Confidence Comes With Age

Ageing: Why do we spend so much time fearing it and not enough time enjoying the benefits it brings with us? Sure our bodies change, but so does our mind, confidence and outlook on life.

It’s a hard one to call but for a lot of us we’d probably just about take our older bodies and limitless confidence over our younger more self-conscious selves. But what can you expect from your body and your mind as you leave your twenties and even your thirties behind you and approach a new decade?

In this blog we take a little look at the ageing process and what to expect. Don’t expect top tips on beating older age or ageing gracefully, we want you to embrace it, live it and love it. Expect instead, tips on how to keep up your fitness and mental well being for the best decade of your life.

And if you need more convincing that 40+ is the best so far, then bear in mind the likes of Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and not to mention authors JK Rowling and Toni Morrison who didn’t achieve commercial success until later life.

Take Charge

You’re no-one’s push over and it’s time you remembered that you’ve earned the right to take charge of your life.

If you still find yourself running around trying to please everyone in your life then you need to employ the powerful art of just saying no and not feeling any guilt about it.

It’s also time to seize back control of your destiny to do the things that you might have said no to previously because of a young family, lack of confidence or too many time constraints. Now is exactly the right time to pick hobbies and sports back up that got left by the wayside or start learning a whole new skill.

Think health

Not because you’re going to stand a chance of finding some kind of magic rejuvenation process but because nurturing and caring for your body is the right thing to do. You have nothing to prove to anyone, so if you want to train for a marathon do it because you want to, likewise if you want to invest in an expensive daily beauty regime, it’s your call.

When it comes to looking after your physical self, make time to get any niggling injuries treated through physiotherapy and take time to stretch out any aches and pains. There’s no sense in trying to ignore it and push through, your comfort is paramount so make time for it.

You’ll want to stay fit to make sure that as you grow ever older you’re able to maintain your active and independent lifestyle long into retirement. You might not want to think about that, but investing in your health now is a prize you’ll reap later down the line.

Sleep more

While you still have heaps of drive, you may need a bit more sleep than you used to and that’s ok. Turning down social invitations to catch up on your sleep is a healthy and good choice. It will leave you better refreshed and able to deal better with the vigour of your job or home life the following day.

Make sure the sleep you’re getting is great quality, so put down your phone or tablet at least an hour if not two before bedtime and give your brain a fighting chance of unwinding before you shut down for the night.

Sleep in a cooler but not cold room, as dark and quiet as you can make it. Lifestyle experts all sing the praises of consistent, great quality sleep as one of the best ways to combat stress and feel mentally and physically on top of your game.

Say yes

Once you’ve harnessed the power of saying no remember you can also say yes. Yes to new experiences, yes to spending a little bit more on the finer things in life and yes to living life the way you want it. If your younger years were about getting on the career ladder and finding out what you wanted in life, now is the time to embrace that sense of achievement and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Embrace mindfulness

If you haven’t already, check out how mindfulness techniques will help you get the very best out of living in each moment and fully embracing both your present and your past. If you are going through some emotional turbulence, mindfulness practice can help you to live with your emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them.

Combined with something like meditation or even just a walk, this way of thinking and breathing can help you combat stress and anxiety and lead to a more improved sense of well-being and mental health.

Keep learning

Always wanted to play the piano? Get your lessons booked. You might never be Elton John but you’ll be delighted with the achievement of belting out a tune to your long-suffering friends, family or pets.

Learning something new, every day if possible, is the secret to a sharp mind. Even in our forties we see how forgetfulness can creep in and start robbing us of precious memories so stay hungry to learn and you’ll stave off those memory lapses.

Age ain’t nothing but a number

Remember to keep it all in perspective. That date on your birth certificate is only a fractional amount of everything that makes you, you. If you were to be defined by your age, you might find yourself already shutting down and refusing to take risks or go on adventures. Alternatively, you might find yourself thinking that you’re too young to be saying no to nights out and start burning the candle at both ends when you just need a little bit more sleep.

A number does not own you and it does not decide who you are and what you want to be. Want to redesign your whole look? Go for it. Embrace who you are, gather up your confidence and live your middle years with gusto.

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