The Week: In Photos

I’m a sucker of old and beautiful things, be it old buildings, antique furniture or vintage jewellery and accessories. Can’t do vintage clothes though because a lot of vintage clothing shops have this foul smell. Besides, most so called “vintage” clothes available now are made of polyester. It just doesn’t make sense to buy or wear old smelly polyester. To me, any way:).

Open air antique/flea market is a totally different matter. I get plenty of pleasure just looking around. If by any chance there’s something unique enough that I can take home, that’ll be even better.

So the past week started at antique/flea markets. For the first time in a long time, I even bought something – a huge silver bracelet. You can see it in my last photo.


Sunday market in Sydney

Sydney has been blessed with warm, sunny weather the whole week. Cruising around the beautiful harbour was such a treat.

a day on harbour

A day cruising around beautiful Sydney harbour.

Needless to say, I met THE journalist John Pilger at Utopia Australian premiere in Redern and had the opportunity to shoot some portrait of him.

utopia premiere

Utopia Premiere in Redfern. The day I met John Pilger.

The week finished with a natural light photo shoot. I got to wear comfy summer outfit and of course my new found bracelet!

photo shoot

Shooting in natural light. Huge Silver cuff on the right, from Sunday market hunting.

Happy weekend:)

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