Louis Vuitton Date Code = Product Number on Receipt?

Louis Vuitton Date Code = Product Number on Receipt?

Today  I’m going to share a good question from someone who bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Trevi PM bag from eBay: “Is this the number (serial number aka date code) that should match with the receipt product number?

She filed an eBay dispute with the seller because after paying the bag, she thought the bag is not real. Seller provided original receipt from Louis Vuitton store  but she compared the date code of the bag with the product number on the receipt. They are not the same! This furthere enhanced the thought that the bag she bought was fake. The product number printed on the receipt however is N51997. This is the photo of the date code in the question: TH0028.

Louis Vuitton Date Code = Product Number on Receipt?

Louis Vuitton date code is still such a mysterious subject to many and it is very common to confuse the date code printed somewhere on the bag with the product number printed on the Louis Vuitton store receipt. This particular date code printed on the lining inside the wall pocket of the bag means, Made in France, February 2008. While the official product number for this style Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Trevi PM bag is N51997. Same styled Louis Vuitton handbags only have one product number but can have different date codes/serial numbers printed on the bags depending on their manufacturing factories/the time they are produced.

Hope it’s helpful. Happy shopping☺!

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  1. Aria
    Aria says:

    Hello, is it normal for the lv Damier ebene trevi pm to have the date code stamped on the D ring?
    I know that the first batch of the Damier eben trevi pm doesn’t have D rings, but the new batch does have it..but I am not sure if it’s normal to stamp the date code on the D ring itself..
    Please help..the date code says AR0131
    I want to know if this bag is authentic..

  2. Aria
    Aria says:

    Thank you for your reply, that was really fast.
    The date code is stamped in the piece of leather where the D ring is attached. It’s not in the actual brass D ring. I’ve been searching for this type so far I have not found any that is similar. Do you think this bag is not authentic? Everything else says it’s authentic from the material to measurement to date code. But the location of the date code is very odd and uncommon.

  3. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Your blogs rock! I recently purchased a $650 Damier Speedy. The seller sent me the original gift receipt, but the gift receipt does not have the bag’s serial # on it for me to match! My first LV, I think it’s authentic….. but I am not certain

  4. hera
    hera says:

    hello, i have a damier ebene trevi PM which my ex BF gave to me as a birthday present. he bought in Singapore and i know he must bought in authentic/official boutique. but i don’t have any receipt because he don’t want to show me the price (that’s his type lol).
    now i decided to sell that bag sinced i don’t use it (just 2 times), how i can tell the people that my bag is authentic? i found the code number on the bag. thanks for your help

  5. Lejla
    Lejla says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I am about to purchase a neverfull bag – I just wanted to double check the date code which is TS4140 – does it mean the bag is made in France, 44th week of 2010? Does it seem legit?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance

  6. Riza
    Riza says:

    Hi I need ell with a bag. It’s my moms a Speedy 35 with date code M51624. Would like to know if it’s authentic? Thanks

  7. Joy
    Joy says:

    Pls my Louis Vuitton Jake tote in Damier Ebene monogram canvas has the serial number AR5113. Pls could this be fake?

  8. Sam
    Sam says:

    Hi, I bought an LV bag with date code MI2132 and sell sent receipt saying code M with 4 numbers is it normal? M95566 this is on receipt and date code I sent you


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