Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag One Side Upside Down?

louis vuitton speedy bag
louis vuitton speedy bag

(photo from the Internet)

Hands up who doesn’t adore Audrey Hepburn? Look………… she was wearing a Louis Vuitton monogram speedy 25 bag back then! Louis Vuitton speedy bag is a classic piece that it has been an all time favorite designer bag for women around the globe. Due to its low price compared to other Louis Vuitton handbags,  a monogram Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is often the first Louis Vuitton bag a fan would get.

Chic, spacious and durable, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is perfect for everyday use no matter you are dressing up or down. A must have for women with a love of fashion. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was introduced shortly after the iconic LV keepall travel bag back in 1930s, it is the smaller version of keepall, a carryall bag for everyday use or travel. What you will like about about the Monogram speedy bags is that they so so light to carry. Louis Vuitton has a heritage in travel so I guess they fully understand nobody wants a bag that weights a ton. The speedy line began with speedy 30, the most popular size among women until today. Audrey Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton to create for her a smaller version compared to the 30, hence Speedy 25 was created.

People always question about the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton speedy bag because they notice that the Louis Vuitton logos and motifs on one side of the bag are upside down.

louis vuitton speedy bag

(photos from the Internet)

Let’s have a look what “upside down” means:

louis vuitton speedy bag

Yes. Original a Louis Vuitton speedy bag should have the LV monogram pattern up side down on the reverse side of the bag. One side of the monogram pattern upside down is one of the characteristics of Louis Vuitton speedy bags. That is because the body of the speedy is made from a single continuous piece of canvas, so the LV monogram pattern’s backside looks upside down. As a matter of fact, all Louis Vuitton bags that are made of a single continuous piece of monogram canvas have this one side “upside down”  pattern. You can see this pattern from Louis Vuitton keepall, saumur bags as well.

louis vuitton speedy bag upside down-002

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  1. curry 2 shoes
    curry 2 shoes says:

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    • Janusz
      Janusz says:

      LV dust bags don’t have date codes.They stated to have white labels sewed inside the bag from around late 1990s to 2000 onwards. Some LV dust bags made from Italy have a 5 digit number, more like a production number (not a date code) on it. LV dust bags made in Japan normally have “100% cotton, Made in Japan” on the labels.
      LV dust bags made prior to late 1990s most likely don’t have the white labels inside.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Esmi Cole
    Esmi Cole says:

    My friend is selling a speedy Louis Vuitton but it doesn’t have a date code or anything on the side of the speedy it don’t show the size An instead of having made in Paris France it just has the LV mark is this product authentic as it has no date code


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