Back to School – The Best Gift You Can Give a Dorm Resident

It’s tough having a child or grandchild who is away at school. You can’t help but worry about your college students, but you are eager to see what the future has in store for them. One way to keep showing your love and support is to send gifts. The best gift is perhaps…pizza. Yep, you read that right. Pizza! To be sure, homemade care packages, Netflix subscriptions, headphones and the like make excellent presents, too. However, you really can’t go wrong with pizza. For example, your college student no doubt knows how to earn free pizza but would appreciate the means to enjoy pizza more often.

Pizza Is Good for Friend Time and Alone Time

Dorm life can be a mixed bag: hectic, boring, slow-paced, a good balance, you name it. The dynamics can even shift from hour to hour. With the gift of pizza, your student can eat alone or share the bounty with friends, no matter what’s going on. In fact, offering pizza around is a good way for your student to make new friends.

Pizza Fuels Study Sessions

What tastes good when it is fresh out of the box and after it’s been sitting in the box for an hour or two? Pizza! It keeps students’ bellies full as they tackle difficult material during hours-long study sessions.

It Can Be Healthy and Diverse

Pizza isn’t necessarily “junk” food. For instance, the best tasting gluten free pizza is sensitive to many special diets and includes a thin, crunchy crust with ancient grains. Meanwhile, students can get pizza with vegetable-only toppings or opt for diverse fare such as taco pizza or Hawaiian. Similarly, friends who don’t much care for pizza can eat chicken wings or breadsticks.

Students Get a Change from Cafeteria Fare

Cafeteria food has come a long way at many schools, but your students’ choices may still be a bit limited. Pizza is a way to spice up their life and to be sure they’re eating.

It’s an Inexpensive Gift that Keeps Giving

Every time your students get pizza, they’ll think of you. They can also check out the cheapest pizza specials before they order to stretch their dollars even further (good real-world lessons!). All you have to do is give your college student a gift card to their favorite pizza place. Of course, make sure there’s a location close to their school. Or ask which pizza place they’d like a gift card to.

Of course, there are other methods such as asking students to call/text you whenever they want pizza or putting your billing information into a pizza smartphone app they’ve downloaded. A gift card is much simpler, though, and eGift cards mean that you can send fresh money every few weeks. No having to deal with mail that requires a few days for processing and delivering.

Pizza is the perfect gift for many dorm residents. It fills a variety of needs and is delicious. Purchase a gift card today for your college student.

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