Weekly Motivation: Ignore “I Don’t Feel Like It!”

Be consistent

Consistency has been my biggest struggle this year. Prior to this year, I didn’t even understand the importance of being consistent.

Successful people tell us, “The reward for being consistent is huge!”

Is it too bad to admit that I haven’t benefited from being consistent because I have never ever been really consistent?

If you push me to think harder, maybe I have been unconsciously consistent before. Even benefited from it. I went to school consistently and worked extremely hard in the office consistently. As a reward, I progressed nicely at work. Ok. Here’s some hope.

Now I’m on my own. This is my dream job. But without self discipline and consistency, there’s no way in the world anyone is going to succeed. Daydream everyday and go with the flow are not going to cut it. So why I’m so bad at being consistent?

Because I’m too emotional and I let my emotion run me all the time. I “feel” too much. If I feel like doing something, I do it; if I don’t feel like something, I don’t. The problem is, most of the time “I don’t feel like it.” The result? Nothing much has been done.

The solution? Ignore the powerful voice in my head: “I don’t feel like it!!!” If I don’t feel like something because I’m lazy, scared, grumpy (… insert 100 other excuses), ignore my feeling and do it any way.

Just DO it.

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Do you ever struggle with being consistent? Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear from you.


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