trip-4 Berrima day trip-5 Berrima day trip-2Berrima day trip rose-1 Berrima day trip-1

Dress from Cue 

Photos: Candid Town Photography

All the images were taken by Jay Smolak Boudoir Photography Sydney.

Over the past 15 years I’ve heard lots of people saying wonderful things about Sydney Flower Market but never made an effort to go until last month. It’s not like I don’t like flowers. Let me just tell ya: Procrastination rules.

Ok so I finally went to Sydney Flower Market on a Friday morning around 8:30 am despite the general advise that you need to be there in the early morning – 5 or 6am kind of early. In my defense, I got up early that morning but I had to spend 2 hours at home to have a full breakfast and commit to a long Yoga-stretch session. Why? Because I felt the urge to stick to my morning routine that day. Anyway, at 8:30 -9am, there were hardly any people left in the market. The market hall looked wet and empty and not so appealing. Those left over flowers were cheap – Tiger Lilies for $5 a bunch, though they looked a little sad to me. I left the market empty handed, thinking it might be a while till my next visit.

Two weeks later a friend of mine got in touch and wanted to catch up at the Sydney flower Market on Saturday morning around 6.30am. Perfect! So we went together, except this time we were late again. Learning from last time’s experience, I ditched my breakfast and stretching session in the morning but my friend overslept a little:). Fortunately, when we got there at 7:30am, the flower market was still full of people, and full of gorgeous flowers too!sydney flower market-7 sydney flower market-2 sydney flower market-1

sydney flower market-4

Who could resist those precious roses, at $4 a bunch?

sydney flower market-3

Peonies? Not quite like those ones in instagram photos but I guess they are out of season now.

Determined to grow flowers at home, I even got 3 pots that week. The next Saturday I went back and got another 4 pots of different flowers. It’s totally addictive! Until now, I’ve managed to keep everything alive. Surprise, surprise.

From my personal experience, it’s better to go on a Saturday morning if you are planning your first trip to Sydney Flower Market. It’s catered for the general public on Saturdays, therefore you don’t have to battle with florists and get there super early. The prices are amazingly reasonable, for buyers. You could even get a beautiful, big bunch of flowers for as low as $1. If you love flowers, you’ll love the Sydney flower markets.

Address: 250-318 Parramatta Rd, Homebush West NSW 2129 (Right off Flemington Train Station)

Open time: 5am – 11am
The majority of trading generally takes place before 9am

easter eggs 2017It is very last minute to be writing about the Easter break, but I’m going to do it anyway. It has jumped out at us from nowhere, hasn’t it? The days appear to be getting colder and shorter here in Sydney but longer and warmer on the other side of the world, and we are already into the second quarter of the year! Shocking.

Because of the sudden arrival of Easter, we thought we would have a look at some last minute alternatives to the traditional goings on of this Christian festival. Going a little beyond the Easter egg hunt and more towards the Easter Eggscape. Is that too much? Sorry.

Most families look forward to this time of year because it is an excellent way to shake off the last of the winter blues and get away from the usual Easter shenanigans. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the time of year while you are away; you may decide to do it a little differently that’s all.

You could go for some alternative Easter gifts instead of sticking to the traditional egg. Perhaps a beautiful bracelet or a pendant for the girls. For the boys you could think about a multitool or a new shirt, it doesn’t have to be particularly fitting for this time of year, just a small gift to celebrate the festival of Easter or, if you aren’t religious, to celebrate new life and a new season.

There are some amazing places you can go to at this time of year. The Caribbean is much cheaper over the Easter break as other countries have started to heat up a little so that you could get away with a little slice of paradise. But if you want to go somewhere really magical to celebrate this time of year then head on a last minute break to Italy!

Rome at Easter time is pretty crowded, however since around 2005 it has become less so. Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Catholic calendar and Rome is the spot for all of the pilgrims from around the world to gather. Because of this many tourists avoid Rome at this time of year which means it is pretty quiet if you stay away from the churches.

Pilgrims stay in campsites or religious housing, so the regular accommodation isn’t overpriced or hard to come by. It may sound a bit strange, but it always rains in Rome on Easter Sunday, no one knows why, it just does, so perhaps prepare for that!


There are some fantastic Vatican-related activities you can join in with, and it can be an incredible experience to be a part of such a special event. If you don’t want to be a part of that, then you might be wondering what to do on Sunday and Monday as a lot of the shops and main centre close down. You could visit the Colosseum however you will need to plan and pre-book some venues as the pilgrims make the most of their time here.

Try something a little different and head away for Easter. Go on, do something Eggstravagant.


french riverThe French Riviera is where it is all going on in the summer. This is where the rich and famous head to be, well, rich and famous. You will see the likes of Angelina Jolie, Lewis Hamilton, George Clooney and most of the other VIP jet set, heading here to let their hair down and enjoy a little European culture.

With the Monaco Grand Prix hitting the Riviera and the Cannes film festival around the same time, you will find May and June the perfect celeb spotting time in the south of France and one of the coolest things about this hot coastal heaven, is the fashion. Let’s get a few tips on how to rock the Riviera look.

During the day it is all about simplicity. Most of our celebs will be hitting the shops of Monaco, enjoying a long lazy lunch at a marina bar in Nice or spending the afternoon on a yacht. The basics are always less than basic. Hair and makeup will be perfect, so it may be a good time to consider the latest trend in hair exfoliation. Think Princess Kate of Cambridge and you will understand the look you are trying to achieve. Perfectly groomed, flawless hair. While makeup is on point; the Riviera day look is all about flawless foundation, a perfect brown and that killer pout. So strip it back but get it right.

There are only two types of shoe suitable to the Riviera, killer heels or cute flats, you might see deck shoes a plenty, although a loafer is more acceptable if you are a lady! Deck shoes are most definitely a man thing. If you are popping on board any luxury boats, you will need to remove your heels, though, so it’s always worth keeping some ballet pumps in your bag. That way you won’t be walking around with your feet out! It’s not the beach don’t you know.

A gorgeous white shirt dress with rose gold accessories makes a simple outfit which can be glammed up or stripped down. You can even throw this over a stunning bikini so you can slip it off for those sunbathing moments. You will need a large oversized hat and a pair of sunglasses to match. There is very little else to complete the look.

fashion summer

The evening look is all about uber glam; there is no other look here than ultra sexy, floor length, big haired, red carpet every night. Most of Monaco is, actually, red carpet. So you need to find a stunning dress which will hold up to the evening as long as you will. While most do go with a high heel, this is fine in the casino or bars on dry land, if you are heading to a yacht, get your flats at the ready.

Of course, the chances of you finding yourself on the French Riviera might be a little slim, but who cares? Take this look and strut it about as if you have just got home from your three-week vacation in Nice.

Keep your colors neutral and use layering if you need to, the weather is beginning to break, so it’s time to get those pins out, this look is all about faking it, so grab yourself some of the SiennaX tanning mousses and get your glow on.  Your friends won’t believe you haven’t been away. Ensure everything is on point, so a visit to your beautician for an HD brow and full leg wax is also going to help achieve the look.

You don’t need to have seen the Riviera sun to pull off this look and add a little glamor to your office. Just walk in with confidence, grab the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find and strut your stuff.  Smile as if you have a thousand paps following your every move and viola! You have nailed it!


You don’t need to have a ton of money in the bank to look expensive when you leave the house. You can look more expensive with the 7 simple tips outlined in this guide. Take a look and see what you can do!

Fall In Love With Black

If you’re not a huge wearer of black at the moment, change your stance on it. Black can look super expensive, even if it’s super cheap. Make black your go-to color, whether you’re looking for a skirt, a plain top, trousers, a coat…the list goes on. You don’t have to dress solely in black, but wearing more of it will help you to look more expensive in a heartbeat.


Focus On The Finer Details And Your Grooming

Focus on the finer details of your outfit, such as your socks. Yes, even your socks can make a difference to how you look! A huge trend at the moment: those fishnet socks, but you can get so many different styles depending on what you’re wearing. By focusing on the small details like this, you’ll really give your outfit a more expensive feel. Make sure you focus on your grooming too, such as your nails and your hair.

Incorporate Lots Of Texture

Adding more texture to your outfit is never a bad thing. You’ll notice that the most stylish, expensive looking outfits always have plenty of texture. Incorporate it in any way you can to stop your outfit from looking dull.

Wear Quality Jewelry and Accessories

Quality jewelry and accessories will add to any outfit, no matter how much it cost. If you’re going to invest in anything, then make sure you invest in these things. You can look at diamond pricing if you want a diamond ring or diamond studs to wear each day. Or you can opt for a second hand watch to add more elegance on your outfit.‌

Quality bags, shoes, and things like that are also important for enhancing your outfits. Make sure you know what counts as quality, and don’t just go for a brand name!

Go To A Good Tailor

If your clothes don’t quite fit you properly, then you need to visit a good tailor. Otherwise, how will you ever look as lavish as you want? It’s worth doing these with your more pricy items of clothing.

Invest In The Basics

Always invest in the basics, and do your best to avoid trends. Trends come and go, the basics are going to be in your wardrobe forever. Make sure you have a nice pair of trousers, jeans, and plenty of classic tops that you can mix and match.

Avoid Logos And Tacky Embellishments

Always avoid tacky logos and embellishments. They will cheapen your outfit rather than making you look more expensive. Always choose outfits like this carefully!

Use these 7 tips and you’ll easily be able to emulate a more expensive appearance day to day. You don’t need to have lots of money, just a keen eye for quality pieces and a willingness to invest your money when appropriate. Leave your own tips below!

We all need some bling in our life. After all, some sparkle can make us feel like a million bucks. And we should feel like that when we are out and about. However, a lot of people get confused about how they can add it to their wardrobe. After all, you don’t want to go too OTT with bling so that your outfits look ridiculous. But at the same time, you need to add some sparkle so that you shine when you are out on the town. Therefore, here are some ideas of how you can add some bling to your wardrobe.

Go for a sparkly top

When we are thinking about adding some bling to our wardrobe, one of the first things you should consider is some new tops. After all, we tend to all go into a bit of a routine where we have the same old black and white tops we wear every day. And while they are useful, they are not adding any vibrance to our wardrobe. Therefore, it’s time to hunt down a beautiful sparkly top which will help you to stand out from the crowd. You could opt for something which has a sparkly neckline and sleeves to ensure it’s more of a subtle look. After all, you can then add some sparkle to your life without going over the top. Or for something more out there, you could go for a top full of sequins. It will ensure you sparkle when you are out at a club. Or you could even wear it to work to ensure you add some sparkle to your boring morning! And remember if you are going to opt for a sparkly top, it’s best to go for some black jeans or trousers to ensure you don’t go OTT with the sequins!

Opt for a sequin dress

A lot of us have our favorite LBD that we put on every time we go out with our buddies. After all, we know it looks good, so why break a winning formula. But it might mean we are falling into the background when we are out with our friends. Therefore, if you want to stand out and look like a million bucks, you should opt for a sparkly dress instead. And one dress which will definitely help you to look great is a dress full of sequins. After all, as soon as you hit the dance floor, you will definitely be shining. And you will turn heads with your beautiful design. It’s your choice when it comes to choosing how many sequins you want for your dress. You might want something which just has them down the sides to ensure it’s not too much. Or you might want to go all out and go for something which is all over sparkle. And your sequin dress can be used all year round; from your birthday party to the Christmas work do!

Go for jeans that shimmer

We all have a few pairs of jeans that we swap between on a daily basis. And we have some which are more suitable for night time. For example, I love my slim pair of black jeans that are perfect with a fun top. But when you are looking to add bling to your wardrobe, you should be changing up your jeans too. After all, there’s nothing better than having a shimmering pair of jeans for a night out. Therefore, go for a great pair in a metallic print that has gold studs down the sides. Your jeans will turn heads and will show you are the queen of the party! And studs will give you some edge when you are on a night out. Pair it with a crop top and a leather jacket to give you some style. Just be careful where you keep them at home. After all, you don’t want the studs from the jeans to cause damage to your other clothes!

Go for some grand jewelry

grand jewllery

There’s nothing that says bling than some beautiful jewelry. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to add some glam to your outfit. Even if you are in casual clothes, some grand jewelry can completely change the look! Therefore, it’s time to go for something classy when it comes to your jewelry. It might be that you opt for some gold hoop earrings; put your hair up and show these off to the world. And a statement necklace would also be a great way to add some bling to your wardrobe. Opt for something which is oversized and full of diamonds to ensure you look grand!

Opt for some sparkly heels

add bling

While we might love our flats, when it’s time to go out on the town or to work, heels are definitely the answer. After all, they can give you the confidence you need when you are in these situations. But when it comes to choosing heels, a lot of us go for a similar patent black choice. Or even a nude which will go with all our outfits. But when it comes to our shoes, it’s a perfect chance to add some bling to our wardrobe without going over the top. After all, some sparkly heels can completely change the look of your outfit. You might be wearing a top and jeans that are nothing special. But the heels will show you are ready for a night out! Therefore, hunt down some sparkly heels that you will love to wear. And if heels are really not your thing, you might be surprised to know you can get some Converse which are sparkly. Or you could even do some DIY to add some shimmer and sequins to your fun sneakers!

Photos by Yvonne

It has become quite clear lately that using your fingers to apply and blend makeup just isn’t good enough. The makeup world is becoming more and more advanced, and even young teenagers have special brushes and sponges to apply their products. However, many people still get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tools out there. If this sounds like you, here are some of the most important beauty tools, explained:

The Beauty Blender

What is the actual point of a beauty blender? Actually, it has lots of points. You can use it wet or dry to apply foundation, helping to give it the effect you want. Wet gives you a more sheer look. Either way, it turns out flawless. You can use it for blending just about anything else, and even applying powder under your eyes to hide those pesky bags!

The Eyelash Curler

Seems pretty self explanatory, but if you don’t use one of these currently, you’re missing out. Try heating it up with the hairdryer for a few seconds to make that curl last. You won’t believe the difference, no fake lashes required!

The Large Fan Brush

The large fan brush is so fluffy for a reason. It can be used to apply highlighter, bronzer, and anything else you want to sweep over the face. You can even use it for getting rid of powder spills.

An Angled Brow Brush

Want perfect brows? Then you must have an angled brow brush. This will help you to get those glorious sweeping arches and defined tails that dreams are made of.

The Fluffy Eye Blending Brush

The fluffy eye blending brush can be used to apply shadow in the crease, or on its own to help blend out any harsh lines. It’s perfect for those who want to get their eyeshadow just right.

The Tapered Shadow Brush

The tapered shadow brush is better for applying shadow all over the lid. This gives you a beautiful, even sweep of color.

Beauty tools

The Powder Brush

The powder brush can be used to apply any type of powder. However, it’s probably best for your favorite finishing powder. Once your makeup is nearly done, swirl this brush in your powder, tap off the excess, and apply.

The Angled Face Brush

The angled face brush will give you chiseled cheeks that look as if they could cut a man. Just get that bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks to shade them, and voila! Just make sure you don’t go in with too much product at first, and blend like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t want your face to look dirty.

The Small Smudge Brush

The small smudge brush is just perfect for those who want to get the smoky eye just right. Simply apply your dark shade with it and blend, blend, blend to get the sexy, smoky look of your dreams.
Now you know what to do, get stocking up on the right beauty tools!

maldives-travelThe world is your oyster and you have the passion and desire to explore it. The temptation to travel and to let your wanderlust be your only guide is an overwhelming one. When traveling is in your sights, it can be difficult to bring yourself back down to the earth of reality.

Yet without reality, any travel expedition is doomed to failure. To truly see and experience all the things that you want to, you have to be ready for them. You have to be careful. And, most importantly, you have to make your preparations.

To do it right, you have to have the correct equipment for the job. The dream of slinging the nearest rucksack on your back having thrown the items you think you will need into it and then setting off is unrealistic. So love your preparation – it’s the thing that, ultimately, lets you see the world as you want to see it.

You Need… A Strong Bag

All of the hassle, stresses and strains that you go through as a traveller are rough. Your hair messes up, you sweat far more than you want to and you pound unfamiliar sidewalks with every new place. All of the things that you go through are made rougher on the bag you choose to travel with.

This is not an area on which you can have your primary concern be finding a bag of a low cost. Money isn’t everything, but quality is – and unfortunately, most of the time, the two of them go hand-in-hand. This applies both to luggage you take and the bag you carry around for day-to-day sightseeing; they have to be robust. If they’re not, you could find yourself spilling items all over a foreign train carriage – or worse, finding yourself an easy target for pickpockets.

So look for quality in manufacturers, and brands closer to the high-end of the market. You’ll thank yourself in the future!

A Reusable Water Bottle

Buying bottled water is expensive wherever you go in the world, especially the small bag-friendly sized bottles. It’s far more cost effective to buy large bottles from supermarkets in countries where it’s not safe to drink the water. In countries where it is, then just use the tap in your hotel room.

Don’t be tempted to use these sources to fill an old plastic bottle. A good, solid reusable water bottle is an essential – and make sure it’s BPA-free for maximum safety. You can’t go wrong with stainless steel containers; they’re heavier, but they’ll never let you down.
Of course, these two items are just the tip of the preparation iceberg – but you’re off to a flying start if you focus on them. What do you consider to be a holiday essential?

Many of us have a love for fashion. When we’re not buying new clothes and accessories, we’re choosing our outfits for the day (and maybe the next day, too). What you might not have thought about is that your love for fashion can be seen as a skill. If you have valuable knowledge about fashion, you can turn your love for it into something more. You don’t just have to enjoy choosing clothes and dressing up. You can use your passion to expand it into a further hobby or even influence your career. Here’s what you could do with your love for fashion.

Start Making Your Own Clothes

You already know a lot about how to wear clothes, but what do you know about making them? A lot of people who love fashion eventually start trying to make clothes and accessories themselves. There are some great benefits to doing this. You can create unique items that no one else owns, and it’s a relaxing hobby too. You can also modify your existing clothes to refresh them. When you first get started, consider a mini sewing machine. It’s a good idea to start off with something small before you invest in something bigger and more expensive.

make your own clothes

Make Fashion Part of Your Career

Have you always dreamed of working in the fashion industry? But perhaps you don’t have the right skillset to be a model, make-up artist, or photographer. If you love fashion, there could be many other roles in or alongside the industry that could be suitable for you. For example, perhaps your expertise is in marketing. With your experience in marketing and your knowledge of fashion, you could be ideal to provide marketing services to fashion companies. Or maybe your fashion knowledge would come in handy in a retail job.

turn fashion into something else

Share Your Passion with Others

Sharing your passion and knowledge can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A lot of people who love fashion will offer advice to friends and family. But you can find a bigger audience to share with if you want to. Starting a blog or even a YouTube channel is a great way to have somewhere to talk about what you love. It also means your friends and family don’t have to listen to you as much! Think about how you might approach creating a blog or making videos to attract other people who are interested in fashion.

fashion business

Start a Fashion Business

Another way to make money from what you love is to start a business related to fashion. You might design and make your own products if you enjoy doing that. Or you could use your knowledge to source and sell products that people want. If you’re good at spotting rising fashion trends, an online store could work for you. However, starting a business is always tough, and it’s especially so in the fashion industry. Think carefully before doing anything. You can turn your passion for fashion into something more if you want to. You only have to put your mind to it.

My dad told me to stand against a wall to improve my posture because I slouch too much. Though I’ve recognised my problem and determined to maintain a good body posture forever, I still forget all about it a lot of times. Indeed it helps your body posture to stand against a wall for even just a few seconds every day.

Talking about walls, I have to show you some interesting ones – those graffiti wall in Sydney. Some of them are purely messy but many are quite arty, don’t you think?

vermont-2 vermont-3 vermont-4 vermont-5 vermont-6 vermont-7 vermont-8 vermont

By the way, I had almost all my hair chopped off 4 months ago. That shocked everyone around me and everyone asked why I did it. The reason is simple, my hair was way too damaged after years of being abused. So far I’m loving my short, low maintenance hair and feeling light as a ballerina!


brighton-le-sands-beach-5 A few months ago I put a photo of Sydney Botany Bay on Instagram without naming the location. It’s a beautiful spot so naturally people started to ask where was the photo taken. “Is that Bondi Beach?” Most people guessed. Ha, the famed Bondi beach. Sure it is vibrant and most popular with tourists but it’s also excessively crowded all the time. If you just want to chill on a beach in a warm summer day, there are many, many other beaches in Sydney to choose from.

The temperature reached above 35 Degrees in Sydney last week and we decided to go to a beach that is relatively easier to park than those most popular beaches in Sydney. Eventually we went to Brighton Le Sand Beach in southern Sydney. What I like about Brighton Le Sand Beach?

  • You can actually swim in the ocean. There’s no wave and the water is not rough and tumble.
  • The white and soft sand.
  • Wide beach that is not so crowded.
  • Safe and clean. Shark net is installed and no general rubbish or broken glasses on the beach.
  • Off street parking and several small car parks.
  • Shaded beach side promenade that stretches for a few kilo meters.
  • A good selection of cafes, restaurants and shops just across the road from the beach.

It was so pleasant to walk on the soft sand bare foot and dip into the warm ocean water. There were many hang gliding people that day which made the sky even prettier.

brighton-le-sands-beach-2 brighton-le-sands-beach-3 brighton-le-sands-beach-4


A woman’s handbag is a pretty sacred thing. In fact, many men are actually scared to go into a lady’s bag. They just don’t know what they will find! And of course some women do keep a whole bunch of junk in their bag but, that’s half of the fun right! A purse of a bag is an extension of the person that owns it. It is carried everywhere and holds all of the valuable and essential items that its owner will need throughout the day.  Everyone is different though and carries around different things with them. Here are some bits and pieces that could really help you out of a sticky situation.


  1. A good hand cream

This is especially handy to have on your throughout the winter months; Hands get cold and dry, and no one likes that. There’s nothing worse than wanting to moisturize your hands but realise you can’t because you haven’t got any cream. Simply slip a little tub of your favourite hand cream into your bag, and you won’t regret it.

  1. Safety pins

This is a personal favourite and has saved many of my friends a number of times. Imagine you’re out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. You go to the bathroom and as you do up your skirt, your zipper breaks! Awful. Terrifying! If you carry a few decent sized safety pins in your bag, you may just be able to get away from the situation without too much drama. A pin will temporarily fix something until you can get home to die of shame and embarrassment.

  1. Things to keep your hands busy

You could be alone in a pub or you could be in somewhere waiting for someone to take you to dinner. Whatever the occasion it’s sometimes nice to have something to keep you occupied if you’re on your own. You might want to pull out a book to read, or maybe you can download an app onto your phone (your phone is obviously always in your bag). If you vape, it’s a good idea to never take your vape kit out of your bag, that way you won’t lose it! No one likes looking bored, so make sure you always have a little something up your sleeve to keep you busy.

  1. A USB stick

If you’re a busy woman with a busy job, it’s a good idea to never leave your home without your trusty USB stick. You’ll always be able to backup your important documents and keep them on you if you should need them. This also makes you look super organised, so it’s a great habit to get into.

  1. Your signature lipstick

You never know when you’re going to need to suddenly look pulled together and polished. If you keep your favourite lipstick in your bag, you’ll be able to look good and feel confident at a moment’s notice! Try to keep it in a little compartment pockets, so you don’t run the risk of the lid coming off if it, staining everything in your bag.


Do you like wearing dresses? Well, you know I could wear dresses all year round because they are so easy to get into and anyone can manage to look fabulous in a pretty dress! Yes, you can say that I’m a bit dress obsessed:).

With the weather getting warmer and warmer in Sydney, I’m really in the mood to look for some new dresses. The good news is, I’ve just discovered a great online platform that allows me (and you) to shop for a wide selection of dresses from all kinds of designers and styles in one place. Heaven!

Since I always get asked where I buy my dresses from, today I’m sharing with you what’s on my current dress wishlist:

1. If You Only Know Maxi Dress from Free People (US$168): This easy and effortless gorgeous maxi dress caught my eyes because of its vibrate colors and flowing style. You all know how much I love maxi dresses!

2. Bare Minimum Sweater Dress from Nasty Gal (AU$103): Cold shoulders are always in. I love the super comfy, clean design of this dress. It looks great with over the knee boots.


3. Rib Strap Back Bodycon Dress from Missguided (US$26): This playful, yet dreamy dress would be good for both daytime and evening wear. Can’t believe how affordable it is!


4. Ibiza Lace Dress from Free People (US$168): Another dress from Free people, you’d probably guessed by now it’s one of my favourite brands. Everyone needs a good lace dress. I love that burnt orange color and beautiful lace pattern of this dress. 
5. Print Pleated Deep V Gown from Babe (US$189): This dress reminds me of That Versace Dress JLo worn to 2000 Grammy’s but it’s more wearable for everyday people;). I love the sweeping pleated skirt and this stunning yet subtle print. The sheer mess insert on the front is a huge bonus.


7. Lace Skater Midi Dress from Missguided (US$76.50): This dress can be classified as a classic little black dress but it doesn’t look like the boring black kind. I also love the flared skirt and its perfect length.


8. Embroidered Silk-chiffon Mini Dress from Chloé (US$1,970 after 50% discount): Fabric is a key factor when I shop for dresses. This dress is made of 100% silk and from one of my favourite designer Chloé. I just love their handbags, shoes and clothes. This natural toned silk dress is lightweight and perfect to wear loose.

9. Cambon Embellished Silk-organza Gown from Temperley London (US$618 after 60% discount): Another silk number, but this time it’s a long black gown for evening wear. I was drawn to its simple yet elegant design immediately.
10. Filefly Slip Dress from Free People (US$128): Featuring beautiful cutout and open back design, this lightweight print slip would be perfect for a hot summer day. Bring it on, summer!


Ahhhh the pleasure of laying down in your comfort zone. Satin sheets, fluffy pillows, dimmed lights and all of your beloved items just within arm’s reach – your favourite books, a warm cup of coffee and that heavenly smelling hand cream you can’t go to bed without. Yup, they’re all perfectly placed on your bedside table that you so much love and admire. And why wouldn’t you? You spent weeks of thoughtful consideration, research and read tons of magazines on ways to buy bedside table that is ideal for your type of bedroom oasis. And since I recently went through that whole process (which although pretty fun, was quite exhausting too), I want to share with you a few tips to help you complement your otherwise perfectly designed bedroom with basically no stress or worries.

buy bedside table

Size matters

Although their height can vary considerably (it all comes down to personal preferences), a nightstand that is either too short or too tall is both uncomfortable and can look quite awkward if placed right next to a shorter or a taller bed. Your best bet is to buy bedside table that’s within a few inches of the top of your mattress. When it comes to width, look for a nightstand that will complement your bed rather than overpower it or feel too small when placed right next to it. Bear in mind the width of your room. Smaller and narrower pieces of furniture will do just fine in a smaller space, while a larger room needs bigger furniture.

Style it up

Although bedside tables don’t necessarily need to perfectly match the rest of your bedroom furniture, they should at least be in the same design family. For a contemporary look, combine rustic wooden furniture with metal nightstands. On the other hand, for a more traditionally-oriented style, go with a matching set of nightstands. To add more character to the room, choose vintage ones. Just make sure not to mix too many different types of wood as they can easily clash, creating an unintended interior design mess.

DIY Ideas

The bedside table is a landing pad for so many essentials – reading glasses, water, books and cell phones, just to name a few. Nevertheless, they’re rarely as varied as the stuff we put on them. Therefore, there’s really no need for you to settle for a generic design that consists of four legs and a simple table top. The bedroom is the part of your home where you can freely express yourself and your unique character, thus, there are a few bedside table ideas that pack much more personality than a simple boring four legged piece of furniture. For that purpose, I gathered a few ideas on pieces that you can actually repurpose in order to create a bedside table that will leave a statement and awake your sleepy head. I’d definitely consider these for my next bedroom makeover.

  • Vintage luggage – These pieces of travel essentials make an amazing bedside table solution when stacked atop one another. You can adjust their height by adding or subtracting pieces and you can also use them as storage space for some of the items that you don’t frequently use. If your luggage pieces are quite dissimilar in colours and patterns and do not look well together, you can paint them in a solid colour, which will unify their material or colour differences and will put more emphasis to their shape.
  • Antique sewing machines – Remember that antique sewing machine that you had no idea what to do with so you put it away in the garage? Well, time to repurpose it; it can be quite useful at your bedside, acting both as a bedside table as well as a family treasure showcase. The filigree of the metal base adds a dose of visual interest and it is the ideal complement for traditional, rustic as well as some edgy contemporary bedside table
  • Wooden folding chair – You will get a two-in-one solution if you decide to use a folding wood chair as a bedside table, as you’ll also get an additional seating when needed. This is a great idea for smaller bedrooms as folding chairs are compact and easily adjustable. Also, if you’re not much happy with the colour of the chair you can easily repaint it to fit your bedroom design style.

To sum up, it’s clear to see that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to designing their private nest. Some go for bedroom suites as they like everything in the room to match, while others strive to unveil their creative side and turn to the DIY options for a vivid and versatile bedside table solution. Whatever your choice, don’t let trends dictate how your bedroom will look. Instead, choose something you’ll love for many years to come and will be happy to be around every single day.