Chilling at Brighton Le Sand Beach


brighton-le-sands-beach-5 A few months ago I put a photo of Sydney Botany Bay on Instagram without naming the location. It’s a beautiful spot so naturally people started to ask where was the photo taken. “Is that Bondi Beach?” Most people guessed. Ha, the famed Bondi beach. Sure it is vibrant and most popular with tourists but it’s also excessively crowded all the time. If you just want to chill on a beach in a warm summer day, there are many, many other beaches in Sydney to choose from.

The temperature reached above 35 Degrees in Sydney last week and we decided to go to a beach that is relatively easier to park than those most popular beaches in Sydney. Eventually we went to Brighton Le Sand Beach in southern Sydney. What I like about Brighton Le Sand Beach?

  • You can actually swim in the ocean. There’s no wave and the water is not rough and tumble.
  • The white and soft sand.
  • Wide beach that is not so crowded.
  • Safe and clean. Shark net is installed and no general rubbish or broken glasses on the beach.
  • Off street parking and several small car parks.
  • Shaded beach side promenade that stretches for a few kilo meters.
  • A good selection of cafes, restaurants and shops just across the road from the beach.

It was so pleasant to walk on the soft sand bare foot and dip into the warm ocean water. There were many hang gliding people that day which made the sky even prettier.

brighton-le-sands-beach-2 brighton-le-sands-beach-3 brighton-le-sands-beach-4


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