Spot The Difference? Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

louis vuitton alma bag

Like Speedy and Noe Bag, Louis Vuitton Alma bag is one of the classics in the house of Louis Vuitton. It has been around for decades; people never get enough of it. That’s probably why when a very obvious fake Alma bag appeared on eBay, lots of buyers put their best bids forward. It ended up $370 in total. Not a bargain at all considering imitations like this are easily available from markets in Thailand or KL China Town for below $30.

Here are some photos of the fake Alma on eBay, can you spot the differences between this one and an authentic Louis Vuitton monogram Alma bag?

Fake louis vuitton alma bag on ebay

It might help if I put up some pictures of an authentic Louis Vuitton monogram Alam bag for you to compare:

louis vuitton alma bag


Clue number 1: Louis Vuitton uses a particular type of font with a well-rounded O. See the difference?

Clue number 2: Real Louis Vuitton Alma bags never have large center pocket divider inside the bag.

I adore the photo below… that Alma bag is still looking gorgeous in a very dark patina. One thing for sure, authentic Louis Vuitton bags age well.

Stay fabulous.

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