30 Day Trial: Be Less Emotional

I’ve been working consciously on growing discipline in me from the beginning of this year.
But I started to feel really “down” again from last weekend. I got up at 9am on Saturday then 11:20am on Sunday.

Skipped my morning stretch.
Ditched my morning and night routines completely and played games for hours.

To top that off, I ate a whole plate of 25 fried dumplings after 10:30pm.

Naturally I’m a very emotional person. Extremely emotional to be exact. I’m the owner of a overly expressive face who often laughs out loud & has deep compassion towards other people’s suffering.
In addition, my natural resting face is somewhat grumpy so I could look grumpy though I’m feeling ok:).

So, here comes a new personal improvement project: For the next 30 days I’ll try to work out a way to control my emotions a little better. Be more composed.

Stay positive.unnamed (5)

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