Weekly Motivation: Stay On Track

Can I say it out loud?
I’m so envious of people who have loads of energy and ability to look after so many areas in life at the same time. There are some successful entrepreneurs operating a few successful businesses all at once and some mums managed to have a high flying career and an organised family life.

I, on the other hand, keep struggling and falling off the track easily.

While I thought I’ve made good progress about forming good habits and stay disciplined so far this year, things started falling apart once one side of my life gets busier.

Then I stopped exercising, abandoning my blog, forgetting about my morning routine and started to consume junk food like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m ready to throw in the tower and let my old, bad habits control over me again.

“Catastrophic thinking”.
This is me. Panicking. Questioning about my ability to be ever disciplined enough because I’ve broken the good routine that I tried so hard to set.

It is ok. Don’t always imagine the worst. You can still get back on trace and beat the bad habits.

Yes you can. Don’t ever give up.

stay on track-001

The above photo was taken at a Sydney suburb – Leichhardt. That plane was so close to the ground, don’t you think?


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  1. Daniella
    Daniella says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips, my husband & I decided to this program together & I get so distracted by the scales. But I won’t get too excited anymore I will just refocus when I get discouraged. Will reflect on these tips.


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