Does Louis Vuitton Bag Come With Authenticity Card?

This is proven to be the most frequently asked question. Does Louis Vuitton bag come with Authenticity Card? The answer is simple: Real Louis Vuitton bags never come with authenticity card.

True, Chanel, Fendi and Prada… have all introduced authenticity card to go with the package when you buy brand new from the boutique. Original Louis Vuitton bags don’t have authenticity cards stating: “We certify the authenticity of this item…” Instead, they come with one or two little white cards/tags:

louis vuitton cards-001

  • One with the product name and model number on it, the other with the fabric/material name on it. Some bags come with both tags while  others only come with one.
  • The cards/tags are two sided, one side in English and French on the other.
  • They are never attached to the bag itself by any means.

So if it is important for you to buy an authentic Louis Vuitton bag with the original package and receipt, in new condition, maybe it’s the best to buy it from Louis Vuitton store. If you find a brand new “Louis Vuitton Bag” listed on eBay with yellow authenticity card and a (home made) receipt, RUN. Fast.

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  1. Jacqui
    Jacqui says:

    Came across your blog and just wanted to show you how the discussion on this link shows that they do give out authenticity cards in other countries… Why do I care? Because I bought a tote from an official Louis store in Hong Kong and they gave me a caring booklet and an authenticity but American buyers keep on insisting to me otherwise telling me my bag is fake…

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      What does it say on the authenticity cards the Hong Kong store gave you? Do you have a picture of it?

  2. Louise
    Louise says:

    Some LV bags come with a care booklet but no bags come with an authenticity card. Which store in Hong Kong did you purchase this bag from?


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