There’s Power In A Smile: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without One

Body language and your inner feelings go a long way to how you project yourself throughout each day. People can pick up on the smallest movements and signals that someone is uncomfortable or unhappy, or the opposite when they’re feeling relaxed or joyful. Obviously, nobody can feel great every single day; you’re more than entitled to go through tough times. However, during your work and personal life, you’re likely to experience times when you need to put a brave face on everything, and smile. The best results come from when you’re smiling because you feel like it, but for those times you don’t; thinking of good things and times can contribute a little.

If you’re feeling confident in your appearance, you’ll feel great on the inside, and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s worth investing some time in making yourself feel the best you can so that your smile shines, and appears naturally more often. Surrounding yourself with those that lift you up is a great way to start, and doing some little extras to ensure that you’re smiling with confidence is also the perfect way to enjoy your time and investment in yourself. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who need a boost regarding their inner and physical smile, and some ways to ensure that you rarely leave the house without one.

Looking After Your Smile

It sounds obvious, but it’s crucial that you take care of your teeth and mouth health so that they don’t affect the grin you deserve to have. Make sure that you visit a dentist regularly, and listen to their advice; you don’t want toothache, poor dental care, or a lack of confidence in your teeth to spoil your smile, so it’s worth investing some time and effort in them regularly.

Dry, chapped lips can be painful and affect your appearance, they can also be caused by a variety of things, including the weather, to your diet, and how hydrated you are. You won’t be smiling if your lips are sore, so why not use the excuse to pamper them a little. Use a lip scrub, moisturizer, and balm to keep the area around your teeth (and the frame to your smile) gorgeous and hydrated. You’ll be happy from the inside-out, and your smile will soon appear!

Training Your Thoughts

Worrying has never solved a problem, and it’s likely to impact your ability to smile. Therefore, try and train your mind to enjoy happy memories, and redirect your thoughts towards something positive when you’re going through stressful times. Even if you work out a practical solution or plan; you’ll be able to give yourself a pat on the back, and smile at your achievements. Keep reminding yourself that you can do things, you do look great, and you have plenty to smile about so that you’re seen as a positive entity in any environment (smiling is pretty contagious, you know?).

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