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It’s been a month since I started doing pushups (my version) and plank pose every morning. From a week ago, I started to jump ropes at night. Though my point of doing all these is not to lose weight, it is still a bit demotivating to see that I’ve actually put on weight one month into sticking to an excise routine. In the past, if something doesn’t work as the way I expected, I would give up all at once. But my job is to keep myself motivated when things are not going so smoothly. I exercise because I want to healthier and stronger so the exercise part will have to stay. There must be something else I’m doing wrong to put on weight. Two of these factors must have contributed to my weight gain.

1. I eat whatever I want and whenever I want until I burst.

The idea of preparing dinner for two makes me stressed. The work involved such as planning our meals, going shopping, preparing, cooking, washing up afterwords is beyond my ability to handle. I’m not a good house keeper, yet. Very often we just eat out and get take away food. As I always have a superb appetite and loathe the word “dieting”, I have never controlled the quantity of my food intake. My diet consists mainly meat and seafood with hardly any vegetables or fruits.

Oh dear, it does look bad when I actually write it down! I need to take control of our food intake and be responsible.

2. I’ve slept less.

Never believed that sleep more can help you to loose weight but looks like it’s true. I’ve been a night owl and late riser for the last five years. I don’t use alarm and wake up whenever I feel like to. As a result I’m never tired enough to go to bed before 1 – 2 am. For the past five years, I always had 9 hours sleep every night. From this year, I decided to shape up & get up earlier in the morning. I’ve been getting up before 8am since the new year but my body clock doesn’t allow me to fall asleep before 2am yet. So I’ve only had 6 hours’ or less sleep every day for the month of Jan.

Knowing what my problems are, I’ve decided to incorporate some new habits in my life starting from February.

  • Plan our weekly meal. Cook healthy meals at least 3 times a week. This really stresses me out but I’ve got to do it. Hopefully, it’ll get easier over time.
  • Eat slowly to allow enough time for the brain to realize that I’m actually already full, no need to eat like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Set alarm at 10:30pm to go to bed and read a book. Don’t sit in front of the computer until after midnight. Again, this will be a challenge as old habit die hard. But again, I’ve got to do it. Hopefully bywaking up before 7:30am every day will adjust my body clock to enable me to fall asleep before midnight therefore retain at least 7 hours’ sleep every night.

I am so not proud of my sloppy old habits! But I’ll keep steering myself to the right direction!

Keep going.


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