Weekly Motivation: Plan Weekly Meals

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A few years ago a friend of mine mentioned that she planned her meals at least one month in advance. I was shocked… shocked at the fact that people can be so organized. Then I dismissed the idea entirely: there’s no need to design your menu one month in advance, I’ll stick to my spontaneous way!

Years later, I start to recognize the merits of planning meals ahead:

Reduce stress. We make so many decisions during a day. It can be quite stressful to decide at the end of the day – what’s for dinner for 2 people tonight!

You start to eat healthier.  Very often, we eat out or have take away food because of me (the house wife) being disorganized. Sure, food in restaurants are generally tastier but who knows what’s in it exactly! The extra fat gained from eating out all the time is not that attractive either.

Spend less. I’m all against being a money pincher and budget rigidly. But let’s face it, eating out all the time can be such a waste.

I’ve tried a few weeks here and there to plan our meals one week ahead and pretty happy with the result. So this is going to be a good habit to stay. One week ahead, stick with it:).

planning weekly meal

Do you plan your meals ahead?

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