A Few Of My Favorite Things

  • Dresses

    Feel like a woman, wear a dress. – Diane Von Furternberg

Not trying to be a doll or anything, I wear a dress whenever possible. To me, it’s the best lazy/busy girls’ wardrobe solution. It is a dress, one piece, easy to be put on, easy to change into something else. Bring it on summer!

  •  Water

Sometimes what you need is the simplest thing. Once I had seriously dry, cracked lips. After applying lip balm over and over again without seeing any improvement, I reached for a bottle of water. Five minutes later, my lips became soft and moist without any dry issues. It felt like a miracle.

Forget about expensive lip balms, start to take a sip of water regularly.

  • keepall bag with strap (1 of 1) Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag

Don’t think I’ll get over my travel bug, ever. My first Louis Vuitton bag is a Louis Vuitton monogram Keepall bag. Back then I haven’t discovered Louis Vuitton secondary market, so it cost a small fortune. But it’s proven to be worth every penny. It’s simple, classic and it got to be the toughest bag made on earth!

Why buy lots of cheap bags that fall apart quickly while we can have one which would last for generations & always stay in style.

  • Havaianas thongs

My favorite was a brown pair. It traveled all over the world with me. First time in Chique Terre (pictured), having no idea what to expect, I walked across the 5 towns and climbed all the steep hills in my havaianas thongs and a dress, in one day. It was the most amazing trip, the most stunning view, no sore feet, no damaged shoes.

J took this beautiful picture of Cinque Terre:

Cinque Terre Italy

Sadly, I left the pair on the plane from the US to Canada. Obviously they got the travel bug from me and started to fly solo. I have many pairs of these thongs but always miss the brown pair that could sing: I’ve been everywhere man!… the most.

Always remember to wear good quality, comfortable shoes.

  • Olive oil

Ok, it’s not what you think… I’m not trying to offer any cooking tips here. I’m talking about the best leave in conditioner for dry, uncontrollable hair. Close friends and family know that I have naturally wild, curly hair and always wanted straight hair. I’ve almost tried every treatment/product possible to make it less fluffy. $$$ and many years later, I discovered something that actually works for me … the plain, old pure olive oil!

Today, I still have big hair but I’ve finally learned: Love what we have naturally and make the most of it. And, it is perfectly OK to be a little different.

Trying hard to pose.

Trying hard to pose.

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