Weekly Motivation: Read Aloud Everyday

5 months of this year have nearly passed. How many of you are still keeping in touch of your New Years Resolution for 2015?

My usually pattern for New Years Resolution is to set and forget in 2 months’ time. But this is not going to happen any more:)

After 2 years of practice, I’ve finally learned the importance of sticking to my goals.

The theme of my 2015 is communication, which means this is the year for me to keep improving my communication skills.

From this week, I’ll make every effort to read aloud everyday for as long as I can.

Australia is a country full of immigrants. Unfortunately time isn’t the solution of mastering a second language. It really depends how much effort you’ve put in for your time.

I’ve seen people who have stayed here for nearly 30 years but still speak broken English and people who have been here only a short few years but speak beautifully fluent English.

If you can’t express yourself efficiently, you leave the impress of being incompetent and less intelligent.

Read out loud everyday for at least 30 minutes with improving the following areas in mind:

  • Articulation
  • Fluency
  • Effective Use of Voice

You get what you work for – simple as that. There’s no excuse for being lazy.

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