High Waisted Bikini – Wollongong Beach


wollongong beach-4 wollongong beach-3 wollongong beach-2 wollongong beach

Wollongong is about one hour and a half’s drive from Sydney. Over the years, I’ve grown fonder and fonder of this coastal town. The beach is nice and long over there and it’s not overly crowded like Sydney beaches even on a nice sunny day.

I was finally brave enough to take some beach shots in Bikini 2 months ago. Now finally brave enough to put a few pictures up on my blog… Ha. I know what my older sister is going to say: Take them down! How can you put bikini photos online?? You look like a ….! Mum doesn’t even know I have a blog. Can’t even imagine her reaction if she finds out. Well, my family is not that open minded.

It’s marked to be a set of high waisted bikini but still didn’t go high enough. Nevertheless, I love the color and style of this set so they are good enough for me.

I’m still on the hunt of a perfect set of high weighed bikini. So if you know where to find them, please do let me know!

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