Black & A Touch Of Gold


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Being someone who tends to think black colored clothes are always related to some sort of uniform, lately I decided to have some fun with black outfits and embrace this timeless color.

This black Christian Dior bag has been sleeping in its dust bag for a long time so I took it out for a walk in the park the other day. The coated canvas has a slight sheen which goes well with my black, semi shinny, skinny jeans. I felt like bursting out of those jeans (that’s why I don’t wear them often) but managed to walk and sit quite comfortably in them as they are stretchy.

Glad I didn’t part with this vintage golden belt when someone offers to buy it from me a few years ago. It looked the part and matched with large golden D ring on the bag perfectly.

To my surprise, there were a large group of black swans when I walked past a lake. This part of color coordination was totally unintentional of course:).


Photos: Candidtown Photography

Black lace top, black skinny jeans, black suede ankle boots, Christian Dior coated canvas handbag &  vintage belt.

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