4 Chic Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

Almost all of us have a few pair of Jeans in different styles, the skinny jeans, the boyfriend or the boot cut. I once heard a famous fashion blogger saying that she never owned a pair of jeans. Maybe that’s the case for glamorous people who do fashion for a living, jeans are not high end enough for them:). Jeans are many girls best friend.

Cuffing your jeans is a sure way to up your street style game. Here are some examples of celebrity street styles:

You can cuff all different types of jeans. The bare ankle look is guaranteed to make your legs even longer.

How to cuff your jeans properly to create an effortlessly chic look then? Here are 4 ways to do it just like that!

The skinny roll cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

The deep cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

The double roll cuff:

Follow these 3 steps: The flip roll cuff

Follow these 3 steps:

Are you ready to play?

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