These days we’re all aware that one of the keys to staying healthy is to eat a balanced diet comprised of high-quality, unprocessed foods. For those of us who want to include meat in our menus even on an occasional basis, the question is: which are the healthiest meats? Here are a few suggestions, and some of them may surprise you!

Wagyu Ribeye

Let’s start with the superstar of the beef world. Wagyu beef doesn’t come cheap, but there’s a good reason for that. If you’re concerned about animal welfare, you can be assured that Wagyu cattle are raised in a stress-free environment, receive optimum nutrition, and their well-being is prioritized.

Wagyu meat is not only delicious, it’s an important source of essential vitamins and nutrients. There’s no need to be concerned about the fat content, because it’s high in unsaturated (healthy) fats, such as Omega 3s. Wagyu beef also contains up to 30% more CLA, often associated with assisting weight loss and retaining lean muscle mass, than any other food.  Make Kobe ribeye steaks are a fantasticly luxurious and healthy treat.


Lamb is a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, and iron. When the leaner cuts are prepared with lots of vegetables which are also packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, you can create a wide range of nourishing and balanced meals.


This is one of the leanest red meats, which makes it healthier from the start. It’s lower in calories than beef.  It’s also rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega 3-fats, and the antioxidant selenium. The only caveat is that, although in the US most bison are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed meat is healthier and also more sustainable so check before buying.


Although this isn’t often seen as a natural choice in the USA, around 75% of the world’s population regularly eat goat. It has far less fat and fewer calories than other red meats and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It also has even less saturated fat than chicken. Although it’s often thought to be tough, slow cooking can change all that, so try a Jamaican or Indian goat curry to get started.


We’ve left this until last, as it seems an obvious choice. But is chicken actually healthy? Well, yes, from the point of view of nutritional content. As it’s low in saturated fat, it’s often considered a healthy alternative to red meat. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12, iron, zinc, and copper.  However, it is important to consider how the birds are raised and processed- look for free-range chickens which have been allowed to roam outside, and an organic certification, which will show that they haven’t been routinely treated with antibiotics and other drugs.

Meat can be a delicious and healthy way to incorporate more protein into your diet. In the interests of animal welfare,  maximum nutritional benefits, and of course the best taste, just ensure you opt for high-quality, grass-fed, and organic options whenever possible.


5 Foods To Boost Your Mood 


Turning to food as a source of comfort is a relatable pastime for many of us. However, a diet full of processed and high-calorie junk food is not conducive to happiness. Studies show that a diet higher in processed foods with plenty of added salt, sugar and fat, is more likely to exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


To boost your mood and feel healthier in the long run, it is wise to stick to nutritious snacks or meals even when you feel low. In fact, some foods have been proven to benefit overall brain health and certain mood disorders. So, read on to discover healthy, mood-boosting foods.


  • Bananas

Quick to eat on the go, this staple fruit is high in vitamin B6, which helps synthesize positive neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Plus, bananas are full of fibre and natural sugar. Paired together, fibre slows down the rate that sugar is transmitted into the bloodstream, which allows for stable blood sugar levels and greater mood balance. Bananas also prevent cognitive decline and lessen mood-related symptoms of PMS.

What’s more, less ripe, greener bananas are a great source of prebiotics, helping feed good bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut microbiome is associated with lower rates of mood disorders.

  • Coffee

A limited amount of caffeine can make us feel good by providing an energy boost. Research has also suggested that caffeine may help to relieve depressive symptoms. It is essential to limit your daily intake of caffeine as too much can increase anxiety and restlessness symptoms. Coffee is also known to stain our teeth, so be sure to brush after drinking that cuppa and get your teeth checked regularly. This dentist near me can give your smile a makeover.

  • Oats

Oats are a fantastic source of fibre and iron. Fibre slows the digestion of carbs so that sugar is released gradually into the bloodstream and your energy levels remain steady. Iron improves symptoms of fatigue, sluggishness, and mood disorders. I love overnight oats, which you can customize to include the fruits and nuts you love. The recipe is made before you go to bed and stored in the fridge – leaving you more time in the morning.

  • Legumes, beans, and lentils

Full of feel-good nutrients. Beans and lentils are an excellent source of B vitamins, which can increase levels of neurotransmitters that help regulate our moods like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. You can cook beans and lentils in many ways. For example, this giant bean dish is hearty, and its recipe takes inspiration from traditional Greek food. For a nutritious snack, homemade hummus is a delicious dip for flatbread or crudités.

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants which can increase serotonin levels and prevent cognitive decline. It is also naturally high in iron, magnesium, copper and manganese, all of which benefit our health. Like any food, chocolate is best enjoyed in moderation – around 28 grams of chocolate a day is the recommended maximum. 


Food and drink are quite literally the source of living and contribute directly to our health and wellbeing. The food revolution of the past couple of years has been nothing short of astounding and just when you think you might have seen it all, something else comes along.

Here are 3 trending and organic products that you should try at some point this year if you can:

  • Fermented Foods
  • Alcohol-Free Drinks
  • Hyper-Local Produce

Fermenting food is nothing new and has been around for a long time but is usually associated with alcohol production, but you can eat it. On the flip side, alcohol-free drinks such as gin are making waves right now and supporting local producers is a great idea, but what if your neighbour grew your food, or better still, you grew it yourself?

Fermented Foods

You might be aware of the fermentation process used in alcohol production, but what about fermented food meant for consumption? Sounds icky, right? But fermented food is actually delicious when the process is done properly and is super healthy.

Fermenting organic vegetables such as cabbage for sauerkraut as a condiment or soybeans for miso as a dressing is an excellent alternative way to use such ingredients. But what of the benefits?

In an increasingly health-conscious world, we are always looking for the next thing to boost our wellbeing. Fermented foods have been proven to be excellent probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the gut that boosts the digestive system while lowering blood pressure, inflammation, and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Alcohol-Free Drinks

On the opposite side of fermenting foods for health, we have the fermentation for alcohol production. Alcohol has been around since the beginning of civilization at around 5,000 BC and is seen as a staple product in many cultures around the world.

But the dangers of alcohol are well-known, not only the impending doom of alcoholism but heart problems, weight gain, and long-lasting effects such as acid reflux disease and mental issues in some cases. 

Most of us do like to have a little drink, however, but not necessarily to get drunk. The fact is that most alcoholic drinks such as wine, gin, and beer are refreshing and taste great to adults which has caused an industry-wide acknowledgement that maybe alcohol-free beverages should be produced as well.

Zero alcohol beer has been around for a while now, but many established manufacturers such as gin producers, winemakers, and whiskey brewers are all making excellent non-alcoholic spirits. These can be used with mixers such as ginger ale, fruit juices, and even cordials for astonishing safe versions of classic cocktails.

Hyper-Local Produce

The joy of purchasing fresh and organic vegetables from a local producer is something to behold for anyone who loves food. Just knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it is grown puts ease on the mind that you cannot get with supermarket food.

But one growing trend is the use of hyper-local food. This term is traditionally associated with chefs who grow their own produce for their own restaurants such as Raymon Blanc. However, more and more people are beginning to grow their own food.

Gardening for vegetables isn’t as easy as it sounds and it takes great skill, effort, and dedication in order to grow some vegetables that you might take for granted. So, even if you don’t grow yourself, a friend or neighbor might and you should purchase some products from them.

The benefit of this will of course is the taste. There is nothing like the aroma and flavor of a vegetable that was picked from the soil just hours, or even minutes before cooking it.

We all know there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, although, the benefits of cooking your meals rather than opting for convenience alternatives span far further than incredible taste. It could be assumed that home-cooked meals would be far healthier than the restaurant and fast food alternatives. We have listed the following five morsels of evidence that will likely have you navigating your kitchen and learning a few new cooking techniques in no time.

Save Money

Cooking flavourful meals at home is notably cheaper in comparison to fast food alternatives, and you can further cut your food budget by purchasing produce and poultry directly from manufacturers. Therefore, buying in bulk from a reliable chicken meat supplier will dramatically reduce your spend. The same applies to all the other essential ingredients you will need to craft decadent meals. Home-cooked meals don’t just taste better, but they are also notably cheaper as in most regions, eating out at restaurant means paying tax a total of three times on your meal.

Discover A Rewarding Skill

Not everyone finds it effortless to decipher cryptic recipe books and navigate their way around the kitchen. However, in today’s day and age, tutorials and cooking shows make preparing meals a simple effort. Even if you have never enjoyed cooking before, you may find that the missing ingredient is nothing other than enthusiasm. Once you create your first mouth-watering meal, you may even find that you have uncovered a gratifying skill.

Gain Control Of Your Diet

If you are dieting to lose a bit of weight, eating out is not the best idea. Because restaurant meals hardly ever include any calorie count, staying on track with any eating plan can be tricky. By preparing your meals, you will automatically be in control of your diet. Therefore, you will be able to ensure you are getting enough nutrition by preparing balanced meals according to your dieting plan.

Avoid Allergy-Causing Ingredients

If you suffer from food allergies, you probably already know that eating out can often feel like a risky gamble. You won’t be fully aware of how your meal is prepared. In addition to this, your meal may contain ingredients that are not listed on the menu. This is extremely concerning for those who are allergic to foods such as nuts, strawberries, and countless others. What’s more, even though certain meals are labelled as vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, or gluten-free, there is genuinely no way of knowing when someone else is preparing your meal behind closed doors.

Uncover Your Inner Creative

While it is usually best to follow recipes strictly for the best outcome, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t get creative and substitute ingredients as you see fit. Cooking often required exceptional creativity, and the more you learn, the more creative you will become. Uncovering creativity is a unique benefit as finding an enjoyable hobby offers its very own exclusive benefits of a boosted mood, enhanced sense of wellbeing, and many others. For this reason, many individuals consider cooking a rewarding hobby.

There’s nothing you can do to stop ageing. Sadly everybody gets older and die eventually. If feeling and looking younger than your years is important to you, you’ll probably know that some foods give you energy and make you feel full of life, and others drag you down and put your straight into a food coma.

People live in Japan who eat a diet rich in fish, vegetables and soy, low in fat and sugar, have the longest lifespan the lowest levels of heart disease. Every meal you eat is an opportunity to fend off ageing, so eat the right food. A disease fighting, anti-ageing diet means cooking from the scratch, using fresh ingredients instead of relying on the lettuce in your burger for one of your five a day portions of fruit and veg (that’s the story of my life).

Antioxidants could add years to our lives buy fighting free radical damage, if we are getting enough. For very basic good health, you need five a day – five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day ( a portion is around a handful). But to fend off aging , you need to step up a level and pack in as many antioxidants as possible.

Let’s start with some most easy to find and affordable anti ageing foods:


It all in the color – spinach and other dark green vegetables such as kale, rocket and spring greens are packed with hundreds of disease fighting micro nutrients. Spinach is good at protecting eyesight as well as keeping the arteries clear of cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of cancer. Baby spinach leaves contain more than 90%more antioxidants than iceberg lettuce.


Onions are high in the flavonoid quercitin, which can cut heart disease risk by 755%. Flavonoids also boost the immune system. One study showed a strong link between regular consumption of onions and a reduced risk of stomach cancer.


Broccoli come s from a family of cruciferous vegetables (including cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts) that contain high levels of sulphur compounds which increase the enzymes that stop cancer cells growing. They also contain high levels of the antioxidant vitamin C and cholesterol lowering fibre. If there are any leaves left on the stalk, don’t discard them before cooking – they contain more carotenoids than the florets!

Sweet potatoes

While white potatoes provide low amounts of antioxidants, the darker skinned sweet potato is packed with antioxidants. They are simply delicious and so easy to cook. They can be baked in their skins, or boiled. Try cutting them into strips and roasting them in the oven in a little olive oil to make sweet potato chips.


Nuts got a bad reputation during the 1980s fat free diet craze. We think nuts make us fat. They are high in calories, but in moderation ( a handful, a few times a week) they can reduce your risk of having a heart attack by up to 50%. They are packed full of monounsaturates, which lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.


Foods come from the wholegrain, those that still contain the antioxidant- packed wheatgerm, will help to lower your risk of heart disease, hypertension and certain cancers.


Yogurt is a good anti ageing food as it’s full of probiotics or ”good bacteria” essential for essential for healthy digestion and boosting the immune system. Getting your digestive system working effectively means you’ll also get the most out of the other anti-ageing foods you are eating.

Consume a Balanced Diet

What you choose to eat every day has a direct effect on your appearance, so it is important to consume a balanced diet. Everyday Health states that nutritious foods reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases as you age, and it elevates your energy, which can make you naturally more vivacious. Although nutritional needs do vary among seniors, eating more vegetables, fruits, small portions of lean meats, fish, beans and whole grains are especially helpful. When you eat healthier, it is easier to keep the pounds off and avoid developing life-threatening health conditions that negatively impact your appearance.

The older that you get, the more important that it becomes to develop life-saving and beauty-magnifying habits with a sound diet, regular exercise, and a worry-free mind. Maintaining your beauty regimen and using products that nourish your skin is important for reducing anti-aging and appearing years younger. Every day that you make the choice to do something positive to make yourself look and feel good, your natural beauty and inner glow will shine through.

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

At the moment due to the lockdown, you might feel very unenthused when it comes to cooking dinner at the end of the day. Wanting to route around the freezer or order fast food, there might be no motivation to cook up a storm at home. But this is the perfect time to get experimental in the kitchen! Faced with more time to kill throughout the day, you can create a delicious meal that your family will love. 

If you’re still stuck for inspiration or don’t know where to start, here are some delectable meals that you can cook – without having to be a professional chef!

Chickpea Curry

Kicking off this list is one of the most simple meals that you can cook at home – chickpea curry. A simple yet flavorsome curry, it can be served with anything that you want, whether it’s potatoes, rice or bread. 

Add as many spices and seasonings that you want with this dish (this isn’t a dish that you’ll require coloxyl tablets for!) and leave it to simmer for a couple of hours. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of recipes available for this mouth-watering option available online. From the skills that you will pick up from this recipe, you can then start to experiment with other curries, whether that be a tikka masala or a madras!

Homemade Pizza

If you’ve never made homemade pizza before, then now is the time to hone your skills! A very simple thing to make, it just requires motivation and patience. After selecting toppings for your base, you can get started on creating the dough. 

Whether you make this from scratch with yeast and flour or you buy ready-made pizza dough, it will make the experience fun for every family member involved!

Spinach & Ricotta Chicken 

If you’re planning a more relaxed meal – say for a date night at home, then this is bound to go down a hit. A tantalizing recipe, spinach and ricotta chicken is perfect served with baby potatoes and greens. Easy to prepare and cook, anyone can make this dish – no matter if you’re a cooking novice or more experienced in the kitchen.

Steak or Chicken Tacos 

Why not have a Mexican-themed night at home? Cook up some delicious steak and chicken tacos and see the joy on your partner’s/kids faces the moment they are served. Accompanied with guacamole, sour cream and any other fillings you want, they are simply wonderful. If you really want to impress, you could even make nachos to start. 

Pad Thai 

Alternatively, why not try this incredible traditional Thai dish? A very popular choice for many foodies around the world, it’s one of the more healthy options on this list. A meal that has a little bit of everything from sweet notes to heat, only a handful of ingredients are required to make this a truly spectacular dish and it can be a fun activity that you can enjoy solo or as a family.

Athole Brose

You know a cocktail is good when legend says it was used to win a war. The Athole Brose is a drink with a truly remarkable history. Before revealing what is featured in this delicious drink, let’s discover a bit more about the fascinating story behind the cocktail. 

According to Scottish legend, the first Earl of Athol created this drink whilst he was awaiting reinforcements to ambush a fleeing enemy. It’s believed that once he had discovered the hidden hideout of the rebel faction, he sent some of his men to fill their well with oatmeal, honey and whiskey. The men ended up intoxicated from the drink and thus fleeing did not go to plan, as they were easily captured. 

I will leave you to decide whether you believe this legend, but one thing is for sure, this drink has been around for a very long time. In fact, no one really knows when Athole Brose was first consumed in Scotland, but the earliest recorded recipe dates back to 1475. The conventional drink is a mixture of oatmeal, scotch, honey, water and sometimes Drambuie. Drambuie is a blend of aged Scotch whisky, herbs, spices and heather honey. 

To make this drink, you need to steep a volume of oatmeal overnight in three times as much cold water. After this, the liquid is then strained through muslin to get rid of the oatmeal fibre.  

On New Year’s Eve in Scotland, you will find that a lot of people still enjoy this drink as part of the tradition. However, as is the case with most classic cocktails, you will find several variations of the Athole Brose available nowadays. A lot of bartenders opt to make this drink with cream, with many people commenting that it tastes a lot like Bailey’s Irish Cream when prepared in this way. 

Long Island Iced Tea

There are many different stories regarding the origin of Long Island Iced Tea. The first story states that an ‘Old Man Bishop’ invented the drink in the 1920s during the Prohibition. The reason why it was called Long Island Iced Tea is because the Old Man Bishop was from Long Island, a local community in Kingsport, Tennessee. The reason why many people do not agree with this story is because the drink is slightly different from the one we have come to know and love today. The 1920 version was a mix of whiskey, maple syrup and five liquors in varying quantities. The cocktail today features cola and equal portions of the different liquors used.

Those who do not credit Old Man Bishop as the inventor believe that a man called Robert ‘Rosebud’ Butt created Long Island Iced Tea in 1972. He claims that he invented the drink as an entry into a competition. The contest required applicants to create a new mixed drink containing Triple Sec. Butt worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island in New York at the time and many local references accredit him as the creator of the drink.

Long Island Ice Tea recipe

Despite containing a number of ingredients, Long Island Ice Tea is relatively easy to make. You need the following…

• 1 part Vodka

• 1 part White Rum

• 1 part Whiskey

• 1 Part Gin

• 1 Part Tequila

• 1 oz. Cola

• 1 oz. Sugar Syrup

All you need to do is combine the ingredients together in a Collins glass and stir. Unlike many other gin and vodka cocktails, bartenders do not tend to garnish Long Island Iced Tea. It is simply served as it is. You may need heartburn relief if you’re sensitive to alcohol, as it’s known to create acid reflux, especially a strong cocktail like this.


If you look online you will see that there are many varying stories about the invention of the Margarita, however, one of the stories that prevails is the one of Carlos Herrera developing the drink in 1938 at his restaurant, Rancho La Gloria, in Tijuana. One of Herrera’s customers, Marjorie King, was allergic to all types of hard alcohol, with tequila being the only exception, and therefore he created the drink for her. He added a wedge of lime and a lick of salt to a traditional tequila shot to make it more palatable for his fussy client. And the Margarita was created, or was it? Another popular story is that a wealthy Dallas socialite, Margarita Sames, created the drink for her friends in 1948 whilst she was at her Acapulco holiday home. One of the guests was Tommy Hilton who then added the drink to the bar menu at his hotel chain. 

Whilst the history of this drink may be confusing, the good news is that the recipe is easy to follow. You will require the following ingredients…

• Tequila

• Triple Sec

• Lime Juice

• Ice 

• Lime Wedge

• Salt

Pour one and a half ounces of tequila into a cocktail shaker. Add half an ounce of triple sec and one ounce of fresh lime juice. Add ice cubes and then shake well. Take a chilled margarita glass and salt the rim. Pour the contents from the cocktail shaker into the glass. Finish off by garnishing with a lime wedge. 

It’s tough having a child or grandchild who is away at school. You can’t help but worry about your college students, but you are eager to see what the future has in store for them. One way to keep showing your love and support is to send gifts. The best gift is perhaps…pizza. Yep, you read that right. Pizza! To be sure, homemade care packages, Netflix subscriptions, headphones and the like make excellent presents, too. However, you really can’t go wrong with pizza. For example, your college student no doubt knows how to earn free pizza but would appreciate the means to enjoy pizza more often.

Pizza Is Good for Friend Time and Alone Time

Dorm life can be a mixed bag: hectic, boring, slow-paced, a good balance, you name it. The dynamics can even shift from hour to hour. With the gift of pizza, your student can eat alone or share the bounty with friends, no matter what’s going on. In fact, offering pizza around is a good way for your student to make new friends.

Pizza Fuels Study Sessions

What tastes good when it is fresh out of the box and after it’s been sitting in the box for an hour or two? Pizza! It keeps students’ bellies full as they tackle difficult material during hours-long study sessions.

It Can Be Healthy and Diverse

Pizza isn’t necessarily “junk” food. For instance, the best tasting gluten free pizza is sensitive to many special diets and includes a thin, crunchy crust with ancient grains. Meanwhile, students can get pizza with vegetable-only toppings or opt for diverse fare such as taco pizza or Hawaiian. Similarly, friends who don’t much care for pizza can eat chicken wings or breadsticks.

Students Get a Change from Cafeteria Fare

Cafeteria food has come a long way at many schools, but your students’ choices may still be a bit limited. Pizza is a way to spice up their life and to be sure they’re eating.

It’s an Inexpensive Gift that Keeps Giving

Every time your students get pizza, they’ll think of you. They can also check out the cheapest pizza specials before they order to stretch their dollars even further (good real-world lessons!). All you have to do is give your college student a gift card to their favorite pizza place. Of course, make sure there’s a location close to their school. Or ask which pizza place they’d like a gift card to.

Of course, there are other methods such as asking students to call/text you whenever they want pizza or putting your billing information into a pizza smartphone app they’ve downloaded. A gift card is much simpler, though, and eGift cards mean that you can send fresh money every few weeks. No having to deal with mail that requires a few days for processing and delivering.

Pizza is the perfect gift for many dorm residents. It fills a variety of needs and is delicious. Purchase a gift card today for your college student.

When it comes to your health, that old saying ‘you are what you eat,’ couldn’t be more apt. The fact is that our health reflects what we eat – the healthier we eat, the healthier our bodies tend to be.

Yes, we all know how important following a clean diet is, but is that all it takes to be truly healthy or are there certain foods that give your health that little extra boost? Study after study has shown that there are certain healthy foods that do more for our bodies than others.

food good for your health

Sure, all fruits and vegetables are good for us, but they’re not all equal in terms of how good for us they are and what their health benefits are. There are a lot of foods that are considered healthy, but when it comes to how good for us they are, they’re not all born equal.

So, with that in mind, the question is, which foods can give your health a major boost?


One of the most popular foods in the food industry right now – avocado is the new A-lister in the salad bowl. Unlike most other fruits – yes, avocado is a fruit – avocado is high in healthy fats instead of being high in carbohydrates.

Avocado is incredibly high in nutrients compared to many other fruits (and vegetables). One small avocado contains 20 different vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamins K, E, B6, and C – how incredible is that? Avocados also contain more potassium than bananas – potassium is something that most of us aren’t getting enough of.

Then there’s the fact that if you’ve got high cholesterol, eating avocado on a regular basis can help to lower it. As well as being able to reduce the risk of heart disease – the leading cause of all deaths across the world.

Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is something that we should all be getting more of in our diets. Why? Because apple cider vinegar has many different health benefits, from helping to balance blood sugar to making shedding those extra pounds a little easier.

Of course, the idea of drinking cider vinegar may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re willing to add it to your diet in one way or another, it can have a big impact. A simple way to get cider vinegar into your diet is to cook with it – many people add it to rice to add flavor, for example.

Fruit infused water

Over the past couple of years, fruit infused water has become a huge deal in the health industry, and with good reason. Not only does fruit infused water taste incredible and offer fantastic hydration, but it also has many health benefits. Then there’s also the fact that it tastes amazing – water can be a little boring on its own but infusing fruit into it can make it much more enjoyable to drink. Fruit infused water is also known as detox water because certain types of infusions can help to detoxify the body. For example, studies have shown that by drinking lemon and cucumber water, the body is able to remove toxins more quickly, boosting your health. Research has also shown that certain fruit combinations also allow the body to lose weight more quickly, due to the effect that detoxing has on the body.

Then there’s the fact that infused water helps to keep your organs, skin, and hair healthy. Studies have shown that people who drink fruit-infused water tend to have healthier skin and hair than people who don’t. This is because of the vast amount of vitamins and nutrients that are packed into fruit infused water.

Fruit and vegetable skin

There are some fruits and vegetables that we naturally eat the skin of, such as grapes, berries, and cucumber. However, there are other fruits that we tend to peel, as for some reason we’re under the impression that their skins aren’t nutritious, but that isn’t actually the case.

Various studies have shown that when we strip fruits and vegetables of their skins, we’re actually removing one of the most nutritious parts. For example, because of their bright color, most fruit and vegetable peels are a good source of beneficial phytochemicals. Then there’s the fact that fruit and vegetable skins tend to be higher in fiber than the fruit or vegetable themselves.

Scientists have also found that many fruits and vegetables are more beneficial at protecting against health conditions, like cancer, when eaten whole. Take apples, for example, studies have shown that unpeeled apples have a greater effect on cancer cells than peeled apples. Who knew that eating the peel could make a fruit or vegetable so much more nutritious?

Raw garlic

In ancient times, garlic (particularly raw garlic) was often used to treat a range of health conditions. Although nowadays garlic is most commonly used for cooking, for thousands of years it was most commonly used in medicine. From the Egyptians and Greeks to the Romans, various civilizations relied on garlic for its medicinal benefits throughout history.

Just 28 grams of garlic contains a potent mix of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C and B6. The combination of nutrients found in garlic is able to treat a range of health problems, from the common cold to high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that eating garlic on a regular basis may also help to prevent the onset of dementia in seniors.

Manuka honey

Honey is naturally antibacterial and antibiotic and has many health benefits. Manuka honey, however, is even more beneficial. Wondering what’s so special about Manuka honey? Well, it’s honey produced purely from a manuka bush, hence the name. This specialist type of honey has many benefits that normal honey does not, which is why it’s so popular in the health industry.

Research has shown that Manuka honey has up to four times the vitamins and nutrients or normal honey, meaning that it’s four times more beneficial. All raw honey is high in amino acids, vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc, among other things. However, Manuka honey is much more beneficial.

The health benefits of Manuka honey include for treating skin conditions, like acne and eczema, treating infections such as MRSA, using on burns and sores to speed up healing and offer pain relief, and also using to treat digestive problems, such as IBS.

So, there you have it, the foods and drinks that can give your health a major boost.

If you like food that is sweet, sour and has heat, then Thai cuisine will be right up your street. In fact, there are a few essential dishes that you absolutely have to try right now. Luckily, you can find out what they are, and how to make them easily.

Pad Thai

A few peanuts

A lime

Tamarind 2 Tsp

fish sauce 3 tbsp

Sugar 2 Tsp

3 spring onions

sesame oil 2 tbsp

1 egg

medium rice noodle 1 pk

180g Prawns or shrimp

75g bean sprouts

Sweet, salty, and tart, Pad Thai is a noodle dish that is popular all over the work and not just in Thailand and is usually at the top of any Thai restaurants’ menu. In fact, if you have a good Thai restaurant near to you it well worth going to sample this dish and see how it should be made properly. You might even be doubly lucky and have a place that does take out so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home!

However, don’t despair if you have to make your own version, as it is possible to do at home as well. To do so, you first need to cook the noodles, and then set them aside.

The second stage is to stir fry the shrimp and vegetables that you will be using while making up a paste from tamarind, fish sauce, and sugar. The next stage is to cook the egg, and for this make sure you have a decent amount of sesame oil on the pan; otherwise, it will stick.

Once it is cooked break it up and combine with the shrimp and vegetables. Then add the noodles and the paste and toss so the flavors penetrate the entire dish. Finally, service the noodles with crushed salted peanuts and a squeeze of lime! You won’t be disappointed!  

Tom Yum Goong

This is a delicious Thai soup and is, in fact, one of the most popular dishes with natives and visitors to Thailand alike. The base is ideally made from shrimp stock like in this recipe here, but in a pinch, you can use chicken or even water!

You’ll need a few of the classic Thai flavors in this dish as well, including galangal, and the ever-popular fish sauce. Don’t panic if you catch a whiff of the stuff and wonder why you are adding it to your food when cooking either, because while it is very aromatic! However, it lends a wonderful salty, rich flavor to a dish when it’s cooked in.

It’s basically super simple to make this soup too, and all you need to do is bring the stock, or water to a boil and then cook the shrimp. After that, you can add in all the other ingredients apart from the lime juice, and allow it to boil until the shrimp are cooked through.

Lastly, add the lime juice and serve. Just don’t expect to have any leftovers for the next day, because this soup is delicious and once you have tried it,  it is bound to end up as a regular on your family’s menu.

People really know me often say I eat like a horse (or pig). Well I’m not ashamed of it because I can’t really help that my appetite for food is huge. Maybe the saying “crazy hungry asians” is true. I’m for sure one of those.

Getting really hungry in the morning and having no idea what’s good for breakfast really was a problem for me in the past. It’s simple because 2 boiled eggs or a couple of toasts with coffee or a little tub of yogurt with a couple of pieces of fruit won’t fill the the big hole inside me. I need way more food than that for breakfast.

Luckily after years of struggle, I know a few good go to breakfast options for me now. They are healthy, easy & quick to prepare and of course big in portion! What can I say, all you need is a big breakfast!

Here are just a few examples:

1. Overnight oats

I had hesitation of making overnight oats for a long time. Firstly I don’t fancy cold breakfast that much. Secondly, I wasn’t sure if the oats will be “cooked properly” by just siting in the fridge overnight. Lastly, I doubted it was going to be tasty enough for me.

How glad I am to have finally tried it out. It’s just a like a magic “no need to cook”, satisfying meal. It takes no time to prepare in the morning and it’s perfectly cooked overnight! It can be super tasty by mixing everything you like together. And not surprisingly, it really feels good to have a cool breakfast in an extremely hot summer morning. If you still don’t like it cold, heat it up in the microwave – problem solved!

For someone who’s lazy and has no patience to wait like me, overnight oats breakfast is God send.

2. Eggs, avocado, nuts, yogurt, fruit and carrot cake!

A big eater often likes a lot of varieties for every single meal. When I say 2 boiled eggs or a couple of toasts with coffee or a little tub of yogurt with a couple of pieces of fruit won’t be big enough for me, it could be ok to have everything combined:)

Below is the breakfast I had a few days ago. Again, it didn’t take much time to prepare. Actually everything was immediately available apart from the boiled eggs. I was planning to cook half boiled eggs to make it pretty which takes about 5 minutes. But this time I got distracted (to do something else) and left the eggs on stove for too long so they became hard boiled.

Truth be told I love hard boiled eggs just as much as half boiled, if not more.

3. Stir fry veggies, eggs and shrimps (or omelette)

This is another favourite quick and easy big breakfast of mine. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Basically I just throw all left over veggies in the fridge and stir fry with eggs and shrimps (or bacon). Kale, mushrooms, red pepper are a few of my favourite vegi choices. Like overnight oats, kale is something that I slowly adopted over the years and grew to love it.

They say eat the rainbow is good for you. So what colour am I missing here? Oh blue. Maybe I can have some blue berries later. There aren’t any fresh blue berries left in the fridge but there are still some frozen ones in the fridge. What about some blue berry nice-cream in the afternoon? Hmmm…. yum!

Oh dear. Why I’m always thinking about food? Help.

new york food

Whether you’re at home, at church, or at work. What is the one thing that makes everyone congregate together? Food. Food is the hub of social gatherings, outside of alcohol!

There are so many aspects to food bringing people together that we don’t even think about. Who prepared it, what’s in it, and where did it come from? All of those questions play a factor in social settings.

How many times have you been at a company potluck, where depending on who prepared a certain dish, that would determine whether or not you ate that particular dish? We’ve all been through that, but regardless of who made the dishes, you still came to the potluck because food was involved!

Well if you didn’t know already, New York is the nucleus of “New York style” food, regardless of what any “New York inspired” food, a chain restaurant can offer you. To get it authentic, you have to go straight to the source!

With food bringing people together, food is also the perfect reason to make that special trip to New York! Get your church group, or your social organization together to take a group trip down to New York to satisfy the foodie cravings you have.

new york food

While you’re at it, if your group is going to be taking a food tour of the majestic city, be sure to factor in what it would cost to transport everyone from location to location. That gives everyone a better idea of how to budget money for their food and for the transporting expenses per person.

Of course you all can visit all the other great sites that New York has to offer, but food is the main purpose of this particular trip! If your group or organization is looking to take a trip to New York, make it a foodie trip! Take a look at these food locations in New York that will give you an authentic taste of New York.

Katz’s Delicatessen

For a nostalgic eating experience, have your group head over to Katz’s Delicatessen. This old diner-style establishment is not only known for its iconic role in When Harry Met Sally, but it’s also known for its juicy hot dogs and sandwiches.

Stepping into Katz’s you will find an old griddle, covered in grease, hear the sound of clinking glasses and plates, and smell the sweet goodness of meats sizzling on the griddle. Whether it’s the authentic snapping sound you’ll hear from sinking your teeth into a savory hot dog, or the tender, melt-in-your-mouth pastrami sandwich, your group is looking for, Katz’s will send your taste buds on a trip down memory lane!

Shake Shack

Starting out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, the Shake Shack was born, and has evolved, and proven itself to be one of New York’s top burger eateries. From the uniqueness of the burgers, to the fun atmosphere the restaurant brings, Shake Shack is sure to please!

Upon arriving at Shake Shack, you’ll notice a line wrapped around the building. When you arrive at a place, and the customers are standing in line outside, waiting to place their order, then you know the food must be good. With a group as large as yours, make sure everyone is prepared for the wait, but assure them that the foodie in them will see that the food was well worth the wait!

Gaia Italian Cafe

Gaia Italian Cafe is a restaurant whose principle on cooking are based on love. They pride themselves on every meatball, pasta, and sandwich they make, so if your group wants to experience a romantic relationship between love and food, on their taste buds, Gaia Italian Cafe will not disappoint!

There’s a world of difference between Little India Singapore and Marina Bay Sands area. One is an ethnic suburb with a reputation of being slightly dangerous. The other, needless to say has the most prestigious real estate in Singapore. Both areas are interesting and equality worth going even if you are just staying in Singapore for a couple of days.

With much curiosity, I went to Little Indian on my own to find out what it really looks like. A 48 hours hop on hop off bus tour ticket will take you everywhere in Singapore numerous times. The hop on hop off tour includes walking tours in Singapore Chinatown and Little India Singapore. But I didn’t have time to take either of them. The audio tour offered detailed explanation of the rich history of the area of Little India.

Little India Singapore once had a racecourse, cattle herders and brick kilns. Today it is one of Singapore’s most vibrant districts. Its rich colours, buzzing culture and endless food choices have left a deep impression on me.

The rich Colours!

Little India is nothing short of colours. The moment you reach the neighbourhood of Little Indian, you’ll notice a burst of colours every where.

There are big elephant sculptures decorated in colourful flowers standing cheerfully in the middle of the main road.

And you can’t miss the Little Indian Arcade in bright orange brown colour, even on a grey overcast day.

Don’t you love these colourful, 2 story buildings with traditional folding windows? They are just adorable and pop up every where!

Possible the most colourful building in Singapore, the House of Tan Teng Niah stands out in colourful Little India with its bright rainbow exterior. It is one of the last surviving Chinese villas in a largely Indian enclave. Its former owner Tan Teng Niah was a businessman who owned several sweet-making factories along Serangoon Road along with a rubber smokehouse, and it was said that he built this house for his wife. The house was originally white and green, its rainbow of colours have only added in more recent times. Today the building houses several commercial offices.

Haven’t seek enough colours yet? Check out those flower garlands stalls!

There is however, one white building stood out from the colourful crowd in Little Indian. Housed in a 1920’s building in Little India, Wanderlust is a unique boutique hotel showcasing a diverse range of fun themes.

Buzzing culture

Heritage sites

Little Indian hosts a mix of Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches. There are many heritage sites around for you to explore.

To name a few:

Indian Heritage Center

This shiny modern building inspired by the Indian baoli stands out among the narrow streets and little old shops in Little India. This four-storey building hosts a significant collection of artefacts promoting the diverse Indian diaspora and heritage, including a permanent exhibition of the history of the Indian community in Singapore. It’s educational, never too jam packed with people, and a great spot to chill out and soak in some heritage culture in a humid day.

 Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in the middle of Little Indian is one of the oldest hindu temples in Singapore ( the oldest hindu temple is in Chinatown). It’s dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, fierce embodiment of Shakti and the god Shiva’s wife, Parvati, built by Indian pioneers who came and work here.

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

The Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple is also called the Temple of a Thousand Lights, due to the 15-metre-tall, 300-ton statue surrounded by what seems to be thousands of little lights housed within its walls. This Buddhist temple in Little IndiaSingapore is a mix of Chinese, Thai and Indian styles dating back to 1927. First constructed by Thai monk Venerable Vutthisasara as a simple zinc roof shed, it was later built in to its current form through donations by Aw Boon Har and Aw Boon Par, the entrepreneurial brothers who created the medicinal ointment Tiger Balm and Haw Par Villa.

Church Of The True Light


There are abundant places to shop for different types of goodies in Little Indian Singapore.


Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre houses historically popular, Singapore’s largest indoor wet market, renowned for an incredible array of produce and hard-to-find ingredients.

It is also home to a whole lot of sundry stalls selling everything covering household goods, religious paraphernalia and even tailoring services. The name Tekka comes from a Hokkien name meaning ‘foot of the bamboos’, a reference to the many bamboo plants growing along Rochor Canal. If you want to experience a genuine local shopping experience then head upstairs. The higher floors sell everything from Bollywood music to silk for saris.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre in Little India is open for 24 hours a day, housing Mustafa department store, which caters mainly to the budget market. The department store consists of two shopping centres: one retailing jewellery and household appliances and functioning as a supermarket, and the other selling a variety of other products such as books, DVDs, watches, electronic goods, footwear, toys and clothing.

Little India Arcade

Little India Arcade is superb for picking up knick-knacks, costume jewellery and souvenirs at super cheap prices.

Market stalls and little shophouses

Needless to say, Little Indian is everything about Indian culture. It’ll be a shopper’s paradise for anything Indian browsing those market stalls and little shophouses.

Endless food choices

Feeling hungry? You won’t be starved in Singapore, especially in this part of town. There are big food centres, loads of restaurants all over the place ready to feed you.

Out of so many hawker markets in Singapore, Tekka Centre is probably one of my favourites. Tekka Centre is a landmark in the neighbourhood, serving up a variety of dishes of fresh food only steps away from the MRT at Little India. This brightly painted warehouse was renovated a couple of years ago and has quickly become a hub for those in search of decent food at honest prices. It stands out from the rest of the hawker centres in Singapore, serving predominantly Indian food, including a great number of Halal dishes.

Inside it is set up like any other hawker centre, with rows of individual stores and tables around them. There are plenty stalls cater for all palettes whether you are after rich curries or a simple dish of duck and rice. So follow the crowds and delicious smells.

It was very hard to decide what to eat when there are so many choices available. After a few minutes’ observation, I found a few stalls with people queuing in front during non rush hours.

Eventually I joined the queue of Ming Fa because among all food stalls, this stall seemed to be the most popular at the time and I always love a big bowl of hot noodle soup. There are different types of noodles available showing in the cute tubs pictured below.

People in front of me in the queue obviously are regulars of this stall. They were whispering that the service of one of the other stalls was always slow and Ming Fa was super fast. So they were right, a waitress took orders from customers in the queue and the guy behind the counter assembled different noodle soups in lightening fast speed according each individual orders.

I enjoyed my laksa so much and will certainly visit again next time I’m in Singapore.

Tekka Centre Opening Hours: Daily 06:30 – 21:00 MRT: Little India Address: 665 Buffalo & Serangoon Roads, Little India, Singapore

Of course, you can’t go to Singapore without having Singapore chilli crabs. There are plenty of places serving this tradition Singapore dish. But many food kiosks don’t service this dish unless it’s dinner time. There’s a restaurant right at the corner of Mackenzie and Selegie Rd in the Neighbourhood of Little India Singapore, serving up fresh seafood and many traditional Singapore, Malaysian dishes. They’ll cook Singapore chilli crab for you with live crabs fresh from the water tans, any time during the day.

Old Change Kee in Singapore is my favourite place to drop by for a quick bite to eat. I just can’t get enough of their curry puffs! If you are a Old Change Kee fan as me, you’ll be delighted that they opened their flagship store – Old Chang Kee Coffee House at the original location of the first stall. It’s opposite Rex Cinema opposite Rex Cinema, where homegrown brand Old Chang Kee started over three decades ago. What began as a tiny stall in the corner of the local coffee shop, is now a bigger and brighter 50-seater space that spans three shophouse units.

It offers tasty food, friendly & fast service and very pleasant atmosphere. You might pay less elsewhere in Little India but it is totally worth it! You will have the old Singapore experience with proper porcelin utensils and lovely ambience, just like the good old days.

Old Chang Kee Coffee House

19/21/23 Mackenzie Road, #01-01, Singapore 228678 – near MacKenzie Road and MRT Little India exit A.

Whether you are a certified sommelier or just someone that enjoys the occasional glass at the weekend, wine can be a pretty fascinating subject. In fact, there may just be a great deal you don’t know about this intoxicating liquid. Luckily, you can top up your knowledge by drinking in the facts below.

Drinking red wine can be good for you.

Of course, it’s just in small measures like a single small glass a day, but drinking red wine regularly can actually have a positive effect on your health.

This is because it contains resveratrol a substance that is thought to combat coronary artery disease, which is the primary cause of heart attacks.

Although, if you ask me, maybe it’s relaxing effects help people to be less stressed out as well. Something that is also pretty good for the heart and for living a long and happy life!

Most wine isn’t vegan.

You may not be aware, but most wine isn’t actually safe for vegans to drink. This is because fining agents used in the winemaking process have traditionally come from animal products such as egg whites, or even, believe it or not, fish bladders!

It’s not that the wine actually contains these ingredients when its poured, it’s that vegans are committed to boycotting anything that exploits animals or uses parts of their body in production. Therefore it makes it impossible for them to drink wine processed in the manner.

Happily, there are now some delicious Vegan Wines on the market. Something that means no one has to miss out on the wine drinking experience in order to uphold their principles.

You need to store it at the right temp.

Wine is temperamental, in fact, it needs to be stored at exactly the right temperature, or it will lose its flavour. That is why old manor houses and modern restaurant have wine cellars.

What this means is that just shoving your most prized bottles into the corner of your kitchen, is a bad idea. Instead, set up a wine rack in the most temperate location, or if you can afford it invest in a wine pod or fridge where the temperature is digitally regulated. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Pairing your wine with the right food can improve the experience.

Most people know that you should drink white wine with fish and red with meat, yet their knowledge doesn’t go any further than that. However, the matching of wine to food is a much more complicated task than this.

In fact, the idea is to find a wine that compliments and enhances the flavours of the meal without overwhelming it. Something that can be pretty tricky to do.

Of course in a professional dining setting, there are sommeliers or wine waiters that will do this for you, offering their personal recommendation for the dishes. Although, if you’d like to try your hand, or should I say palate, at this challenging craft, there are some additional information no wine and food pairings. Good luck, and Cheers!

A shocking statistic is that, according to research done by the USDA, the average American spends only 37 minutes a day in total preparing and serving food, and cleaning up afterwards.

In practice, this more or less means that the average American is doing virtually no home cooking. As anyone who regularly cooks will tell you, it’s difficult to make anything more complex than an omelet in that time period. What the statistic in fact shows, is that the average American’s diet is made up of processed and pre-prepared food, to an enormous degree.

It’s noteworthy that this coincides with a major obesity epidemic.

Home-cooking is almost a lot art in many places, but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially considering that we live in a time when information is at our fingertips and food is, in many places, as cheap as it’s ever been.

Here are some reasons why taking home-cooking seriously can transform your life for the better.

Home-cooked meals are infinitely better for your health than processed or pre-prepared food

Home-cooked meals are infinitely better for your health than processed or pre-prepared food, even if that food is fairly “clean”.

The food writer Michael Pollan has noted in the past that pre-prepared and processed foods and commodities sold by big businesses. To improve their bottom line, those businesses are incentivised to use the cheapest ingredients they can get away with.

Pre-prepared food is made to be cost-effective and palatable, not nutritious, and certainly not healthy. Many of the ingredients most commonly found in processed foods — such as things like high-fructose corn syrup — have been directly linked with obesity and other health conditions.

Simply by cooking your meals at home from scratch, you’re likely already significantly improving your health.

There’s a real art to good cooking

Home-cooking isn’t just something you do in order to fuel your body. It’s something that has a real art to it, and that can enrich your life in an array of ways, including the simple pleasure of being able to enjoy tasty food on a regular basis.

Good cooking is an art, and the more you get into that art, the more you’ll respect it, and the more meaningful it will become in your life. Japanese kitchen knives, Italian herbs, and centuries-old recipes are tools that take on near-magical significance if you pay enough attention.

Of course, your friends and family will also benefit from the tasty food you cook.

Cooking is a great way to unwind

Cooking is a relatively slow, focused, and deliberate practice, while still being quite simple. It’s the kind of practice that we arguably need in our lives more than ever, busy as we almost all are, almost all of the time, with the demands of modern life.

Cooking provides an opportunity for you to find a bit of peace and quiet, and enjoy a more meditative approach to life. It’s an excellent way of unwinding, and getting your thoughts free from the preoccupations that might otherwise be hounding you.