time you enjoy wasted is not wasted.

Weekly Motivation: "The Time You Enjoy Wasting, Was Not Wasted."

Recently I keep having this terrible feeling that I'm falling…
do small things in a great way

Weekly Motivation: Do Small Things In A Great Way

I've been sitting here for at least 30 minutes but couldn't come…
why I want to learn how to cook

9 Reasons Why I Want To Learn How To Cook, Properly - Weekly Motivation

I'm a late bloomer. Almost in everything. Still not blooming…
Be consistent

Weekly Motivation: Ignore "I Don't Feel Like It!"

Consistency has been my biggest struggle this year. Prior to…

Love What You Do, For A Long Time

We hear the word "Passion" all the time. People tell us we must…
Don't play small

Weekly Motivation: Don't Play Small

Do you feel that you can actually achieve more but you have been…

Weekly Motivation: Don't Worry

My Chinese name is 欣 (pronounced sin) which means happy…

Weekly Motivation: Eat Slowly

I have a bad habit... Recently it got even worse. I swallow…

Weekly Motivation: Breathe

It has been getting busier, just as I had hoped. But I forgot…

Weekly Motivation: Stay On Track

Can I say it out loud? I'm so envious of people who have loads…

Weekly Motivation: Speak Slowly

Once upon a time, I thought speaking fast is a sign of being…

Weekly Motivation: Think

Have you ever noticed this in supermarkets ? A few checkouts…

2015 Half Year Review

So the first half year of 2015 seems to be long gone:). Looking…

Weekly Motivation: Adaptable to Change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor…

Weekly Motivation: One Step At A Time

A solid foundation is so important in every endeavor. Without…