Louis Vuitton Receipt… Proof Of Authenticity?

louis vuitton receipt

Is a Louis Vuitton receipt proof of authenticity of a pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbag?

…No! …

Everybody loves a bargain. Who doesn’t want a near new (never used would be the best) designer handbag at half, 1/3 of the retail price, maybe even less? The tricky part is how do you know the bag for sale is authentic?

When we search on eBay, there are loads of listing advertised as “ 10000% authentic Louis Vuitton! Can provide a copy of the original receipt!” There starts the bidding war. People would pay hundreds of dollars more on that “authentic” Louis Vuitton handbag with a copy of the receipt.

Is a receipt from Louis Vuitton store really the proof of authenticity? I beg to differ. You can verify whether a handbag is a genuine Louis Vuitton bag or not by examining many parts of the bag and its accessories such as the style (has this style ever been produced by Louis Vuitton?), date code, lining, font, stitching, tags, dust bag etc. … And yes receipt can be one of them. But cunning counterfeit merchandise manufacturers know it too well that people just love to see the receipt! Recently I came across a website retailing & wholesaling replica Louis Vuitton handbags. Every replica bag comes with a date code, dust bag, box, authenticity card (no, real LV bags don’t have this), and A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL LOUIS VUITTON RECEIPT from Louis Vuitton Store. I can’t believe how sophisticated they have become nowadays!

Sounds like you’ve got everything that you wanted? The only problem is … the bag is a fake. Can you imagine that a dishonest reseller buys a truck load of these replica bags at wholesale prices then sell them to genuine buyers as “a 10000% authentic Louis Vuitton bag”? And yes, many people will believe it and happy to pay more for the bag because the seller has the receipt from Louis Vuitton Store! Horrified?… I am.

While buying a preowned LV bag, it is a must that you get your money’s worth and that the product you buy is genuine. The best way to ensure this is to learn the product you are buying. Some non-genuine sellers may try to convince you by saying “comes with original receipt”. Well, they can give you an original receipt but sell you a fake bag.. Also remember that a receipt can easily be counterfeited and the presence or absence of one does not in any way tell you whether the bag is genuine or not.

How to recognise a genuine Louis Vuitton receipt.

  • A genuine Louis Vuitton receipt would be on watermarked paper and it would be shorter than an A4 page
  • The LV store address is located on the top left hand corner of the receipt
  • Verify whether the store address given in the receipt actually exists
  • It should also have the name of the sales person who sold the bag as well as the complete contact details of the buyer down at the bottom

louis vuitton receipt


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48 replies
  1. Raja
    Raja says:

    Hey I bought a LV shoe a week ago n its date code is BU7100-010 can u plz tel me the meaning of it PLZ…..eagerly waiting for ur reply

      • Jonah
        Jonah says:

        Hey, I got a Louis Vuitton Reversible Monogram belt as a gift and it checks out with any replica tutorials Ive seen, but it came with an odd receipt. Can anyone tell me if its real?

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      Date code format alone won’t determine a bag’s authenticity. You need to check the font, date code location etc to be sure.

      • Lance
        Lance says:

        Hello Yvonne,

        First I would like to applaud your immense knowledge of Louis Vuitton authentication. I recently purchased, from a reputable seller, a brown monogram Deauville. However, the date code and the made in stamp has greatly faded to the point that I can’t even read the date code! Although, with close, close, examination with a magnifying glass it reads: VI 0978 on the code.Recently, through just regular wear and tear, the tag inside my Deauville has teared. However, micro this is, I will always notice it and I am unsatisfied as a result. Will Louis Vuitton replace the tag? I don’t care if it says a code for the USA etc; I just want a nice shiny: Louis Vuitton PARIS made in [X,Y,Z?] with the date code behind it. Is this possible?

        Please advise?


  2. Dana
    Dana says:

    Be careful with all your online transactions. Actually even buying a bag face to face with the seller is not always safe!
    I bought a LV Neverful Mono MM last month, it came with complete documentation, dust bag and a box. UNFORTUNATELY the BAG was FAKE but the receipt, small tags, monogram care card, dust bag and box were ALL AUTHENTIC. The bag that i bought was 90% similar to the authentic LV bag as per LV Manager who checked the bag.
    I tried to call the seller and I asked my money back. She said OK I will give it back to you and then she started to explain etc… Got my money back, thanks God!

  3. cynthia Yu
    cynthia Yu says:

    I have a beautiful, authentic LV handbag to sell due to divorce but I don’t know where I put my receipt and I don’t really know where to sell it. Any recommendations? I don’t want to fall trap to fakes and flakes and although I love my purse, I need the money. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cyn

  4. Sheridan Turner
    Sheridan Turner says:

    Nice purse listed above. I just bought the same one for my wife on Ebay. Have not received it yet, but they claim to be registered with the Japanese Police sept for selling brand name goods. The date code is stamped inside the bag, and not on a tag. It is RC0096.

    It appears to be real, maybe you can take a peak at it for me? http://jpegbay.com/gallery/004448738-1.html#1

  5. Concerned
    Concerned says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I just got this bag on eBay. The seller claims its real and he never used it. He doesn’t have the receipt. Can you take a look and tell me what you think? I think it’s real- he even went to Louis Vuitton stores to ask for a proof of receipt and gave me the contact info of someone at the store, who is real and works there.


    It just seems real to me, but I’d definitely like to be sure.

  6. Catherine Yuan
    Catherine Yuan says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I tended to buy this wallet as a birthday gift to my friend. The seller said it’s never used. I see the color and lining and think it’s authentic. Could you help me check it’s authentic or not? Thanks so much!!!

  7. Putri Pw
    Putri Pw says:

    Dear Yvonne,

    I’m crazy of lv priscilla bag muticolore white, i found 1 online shop who sell it with good price,but not sure it’s authentic or not..the seller claim he’ll guarantee money back 100% if it’s fake..would you please help me too see the authenticity of it.. Here i give you the pics https://www.tokopedia.com/treasurejunktion/lv-louis-vuitton-priscilla-bag-white-monogram-multi-color-original?key=eyJvYiI6IjExIiwicGFnZSI6IjEiLCJzcSI6IiJ9&pos=62
    Thank you so much…

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      Hi Putri,

      You’ll need clear, close up photos of the date code, hardware and Louis Vuitton heat stamp to be able to authenticate it from photos. This seller only have photos of the bag, no details.

  8. araceli
    araceli says:

    I just recieved my louis vuitton bag purchased on ebay, and it’s a fake. I hove other LV purses purchased from the store and when i compare them you can tell right away it’s a fake.
    The seller says she bought it at the LV store. If I take the bag to the same store I have purchased
    my purses can they tell me for sure it this one is a fake. I’m out $600.00.


  9. araceli
    araceli says:


    when you buy your purses in the stores or online, they have your inf. on file right?
    every time i have purchased an item they look me up in the computer system.
    The store will have all items purchased , YES?


  10. Dream
    Dream says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I am from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have a site here that sells second hand items. This person is selling her Lv for €400 but agreed to my offer to have it at €300. I would really appreciate if you can tell me if this item is real or fake. Please and thank you so much.
    This is the website where I find the bag.


    Awaiting reply,

  11. margery
    margery says:

    Hi. Yvonne
    Ive gota lv mino backpack on ebay with date code RA4185 will that be genuine? Thx so much for your time

  12. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Hi can LV in the United States verify a bag that was purchased in Europe with the name of the person that purchased it?

  13. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I purchased a wallet in a LV store in South Coast Plaza, but it doesn’t have any codes inside. is this possible? Can I take it to the store to proof authenticity? and also can they give me a copy of my original receipt?

  14. Mae
    Mae says:

    Hi Yvonne!
    Im from the Philippines 🙂 I came across with two ebay sellers and they were selling LV 30 Bando (mono and ebene) at a bargain price. Would you be so kind to help me check the bags’ authenticity? I could send the photos to your email 🙂 Thank you so much! Mabuhay!

  15. Mymy
    Mymy says:

    I was wondering if my LV MM Agenda is legitimate? I bought one at a stand alone store in Orlando, but had to ship it to a Luxury department store in Canada to be replaced because there was a defect. However, the small tag that came with it wasn’t there instead there was tag with a barcode. When I scanned the code using an app, a fake Louis Vuitton outlet site came up. Now, I’m worried that it’s a fake…have you guys came across this.
    Please let me know. Thank you!

  16. Ann
    Ann says:

    I just bought a LV Retiro bag today at the actual Louis Vuitton store with a date code of AH2176. So thus is made in France, 27th week of 2016 (pls correct me if I’m wrong) My question is, does the year has to match todays year . Does Louis Vuitton stores doesn’t sell last years unsold bags? Thanks in advance.

  17. Lynn Zimmerman
    Lynn Zimmerman says:

    If someone puts fake grommets on the bottom of a real bag. Will that make the real big unable to be authenticated? Real versus authenticated?

  18. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    So I bought a Neverfull from someone local. I did all my research and all the “tell~tell” signs of it being a fake passed. The stitching is correct, the date code is correct, the inside lining is correct, she even gave me the receipt. It’s a LV Neverfull MM, I’ve never had an original one of these. The only thing I’m worried about is the top leather trim, it just looks kind of sloppy. Not the stitching itself, the trim is somewhat uneven. I have tried doing research to see if this is normal and I can’t really find anything.? Can someone help me with this? Is there anyway I can match that receipt up with the purse I have?

  19. BestRodney
    BestRodney says:

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  20. Tina
    Tina says:

    I want to buy a favorite MM from someone, she says it’s authentic and it looks like it is the code reads AR 7799 but it could be AR 1199 How do I know it’s real? LV nit making that bag anymore and I love it.

  21. Elena
    Elena says:

    I recently found a lockmeto bag but on the invoice is written lockmito. Shouldn’t be on the invoice same name as on LV website?
    Thank you

  22. E Montgomery
    E Montgomery says:

    Hi. I just found a bag of old LV receipts in envelopes (from 2016 -2019) and none has the LV store on top left. Majority have address on back but not all. Also it’s difficult to really remember what was purchased unless it’s a bag because it doesn’t state what it actually is. For example, I’m looking at my receipt Jujy 2017 and 1 item says PO. Métis Mm BR.MNG and the other item says ADNS5JAY02N365 Golden RUL under description. I know one is a Métis bag but I have no idea what the other is. Is there a way to figure out the item? Thanks!


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