Document Your Travels The Fun Way

Thanks to twenty-first century technologies, we have more choices than ever for recording special moments. Of course, when we’re travelling or taking a holiday, we want experiences and memories that will last forever. You want to feel the sand between your toes, and smell the sea air. The tastes, the sounds, and the conversation are all part of the purpose of visiting somewhere new.

So how can you record those experiences and share them with the friends you left at home? Technology, social media, and your creativity can combine to document what you enjoy about your time away. All you need is a knack for telling a good story, and you can create a fabulous travel blog, video channel, or even an eBook about your journey.

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Start by clarifying what the purpose of your journey is. Are you going to experience a new mode of travel for the first time? Are you going to a country that has different customs and traditions to your own? Perhaps you want to witness some incredible natural phenomenon? When you know your reason for going, you can start to brainstorm some ideas on how to present your experiences to someone else.

Many people love to browse through photo albums and travel scrapbooks. These days you can create them online to print hard copies. Or you might choose to publish them as an eBook. You could use free printable postcard templates to design each snap with a caption. This provides an insight to your feelings or clarifies the experience you had from that view. If it’s a picture of a monument or iconic building, perhaps you could caption the photo with a word or two about the history of the place.

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If you’re creating a video of your holiday, be mindful that most of what you do won’t be included in a video short. Videos are great for showing your reaction to the activities you’re engaging in. They show views you’re enjoying, and the spectacle of things happening around you. It can be a good idea to speak to camera, as if you’re speaking to the friends that will watch it. Some shots work well from a tripod. Action shots when the camera is moving along can be exciting too.

So what equipment do you need to make use of all the different ways of documenting your vacation? Your mobile phone can do everything you need. You can also buy small, hand-sized tripods that will connect to it for a steady shot. You can take still photos and videos, and even edit them on the go. However, you may run out of memory pretty quickly. If you can’t expand your phone’s memory, consider a small action camera instead. Both these devices can be connected to the internet for live uploads to FaceBook or YouTube, saving your storage!

Creating a photo scrapbook or book of custom postcards can be a lovely gift for someone too. It makes a wonderful keepsake for you too! Digital, video, or paper-based documents of your travels can be a fun way to remember your experiences forever.

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