Weekly Motivation: “The Time You Enjoy Wasting, Was Not Wasted.”

time you enjoy wasted is not wasted.

Recently I keep having this terrible feeling that I’m falling out of love. Falling out of love with Sydney, the city I’ve lived in for ages.

What I loved about the city has lost its former glory, one by one.

The beaches. They are still nice but it’s close to impossible to find a parking spot around the beaches within driving distance. If you do find one after driving in circles, it’s going to be $10 -20/per hour to park.

The blue sky. Compared to the sky in Beijing, Sydney’s sky is still blue. But it’s getting dustier and dustier and often decorated with huge crain everywhere. Well, one can say it’s a sign of development.

Clean. No more. Sydney used to be much more peaceful and cleaner mainly due to the smaller population. Now I wonder if enough cleaners are hired to clean up the ever growing litter.

Though getting crowded and dirtier, the city as a whole, remains quite backward compared to other modern cities in the world. It can be… boring.

Yes, sorry, I’m supposed to be positive and always passionate about life. But I can’t shake off the feeling of being uninspired.

So I started to find inspiration in the city and some serious time – wasting activities, like hair throwing in the ocean;

time you enjoy wasted is not wasted.

like spending 3 hours walking around and taking photos of radom flowers.

time you enjoy wasted is not wasted

I felt a bit guilty of spending so much time doing something seems useless. But hey, I was kind of enjoy the time doing nothing “productive” and feeling slightly inspired again.

Someone once said “The time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Whoever said that, thank you. You give me a perfect excuse to indulging nothingness.

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