Let’s Get Summer Ready: A Guide To Riviera Fashion

french riverThe French Riviera is where it is all going on in the summer. This is where the rich and famous head to be, well, rich and famous. You will see the likes of Angelina Jolie, Lewis Hamilton, George Clooney and most of the other VIP jet set, heading here to let their hair down and enjoy a little European culture.

With the Monaco Grand Prix hitting the Riviera and the Cannes film festival around the same time, you will find May and June the perfect celeb spotting time in the south of France and one of the coolest things about this hot coastal heaven, is the fashion. Let’s get a few tips on how to rock the Riviera look.

During the day it is all about simplicity. Most of our celebs will be hitting the shops of Monaco, enjoying a long lazy lunch at a marina bar in Nice or spending the afternoon on a yacht. The basics are always less than basic. Hair and makeup will be perfect, so it may be a good time to consider the latest trend in hair exfoliation. Think Princess Kate of Cambridge and you will understand the look you are trying to achieve. Perfectly groomed, flawless hair. While makeup is on point; the Riviera day look is all about flawless foundation, a perfect brown and that killer pout. So strip it back but get it right.

There are only two types of shoe suitable to the Riviera, killer heels or cute flats, you might see deck shoes a plenty, although a loafer is more acceptable if you are a lady! Deck shoes are most definitely a man thing. If you are popping on board any luxury boats, you will need to remove your heels, though, so it’s always worth keeping some ballet pumps in your bag. That way you won’t be walking around with your feet out! It’s not the beach don’t you know.

A gorgeous white shirt dress with rose gold accessories makes a simple outfit which can be glammed up or stripped down. You can even throw this over a stunning bikini so you can slip it off for those sunbathing moments. You will need a large oversized hat and a pair of sunglasses to match. There is very little else to complete the look.

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The evening look is all about uber glam; there is no other look here than ultra sexy, floor length, big haired, red carpet every night. Most of Monaco is, actually, red carpet. So you need to find a stunning dress which will hold up to the evening as long as you will. While most do go with a high heel, this is fine in the casino or bars on dry land, if you are heading to a yacht, get your flats at the ready.

Of course, the chances of you finding yourself on the French Riviera might be a little slim, but who cares? Take this look and strut it about as if you have just got home from your three-week vacation in Nice.

Keep your colors neutral and use layering if you need to, the weather is beginning to break, so it’s time to get those pins out, this look is all about faking it, so grab yourself some of the SiennaX tanning mousses and get your glow on.  Your friends won’t believe you haven’t been away. Ensure everything is on point, so a visit to your beautician for an HD brow and full leg wax is also going to help achieve the look.

You don’t need to have seen the Riviera sun to pull off this look and add a little glamor to your office. Just walk in with confidence, grab the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find and strut your stuff.  Smile as if you have a thousand paps following your every move and viola! You have nailed it!


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