Let There Be Light

It was a warm, sunny and delightful Sunday (yesterday) afternoon and it was perfect for a natural light photo shoot, even if it’s just for fun.

There are so many aspects involved in producing perfect photos apart from proper technical settings.  Lighting, posing, composition are all playing a bit part of it. Oh, don’t forget hair and makeup. The list goes on. When it comes to hair and make up, I’m a true minimalist due to lack of patience. My trick is to hide my messy hair in a hat and wear sunglasses so there’s no need for make up when I go out.

I could have stayed in the shade of those palm trees hiding my face from the camera but mosquitoes soon started to attack me. J only had the chance to take one snap before I jumped out of the jungle.


I’m loving my new purchase (the yellow top) this Summer cause it’s so soft and airy. The best part is its loose cut which is quite unusual from Kookai. The bright yellow color goes well with my long forgotten Moschino Jeans and Louis Vuitton heels. I stole J’s hat and grabbed the huge vintage silver bracelet recently bought from a Sydney market. We were all set to take some photos.

standing hat on


no hat

Photos: CandidTown Photography

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