Embrace The Perfect Outfit Combo: Jeans with Heels


Do you feel like “I have nothing to wear” more often when it’s changing season? Summer and Winter seem so much easier to choose what to wear. It’s almost like a non brainer: throw a one piece dress on in Summer and rug up in Winter:)  But it’s always tricky to choose the right outfit between season.

If you are facing the dilemma of what to wear in cooler days, here’s a simple solution: When in doubt, wear Jeans with heels. Why? Because I’m pretty sure every woman has plenty of jeans and heels piling up in their wardrobe. Hence Spring and Autumn are the perfect seasons to embrace your two favourite wardrobe staples: Jeans and Heals. Together they are your winning outfit combination.

Still confused about how to wear jeans with heels? Here are some classic examples of wearing different shapes and types of jeans with any kind of heels.

Skinny jeans with heels

Straight legged jeans with heels

straight leg jeans with heelsJeans with heels

Boyfriend jeans ( handy hint: cuff your jeans for best result) with heels

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Flared jeans

Flare is always a good idea, be it long or cropped.

Jeans with heels

Jeans with heels

Just more example of a few popular styles:

Cuffed jeans with heels

Ripped jeans with heels

jeans with heels

Frayed hem with heels



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