4 Fun Style Trends to Try Out in 2023

4 Fun Style Trends to Try Out in 2023


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on who you are and maybe make a few changes. These don’t have to be anything drastic if you don’t want them to be – sometimes a few simple style changes can be enough to make you feel fresh and new again for the next twelve months ahead.


If you’re stuck in your ways when it comes to fashion and stumped on what to try out in 2023, here are a few fun style trends that will be big this year. Don’t be afraid to try out styles that you would normally avoid. Be bold and adventurous and you might find you love it!




In 2023, skinny jeans are out, and oversized everything is back in. think big slouchy T-shirts, oversized sweaters, loose cargo pants, flare denim and even shoulder pads. The bigger, the better, but make sure to keep it classy. You could choose the baggy-all-over look and rock a full matching sweatsuit, or you might choose to pair your bigger, oversized pieces with something tighter fitting to create a more balanced look that suits your figure.


Think wide-leg jeans with a tight crop top. Or perhaps a big, puffy blouse paired with smart tapered trousers and a pair of steampunk glasses for extra flare? Count us in.


Time Warp


This oversized theme is a part of something greater, namely the return of the early 2000s trends. High-rise jeans are already a thing of the past as the hip-riding style makes its way back into our fashion magazines.


You’ll notice fast fashion stores reaching back into the 90s, so try to embrace this trend and head back to who you used to be. The nostalgia will be fun, and hey, you already know how to style these items because you’ve been here before. If you’re not wearing cuffed jeans, they had better be flared.


Texas Chic


Another fun trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2023 is the cowboy aesthetic. This won’t necessarily tie in with your 90s slouchy band T-shirts, but who says you need to be tied down? This trend is especially fun for ladies with a more feminine style – you’ll be able to experiment with braids and boots and summer dresses.


Even if you’re not a girly girl, you can lean into this trend by reaching for your old flannels (or stealing one from your partner) and figuring out how to style your cowboy boots ASAP.


Go Grunge


Finally, it seems that grunge is back with a vengeance too, but in a slightly more refined style. Think Wednesday Addams, but toned down for everyday wear.


The all-black look is easy to style but full of fun pieces to style. Think Peter Pan collars, loads of lace and buttons, velvet, braids and a sultry red lip. This style can be morphed in so many different ways that just about anyone could have fun with it and make it work for them.


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