My Top 5 Reasons To Wear Maxi Dresses In Summer


Noticing that nowadays maxi dresses form a big part of my summer wardrobe, I came up with more than 5 reasons to wear maxi dresses in Summer. I take this reasoning process as some sort of brain exercise. “5 Reasons to wear maxi dresses”? J saw the title and rolled his eyes then continued to finish his nectarine nonchalantly.

Alright… you might find it is a silly thing to do but here it goes, my top 5 reasons to wear maxi dresses in summer:

  • Easy to Wear:

A maxi dress is a one piece long dress, designed to reach floor length. I mentioned before that one of my favorite things is wearing a dress. Being one piece, there’s relatively little effort to mix and match your outfit. Dresses are indeed, a huge time saver.

  • Fashionable:

Don’t think wearing mini skirt is being sexy by default. Wearing the wrong type of mini skirt can be sometimes punishing. On the other hand, the free flowing form of a long dress makes your maxi look effortlessly sexy. There are many variations of maxi dresses and skirts for you to choose from and it’s really easy to style a maxi dress. You can wear it loosely with flats for the chic casual look or dress up in a Maxi dresses accessorized with belt and glamorous heels. The choice is endless.

  • Comfortable:

The free flowing style of a maxi dress is designed to be comfortable. Who said we have to sacrifice comfort for style? Choose a super comfortable maxi dress to wear at home instead of pajamas on your day off. That way you don’t have to change clothes if you have a surprise visitor or it just happens that you have to go out in a hurry.

  • Suitable for many body types:

Almost everyone woman can make a fashion statement with maxi dresses regardless height and body shape. All you need to do is to try a few maxi dresses and find the ones that suit you.

  • Conceal flaws:

I have to admit, without permission, my waistline is enlarging gradually in recent years. A naturally flowing maxi dress is the best cover up! Of course not everyone wearing a maxi dress is trying to hide something. But if you want to hide any unflattering lower body part in a maxi dress, you can!

Find some photos of me wearing 5 of my maxi dresses from different flash cards. — Got to organize all the photos one day!


Sydney (1 of 1)
Paris ND

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Beijing (1 of 1)

5 reasons to wear maxi dresses

Tired of professional suits, fitted dresses, or skinny jeans?

Have a maxi day.

And chill.

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