Love What You Do, For A Long Time

We hear the word “Passion” all the time. People tell us we must love what we do in order to succeed.

That’s the easy part – to love what you do. The real test lies in how long you’ll love what you do?

With time, is “what you do” going to become a “job” or even worse, a chore? It happens to me a lot.

My biggest weakness is not being persistent. I struggle to find my long lasting passion.

But I can’t afford not to love what I do. If I love doing something, the result is often amazing.

Mediocrity is never good enough.

So, what to do in case that you are falling out of love with what you do?

The solution:

  • Evaluate the situation: Is this as bad as you thought?
  • Always focus on the positive aspects.
  • Remind yourself the reasons you fell in love at the first what you do

Very often, it is me forgetting the good and focusing on the not so good too much.

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Love what you do for a long time. Is it ever easy for you?

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  1. Bill Fotsch
    Bill Fotsch says:

    Doing what you love and loving what you do are synonymous. If you choose a job you love, you will love what you do. Similarly, if you learn to love what you do, you will have chosen a job you love. It’s not either or. As Stephen Covey would put it, it is the genius of the “and”.


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