Styling Your Outfit To A Tee: Accessorising A Simple T-Shirt


A great t-shirt is one hell of a wardrobe staple! They are comfortable to wear, you can dress them up or down, and as a bonus, they are easy to wash and iron as well. However, very often we think the humble t-shirts are boring and find it difficult to style them. The good news is, I have that covered, no matter what look you are going for, in the post below.

Rock a statement bag

What better way to show off a statement piece like a designer handbag than against the clean lines of a plain t-shirt. Get this look right, your t-shirt will be elevated to the next level!

Firstly you only need to pick a black, white, or at a push marl grey t-shirt. Rock it with jeans for a more casual effect, or go for a pencil skirt for something a little more flirty and tuck that shirt in:)

Of course you want your handbag to be in the best condition possible. That means putting it away in its dust cover after each use, and sending it to the repair shop if its showing sign of wear, as scuffed handbag might ruin the whole look.

Wear just the right necklace

Another way to perfectly accessories and style an plain, everyday t-shirt look is to pair it with just the right necklace. As you’ve probably seen, there are millions of necklaces designs, making it a challenge to get your choice spot on every time.

Luckily, there are some simple rules that you can apply for choosing a necklace that will work with your T-shirt. Matching the right neckline to the style and length is one of them. For example, a t-shirt with a crew neck can look fantastic with a large chunky statement collar piece. While a shirt with a v neck will look much better with a more delicate pendant on a chain.

Scoop neck t-shirts work best with rounded chains.

Once you have decided on the style of necklace, you will need to consider the material that your piece is made from too. Surprisingly, plastic items can look quite stylish, especially if they are oversized.Something that makes them perfect for teaming with a plain white t-shirt f you want a more delicate and feminine look.

Try a scarf

Lastly, another fab way of accessorising a plain t-shirt is to use a scarf. In fact, we are seeing this a lot in fashion publications at the moment, as the boho look is very much on trend.

To achieve this look yourself is quite easy enough too. All you need to do is to pick a scarf in a shade that suits your skin tone. You can check out the video above for the different ways you can tie it, and voila, you have a simple way to dress up any plain, boring old t-shirt and make it look remarkable!

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