Create a Soothing Bedside Space That Inspires Sweet Dreams


Ahhhh the pleasure of laying down in your comfort zone. Satin sheets, fluffy pillows, dimmed lights and all of your beloved items just within arm’s reach – your favourite books, a warm cup of coffee and that heavenly smelling hand cream you can’t go to bed without. Yup, they’re all perfectly placed on your bedside table that you so much love and admire. And why wouldn’t you? You spent weeks of thoughtful consideration, research and read tons of magazines on ways to buy bedside table that is ideal for your type of bedroom oasis. And since I recently went through that whole process (which although pretty fun, was quite exhausting too), I want to share with you a few tips to help you complement your otherwise perfectly designed bedroom with basically no stress or worries.

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Size matters

Although their height can vary considerably (it all comes down to personal preferences), a nightstand that is either too short or too tall is both uncomfortable and can look quite awkward if placed right next to a shorter or a taller bed. Your best bet is to buy bedside table that’s within a few inches of the top of your mattress. When it comes to width, look for a nightstand that will complement your bed rather than overpower it or feel too small when placed right next to it. Bear in mind the width of your room. Smaller and narrower pieces of furniture will do just fine in a smaller space, while a larger room needs bigger furniture.

Style it up

Although bedside tables don’t necessarily need to perfectly match the rest of your bedroom furniture, they should at least be in the same design family. For a contemporary look, combine rustic wooden furniture with metal nightstands. On the other hand, for a more traditionally-oriented style, go with a matching set of nightstands. To add more character to the room, choose vintage ones. Just make sure not to mix too many different types of wood as they can easily clash, creating an unintended interior design mess.

DIY Ideas

The bedside table is a landing pad for so many essentials – reading glasses, water, books and cell phones, just to name a few. Nevertheless, they’re rarely as varied as the stuff we put on them. Therefore, there’s really no need for you to settle for a generic design that consists of four legs and a simple table top. The bedroom is the part of your home where you can freely express yourself and your unique character, thus, there are a few bedside table ideas that pack much more personality than a simple boring four legged piece of furniture. For that purpose, I gathered a few ideas on pieces that you can actually repurpose in order to create a bedside table that will leave a statement and awake your sleepy head. I’d definitely consider these for my next bedroom makeover.

  • Vintage luggage – These pieces of travel essentials make an amazing bedside table solution when stacked atop one another. You can adjust their height by adding or subtracting pieces and you can also use them as storage space for some of the items that you don’t frequently use. If your luggage pieces are quite dissimilar in colours and patterns and do not look well together, you can paint them in a solid colour, which will unify their material or colour differences and will put more emphasis to their shape.
  • Antique sewing machines – Remember that antique sewing machine that you had no idea what to do with so you put it away in the garage? Well, time to repurpose it; it can be quite useful at your bedside, acting both as a bedside table as well as a family treasure showcase. The filigree of the metal base adds a dose of visual interest and it is the ideal complement for traditional, rustic as well as some edgy contemporary bedside table
  • Wooden folding chair – You will get a two-in-one solution if you decide to use a folding wood chair as a bedside table, as you’ll also get an additional seating when needed. This is a great idea for smaller bedrooms as folding chairs are compact and easily adjustable. Also, if you’re not much happy with the colour of the chair you can easily repaint it to fit your bedroom design style.

To sum up, it’s clear to see that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to designing their private nest. Some go for bedroom suites as they like everything in the room to match, while others strive to unveil their creative side and turn to the DIY options for a vivid and versatile bedside table solution. Whatever your choice, don’t let trends dictate how your bedroom will look. Instead, choose something you’ll love for many years to come and will be happy to be around every single day.

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