Weekly Motivation: Think

Have you ever noticed this in supermarkets ? A few checkouts are open to serve customers. Some checkouts are so busy with lots of people queuing. But there’s one checkout open & empty; the checkout operator stands there alone, looking bored. Whenever people finish shopping, they just join the long queues automatically even though they can be served straight away if they go to THAT checkout which has no customer.

We people like following others – because it is easier.

We follow instructions without needing to think why it should be done this way.

We watch television and believe what we’ve been told.

We don’t want to try something new or give up easily because “It’s too hard.”

The older we get, the less curious we become.

Living can be tiring but I shall keep telling myself: please be alert & think actively.


Another photo taken at Leichhardt. There’s something amazing about sunset.

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