The weather was perfect and there was still plenty time left before sunset,  so we went for a quick, fun shoot in Centennial park after the races.

When you find the perfect lighting condition and shoot with appropriate setting, there’s no need for post processes. What’s photoshop? – A waste of time unless you want to change your look:).

Those are the images loaded straight from the camera disk with no retouching:

Saturday afternoon after races (1 of 1)

Saturday afternoon after races (1 of 1)-2

Saturday afternoon after races (1 of 1)-3

Photographer: Candid Town Photography.

Want to learn how to shoot like this with your camera? Candid Town Photography offers a popular private photography course that is tailored to your needs:

Jackie Weaver looked lovely in here short sleeved red lace dress on the red carpet of the AACTA awards Luncheon.
Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-001-4

Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-001-5

What bag? Chanel 2.55 bag:).

Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-001-3

When Jackie arrived at AACTA Awards ceremony 2 days later after the Luncheon, I thought she was wearing the same dress. But of course they were not the same dress!

Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-001

This one is a long sleeved evening gown with a petit bow belt.

Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-001-2

Jackie took a silver sequin clutch to the AACTA Awards ceremony to complete her evening glam look.

Jackie Weaver AACTA red dresses-002

Looks like Jackie loves wearing her red lace dresses to formal events. What a good choice given the fact that those AACTA awards boards behind the stars are black.  So many people blended in the background wearing black frocks. But red frocks stood out. Go Jackie!


It was a warm, sunny and delightful Sunday (yesterday) afternoon and it was perfect for a natural light photo shoot, even if it’s just for fun.

There are so many aspects involved in producing perfect photos apart from proper technical settings.  Lighting, posing, composition are all playing a bit part of it. Oh, don’t forget hair and makeup. The list goes on. When it comes to hair and make up, I’m a true minimalist due to lack of patience. My trick is to hide my messy hair in a hat and wear sunglasses so there’s no need for make up when I go out.

I could have stayed in the shade of those palm trees hiding my face from the camera but mosquitoes soon started to attack me. J only had the chance to take one snap before I jumped out of the jungle.


I’m loving my new purchase (the yellow top) this Summer cause it’s so soft and airy. The best part is its loose cut which is quite unusual from Kookai. The bright yellow color goes well with my long forgotten Moschino Jeans and Louis Vuitton heels. I stole J’s hat and grabbed the huge vintage silver bracelet recently bought from a Sydney market. We were all set to take some photos.

standing hat on


no hat

Photos: CandidTown Photography

I’m a sucker of old and beautiful things, be it old buildings, antique furniture or vintage jewellery and accessories. Can’t do vintage clothes though because a lot of vintage clothing shops have this foul smell. Besides, most so called “vintage” clothes available now are made of polyester. It just doesn’t make sense to buy or wear old smelly polyester. To me, any way:).

Open air antique/flea market is a totally different matter. I get plenty of pleasure just looking around. If by any chance there’s something unique enough that I can take home, that’ll be even better.

So the past week started at antique/flea markets. For the first time in a long time, I even bought something – a huge silver bracelet. You can see it in my last photo.


Sunday market in Sydney

Sydney has been blessed with warm, sunny weather the whole week. Cruising around the beautiful harbour was such a treat.

a day on harbour

A day cruising around beautiful Sydney harbour.

Needless to say, I met THE journalist John Pilger at Utopia Australian premiere in Redern and had the opportunity to shoot some portrait of him.

utopia premiere

Utopia Premiere in Redfern. The day I met John Pilger.

The week finished with a natural light photo shoot. I got to wear comfy summer outfit and of course my new found bracelet!

photo shoot

Shooting in natural light. Huge Silver cuff on the right, from Sunday market hunting.

Happy weekend:)

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out was held on 5 September 2013. I’m jumping around in time and space on this blog as there’s a lot to catch up:).

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is the world’s biggest fashion shopping event hosted in more than 15 cities around the world. Held in Sydney annually, Vogue takes fashion to the streets of Sydney for a one-night celebration of shopping and exclusive one-off events.

Sydney’s Vogue Fashion Night Out kicked off in Hyde Park. Vogue Australia editor in chief Edwina McCann and Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore spoke at the official launch followed by a performance by Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land.

Our Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Vogue Australia editor in chief Edwina McCann both dressed the part, sporting statement necklaces and bold colored jackets. Here are some photos of

Sydney 2013 Vogue’s Fashion Night Out:

vogue editor in chief fashion night out

Australia Vogue editor in chief Edwin McCann

sydney lord mayor 2013 Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Have you noticed Edwin McCann’s statement pearl necklace?

australia vogue editor in chief Edwin McCann


And Clover Moore’s chunky metal necklace with a huge gemstone center piece?

sydney lord mayor 2013 Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Danish singer, song writer Oh Land performed in Hyde Park.

oh land fashion night out

Australian Model and David Jones’ former ambassador Megan Gale made an appearance in department store David Johns. Just a couple of months before announcing her pregnancy, Megan dressed in a plain 2013 Vogue’s Fashion Night Out T shirt and a black leather skirt featuring lace hemline.

So few people can look this gorgeous in a simple white T shirt. What can I say, Megan does it better!

megan gale fashion night out

Model Megan Gale

mg fashion night out

Edwin McCann’s black leather and leopard print shoes showed up on stage here. Do you love them? Fun and modern, they completed Edwin’s outfit perfectly. We couldn’t tell Megan was pregnant already then!

eic mg fashion night out

Pregnant Megan Gale before the pregnancy announcement (right)

It was not just a night of shopping. It was all about fashion and fun. Old department store David Jones dressed up in flowers inside out.

flowers inside david jones

Inside Sydney department store David Jones.

david jones window display

David Jones window display

Luxury designer store Hermes put out a different kind of show – sports.

hermes window display Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Hermes Live Window Display for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

hermes 2013 Vogue's Fashion Night Out Sydney

On Pitt Street Shopping Mall, outside Westfield Shopping Center, girls were busy taking photos with topless guys in red pants.

topless shopping night out

westfield shopping night out


What a fun fashion night out. See you there next year!


You might wonder where to find the best New York shopping before your first trip to the Big Apple. You’ve decided where to go, now you need to know where to shop. New York City is a splendid city for retail therapy, if you need it. From quaint little boutique shops to posh department stores, there’s almost something for everybody who’s keen to shop.

Best New York Shopping for First timers

Century 21

c21-logoMind you this Century 21 is not that real estate agent Century 21. There should be a Century 21 department store in every major city in the world. Walking around New York city, you can spot people carrying big Century 21 shopping bags everywhere. The store is huge and there are top brand names with heavily discounted price tags. No wonder it is always packed and people walk out the store loaded with goodies. I found it quite amusing though,  cashiers were in no hurry serving customers despite of long queues at each cash register. One cashier was singing to herself while counting my notes in extremely slow motion with her figures, as if she was in a happy dream. Did I get eye contact or greetings from her? No. Did I complain? No. I found shoes half of price that I would normally have to pay in Sydney. Handbags 1/3 of the prices of that in Sydney. An authentic Yankee’s cap at less than half of the price that is available in Yankee Stadium. And more. I was a content shopper. It’s just that I’ve never seen shop assistants carrying out their duties with such attitude before. I was totally amused.

Best New York shopping - Century 21

Century 21 – The home of department-store designer leftovers

Fifth Avenue

Best New York shopping - fifth ave

The heart of Manhattan retail spans Fifth Avenue from the upper 40s to 57th Street and across. Fifth Avenue is home of classic shopping in New York city. Come to see these majestic buildings on Fifth Avenue decorated with big American flags. Famous old department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman are all there.  The huge Louis Vuitton flagship is at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. Looking for something cheap and cheerful? There are at least 3 H&M stores in that area. Go to Mac Cosmetics and get a couple of make up consultants to give you a make up without even asking, if you have time. And have a sample of Lindt Chocolate on the way.

The Fashion Avenue/7th Avenue

Best New York shopping - fashion avenue

Most likely your New York journey will start from Time Square. Lead your way to 7th Avenue aka the Fashion Avenue from there. Running through the Garment District, Fashion Avenue is the bustling area of New York city. A great deal of fashion designers started their first shops on Fashion Avenue. Enjoy innumerable amount of famous boutiques and clothes from famous designers as well as abundant restaurants and bars.


Best New York shopping - soho

Fashion & street art in Soho

If you want to add some personality in your style, Soho is the place to go. Short for “South of Houston”, Soho is marked by landmark cast iron architecture, chic fashion and artistic vibe. Shops here range from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale chain stores. Take your time to walk around and look out for something different from main stream chain stores. You might like these charming boutique shoe shops on Broadway selling cute leather boots.

Madison Avenue

For people who have deep pockets and prefer highest end shopping in New York, there’s Madison Avenue more on the  Upper East Side. This shopping strip is home of the most luxurious designer boutiques. At Barney’s Madison Avenue flagship (660 Madison Avenue New York , NY 10065), you’ll find Prada suits, Alexander Wang dresses, maybe Julia Robert or Jennifer Garner too.

Best shopping in NYC – Madison Avenue shopping map:

Best New York shopping - madison shopping map

 Macy’s Herald Square

Though you are no longer able to find the tallest building in the world in New York City, you can still tick off the world’s biggest department store off your list in NYC. Stroll down Broadway to 34th Street, you’ll see the block long, art deco landmark – Macy’s Herald Square.This Macy’s eared a spot on this list of the best shopping in NYC due to its size and historical importance in America. Ride the original wooden escalators from 1902, the first to be used in an American store, as part of your site seeing tour. Find something you want to buy there? Get a Tourist Discount Card for 10% off at the balcony-level visitor’s desk.

Best New York shopping - macy's

It’s good to be a tourist.

The Secret Life of Walker Mitty will be in the cinemas on Boxing day 26 December 2013.

I’ve been indulging myself with a long break from shooting events since my holiday and neck injury. It was great to pack up the camera gear to shoot the red carpet appearance for The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australian Premiere.

Kristen Wiig’s Christian fundamentalist turned habitual swearing character in science fiction Paul cracks me up every time. Needless to say, Ben Still is one big talent in the show business. How good is it to meet famously talented people in real life? I felt refreshed and went without complaining about the heavy camera bag.

People watching could be the best past time during the usual long wait on the red carpet. It’s fun to watch people dressed up to watch a movie.

audience - The Secret Life of Walker Mitty

audience - The Secret Life of Walker Mitty

Being true stars, Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller didn’t make us wait long at all. They arrived even before some of the local socialists. Kristen Wiig was wear a white and sherbet toned long sleeve shift dress with lace detailing and graphic tiered hem from J Mendel 2014 spring collection. Can you sp0t the new trend?

The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australia Premiere

The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australia Premiere

shirt dress

From J Mendel 2014 spring collection.

Our local Australian actors/socialists however, played safe from same old options of sequin, lace and animal prints.

The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australia Premiere The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australia Premiere The Secret Life of Walker Mitty Australia Premiere

Excuse me for the short post, but I’m going shopping now – probably for a loose white dress with lace details.

louis vuitton sac plat bag
Louis Vuitton has been showing off the Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag in their display windows all over the world.

In spite of the non-flattery name in French: Flat bag, Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag seems like a great bag to have, as Louis Vuitton website put it:

“Elegant lines combined with Monogram canvas to create the timeless Sac Plat. Perfect for business or leisure, it fits neatly into luggage so it is ready for use at any stylish destination.“

Angelina Jolie demonstrated just that. She’s taken the Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag everywhere in Europe.

Admittedly Angelina is one of these genetically blessed people, who would probably look good in anything. But out of all the available Louis Vuitton models, it seems that she’s particularly fond of this Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag. Some people might think Louis Vuitton Sac Plat is more like a serious business bag due to the shape and the size (it’s big enough for a good sized laptop). But Angelina does it better.

In London (photo from Internet)

louis vuitton sact plat

In Melta (photo from Internet)

louis vuitton sac plat

Dressy – With Brad in France: (photo from Internet)

louis vuitton sac plat bagBusiness like, visiting visiting Ramstein Air Base, Germany (photo from Internet)

louis vuitton sac plat

And more:(photo from Internet)

louis vuitton sac plat bag

I have a funny feeling that Angelina was gifted her Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag but let’s say you like her style and wanted to get one as well.

 Vintage VS. Modern Louis Vuitton Sac Plat.

Sac Plat is a classic Louis Vuitton model that has been around for decades. It has one spacious interior, large opening  for easy access, dual rolled leather handles and washable lining.  Over the years Louis Vuitton has made some changes to the interior of Sac Plat, mainly in 3 areas:

  • Vintage Louis Vuitton sac plat bags don’t have brass key ring inside. Each of the modern LV sac plat bags has 1 brass keying attached on a little leather tag inside the bag.
  • Vintage LV sac plat bags have no wall pockets inside. Modern sac plat bags have 2 interior wall pockets on one side, one smaller, one larger.

louis vuitton sac plat bag-001

Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Interior, 80s & 90s – no pocket inside



Modern Sac Plat Interior – After 2000

  • Date code location:

1980s LV Sac Plat – the date code is horizontally aligned to the top rim:

louis vuitton sac plat1990s LV Sac Plat- the date code is parallel to the side seam:

louis vuitton sac plat bag

From 2000’ onwards, the date code is still parallel to the side seam but closer the to top corner of the bag:


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Let’s face it, Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. I hear a lot people say: I’ll never spend over $50 on a handbag. I’m fully supportive of this statement. It makes perfect sense if this is your financial principle. There are many beautiful, functional handbags out there available for less than $50. Just make sure of this: don’t spend that money on a fake Louis Vuitton bag. If it is a must to have a Louis Vuitton bag in your collection, it’ll be better to save up for a real one. Here are 5 reasons to buy real Louis Vuitton Bags over fakes.

5 Reasons To Buy Real Louis Vuitton Bags

1. Fakes are illegal.

It is the main and obvious reason of not getting involved in counterfeit products. Selling fake designer goods is illegal. In countries like France and Italy, buying and carrying fake bags can also be prosecuted.

2. Louis Vuitton bags are good investment.

Louis Vuitton has been named as the world’s most valuable brand in luxury for seven consecutive years. LV bags give you the perfect balance between style and money: Although the brand name stands for one of the most valuable name in the fashion industry the products it produces are however relatively affordable and economical. On comparison to what value the brand name holds, the company charges it customers for the quality it provides with its bags and not for the brand name they carry. This makes them the perfect value for your money.

3. Louis Vuitton bags are classic and timeless.

Some of the iconic models like Keepall, Alma, Noe and Speedy are still available to date since they were designed back in early 1930s. Classic bags will always be popular. They are true beauties that can endure the test of time and never go out of style.

4. The quality of Louis Vuitton bags is exceptional.

The brand name Louis Vuitton stands for quality and durability. Louis Vuitton has worked hard to the reputation as the best in their field. The immaculate finishing and materials not only gives the bags a fabulous look but also gives them that strength to last long. Fake models can only copy the superficial appearance but they will never be able to copy the superb craftsmanship and feel that the real Louis Vuitton bags possess. Remember? – You get what you paid for.

5. Real Louis Vuitton bags make you feel good.

The brand itself will evoke the confidence within. A fake model can never give you the pleasure and comfort that an original will. Can someone really feel good about carrying a fake LV bag and portending it is real?

If you are considering buying fake a Louis Vuitton bag, think twice. Do you really want to support illegal activities by purchasing a counterfeit product? Do you really want to be THAT girl who carries fake Louis Vuitton bags?

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louis vuitton speedy bag
louis vuitton speedy bag

(photo from the Internet)

Hands up who doesn’t adore Audrey Hepburn? Look………… she was wearing a Louis Vuitton monogram speedy 25 bag back then! Louis Vuitton speedy bag is a classic piece that it has been an all time favorite designer bag for women around the globe. Due to its low price compared to other Louis Vuitton handbags,  a monogram Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is often the first Louis Vuitton bag a fan would get.

Chic, spacious and durable, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is perfect for everyday use no matter you are dressing up or down. A must have for women with a love of fashion. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was introduced shortly after the iconic LV keepall travel bag back in 1930s, it is the smaller version of keepall, a carryall bag for everyday use or travel. What you will like about about the Monogram speedy bags is that they so so light to carry. Louis Vuitton has a heritage in travel so I guess they fully understand nobody wants a bag that weights a ton. The speedy line began with speedy 30, the most popular size among women until today. Audrey Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton to create for her a smaller version compared to the 30, hence Speedy 25 was created.

People always question about the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton speedy bag because they notice that the Louis Vuitton logos and motifs on one side of the bag are upside down.

louis vuitton speedy bag

(photos from the Internet)

Let’s have a look what “upside down” means:

louis vuitton speedy bag

Yes. Original a Louis Vuitton speedy bag should have the LV monogram pattern up side down on the reverse side of the bag. One side of the monogram pattern upside down is one of the characteristics of Louis Vuitton speedy bags. That is because the body of the speedy is made from a single continuous piece of canvas, so the LV monogram pattern’s backside looks upside down. As a matter of fact, all Louis Vuitton bags that are made of a single continuous piece of monogram canvas have this one side “upside down”  pattern. You can see this pattern from Louis Vuitton keepall, saumur bags as well.

louis vuitton speedy bag upside down-002

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Louis Vuitton dust bags

I’ve seen hundreds of Louis Vuitton dust bag over the years and love them!

Some buyers assume if a bag comes with Louis Vuitton dust bag, it must be real. Some other buyers are on the other hand, extremely cautious, questioning whether or not the dust bags come with the bags they bought are authentic.

I totally get it. Louis Vuitton dust bags can be a little bit tricky as they are not always the same! And of course there are so many fake Louis Vuiton dust bags out there too! I’ve had original Louis Vuitton dust bags ranging from 1980s to  the most current ones. There are a lot different sizes of the Louis Vuitton dust bags! The color shades, softness & thickness of the cloth do vary from period to period too.

Louis Vuitton dust bags

Pictured above are a few dust bags representing original Louis Vuitton dust bags from 1980 – current season. Note some of them have LV logo on them while the others have the full name Louis Vuitton printed on them. Some of the larger dust bags have drawstring closure, the others don’t. Dust bags prior to early 2000 have LV (not Louis Vuitton) logo on them. Those Louis Vuitton dust bags have LV logos on them are also made from much thicker cotton cloth that have much darker shades of beige. The wonderful Louis Vuitton drawstring dust bags are made for the bigger Louis Vuitton bags. Thick cotton drawstrings can be brown or blue, but not in any other colours.

Like original Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage, LV dust bags are made in different countries too. Stitches placed on the Louis Vuitton dust bags are even and firm. The Logo printed on Louis Vuittion dust bags is either LV or Louis Vuitton, no additional letters. Logos on the front of the bags are always solid dark brown, not red, not black.

So if you see a “Louis Vuttion dust bag” with red letters “Louis Vuitton Paris” etc etc printed on it, RUN AWAY!:)

Are Louis Vuitton dust bags made in Japan authentic?

This article was written many years ago very quickly and over the years I noticed a lot people ask if Louis Vuitton dust bags made in Japan are authentic. So I’m adding this section to answer this question altogether: Yes! A lot Louis Vuitton dust bags are made in Japan. If you see a dust bag with a white label sewed inside saying “Made in Japan”, chances are it’s more authentic than the ones said “Made in France.”.

As a general guide, Louis Vuitton dust bags are typically made in Italy, Japan and some are made in India.

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Want to know how to buy authentic preowned Louis Vuitton and save $$$?

Here are my other useful articles about pre-owned Louis Vuitton:


louis vuitton receipt

Is a Louis Vuitton receipt proof of authenticity of a pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbag?

…No! …

Everybody loves a bargain. Who doesn’t want a near new (never used would be the best) designer handbag at half, 1/3 of the retail price, maybe even less? The tricky part is how do you know the bag for sale is authentic?

When we search on eBay, there are loads of listing advertised as “ 10000% authentic Louis Vuitton! Can provide a copy of the original receipt!” There starts the bidding war. People would pay hundreds of dollars more on that “authentic” Louis Vuitton handbag with a copy of the receipt.

Is a receipt from Louis Vuitton store really the proof of authenticity? I beg to differ. You can verify whether a handbag is a genuine Louis Vuitton bag or not by examining many parts of the bag and its accessories such as the style (has this style ever been produced by Louis Vuitton?), date code, lining, font, stitching, tags, dust bag etc. … And yes receipt can be one of them. But cunning counterfeit merchandise manufacturers know it too well that people just love to see the receipt! Recently I came across a website retailing & wholesaling replica Louis Vuitton handbags. Every replica bag comes with a date code, dust bag, box, authenticity card (no, real LV bags don’t have this), and A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL LOUIS VUITTON RECEIPT from Louis Vuitton Store. I can’t believe how sophisticated they have become nowadays!

Sounds like you’ve got everything that you wanted? The only problem is … the bag is a fake. Can you imagine that a dishonest reseller buys a truck load of these replica bags at wholesale prices then sell them to genuine buyers as “a 10000% authentic Louis Vuitton bag”? And yes, many people will believe it and happy to pay more for the bag because the seller has the receipt from Louis Vuitton Store! Horrified?… I am.

While buying a preowned LV bag, it is a must that you get your money’s worth and that the product you buy is genuine. The best way to ensure this is to learn the product you are buying. Some non-genuine sellers may try to convince you by saying “comes with original receipt”. Well, they can give you an original receipt but sell you a fake bag.. Also remember that a receipt can easily be counterfeited and the presence or absence of one does not in any way tell you whether the bag is genuine or not.

How to recognise a genuine Louis Vuitton receipt.

  • A genuine Louis Vuitton receipt would be on watermarked paper and it would be shorter than an A4 page
  • The LV store address is located on the top left hand corner of the receipt
  • Verify whether the store address given in the receipt actually exists
  • It should also have the name of the sales person who sold the bag as well as the complete contact details of the buyer down at the bottom

louis vuitton receipt


On a separate note, for contractors, freelancers, owner-operators, creatives, and other small business owners who want to find an easy way to invoice customers, check out

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We girls are obsessed with bigger bags. I know this. Being a designer handbag authenticator, I get questions about the authenticity of big sized Louis Vuitton monogram bags people found online all the time. Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy bag has only been around for a couple of years. Owners of this style are probably still in love with their new bags so there aren’t a lot of pre – owned Louis Vuitton Artsy bag available for sale as yet. If you seen this one on eBay, in as new condition with a picture of the “original receipt” asking just over $1,100, will you check its authenticity toughly? I hope you do.

Real eBay listing example: Louis Vuitton Artsy bag monogram

Potential buyer of this bag was sure it is an authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, only not happy about the fact that it has the picture of the receipt on the listing but seller won’t send this receipt together with the bag to winning bidder. It was mentioned on the listing that the bags was purchased in UK in March 2010 “as per receipt… Pictures give best description of all.” Below are some  pictures of the “Louis Vuitton Arsty Bag” from the Listing:

Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag fake-artsy1

Question: Real or expensive fake?

If your answer is real, look again.

Date code of the bag is AA1101 which means the bag was made in France in the first week of 2011. But wait, wasn’t it stated in the listing, the bag was bought in UK in March 2010 “as per receipt”? Is it possible the bag was sold even before it was made? You do the math. By the way real Louis Vuitton Artsy bag’s date code is actually imprinted discreetly on the lining inside the wall pocket, close to the seam, not on a little leather tab as this fake bag.

If you compare the receipt in picture with a real receipt from Louis Vuitton Stores in UK, you’ll find the receipt the pictured receipt which the seller refused to send with the bag is a lot longer than a real receipt & has slightly different layout.

Aha. Now we might know why the seller won’t release the receipt to winning bidders. If you see another expensive fake Louis Vuitton Artsy bag for sale on eBay using the same receipt, don’t be surprised.

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louis vuitton postcards

A post card arrived in my letter box the other day, from an old friend that I thought we’d lost in touch. That got me all excited cause I haven’t received a postcard for a long time (it must have been even longer since last time I sent one)! Seeing a card with handwritten message on it was so much different from receiving an email message. It reminded me how important it is to keep in touch with friends in life and … my Louis Vuitton Postcards.

louis vuitton post cards

The Louis Vuitton postcards are fun, ridiculously cute and collectible. That’s my opinion any way. I simply couldn’t resist those colorful hotel stickers in a nicely presented, Louis Vuitton monogrammed box.  For someone who loves travel and art, this box of postcards are just perfect.  The whole set consists 30 postcards reproducing 30 hotel labels from Louis Vuitton’s private collection. Reading the little booklet, I also learnt a lost travel tradition that in a way, rather amusing.

In the old days the great hotels of the world, from the Plazza Athenee in Paris to the Astor Hose in Shanghai stuck their hotels labels on the trunks and luggage of passing travelers. Apart from being a form of Hotel advertisement, it was believed that these labels were also used as a secret language, providing information on the journeys made by the owner of said trunk. By reading into the way those labels were stuck on to the luggage, hotel staff could communicate with each other and value the customers in terms of tips or, their manners.

Bellboys and porters labeled the traveler both literally and figuratively “very generous”, “bad”, “unpleasant but good”, “ beginner not used to traveling” or … take this, “unpleasant leech”. If a label was stuck on the bottom left corner of a truck, it could mean the traveler “is a crank”! So be mindful when you travel people, hotel staff might still have secrete codes in the modern days that you are not aware of:).

louis vuitton postcardsHotel labels through travel, a private collection from Louis Vuitton

Do you still send postcards? Have you received one lately? You know what,  I might start sending these Louis Vuitton postcards to my friends overseas and surprise them, just as soon as I get through everything that is waiting for me today.

Louis Vuitton Date Code = Product Number on Receipt?

Today  I’m going to share a good question from someone who bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Trevi PM bag from eBay: “Is this the number (serial number aka date code) that should match with the receipt product number?

She filed an eBay dispute with the seller because after paying the bag, she thought the bag is not real. Seller provided original receipt from Louis Vuitton store  but she compared the date code of the bag with the product number on the receipt. They are not the same! This furthere enhanced the thought that the bag she bought was fake. The product number printed on the receipt however is N51997. This is the photo of the date code in the question: TH0028.

Louis Vuitton Date Code = Product Number on Receipt?

Louis Vuitton date code is still such a mysterious subject to many and it is very common to confuse the date code printed somewhere on the bag with the product number printed on the Louis Vuitton store receipt. This particular date code printed on the lining inside the wall pocket of the bag means, Made in France, February 2008. While the official product number for this style Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Trevi PM bag is N51997. Same styled Louis Vuitton handbags only have one product number but can have different date codes/serial numbers printed on the bags depending on their manufacturing factories/the time they are produced.

Hope it’s helpful. Happy shopping☺!

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