Fascinating Facts About Wine

Whether you are a certified sommelier or just someone that enjoys the occasional glass at the weekend, wine can be a pretty fascinating subject. In fact, there may just be a great deal you don’t know about this intoxicating liquid. Luckily, you can top up your knowledge by drinking in the facts below.

Drinking red wine can be good for you.

Of course, it’s just in small measures like a single small glass a day, but drinking red wine regularly can actually have a positive effect on your health.

This is because it contains resveratrol a substance that is thought to combat coronary artery disease, which is the primary cause of heart attacks.

Although, if you ask me, maybe it’s relaxing effects help people to be less stressed out as well. Something that is also pretty good for the heart and for living a long and happy life!

Most wine isn’t vegan.

You may not be aware, but most wine isn’t actually safe for vegans to drink. This is because fining agents used in the winemaking process have traditionally come from animal products such as egg whites, or even, believe it or not, fish bladders!

It’s not that the wine actually contains these ingredients when its poured, it’s that vegans are committed to boycotting anything that exploits animals or uses parts of their body in production. Therefore it makes it impossible for them to drink wine processed in the manner.

Happily, there are now some delicious Vegan Wines on the market. Something that means no one has to miss out on the wine drinking experience in order to uphold their principles.

You need to store it at the right temp.

Wine is temperamental, in fact, it needs to be stored at exactly the right temperature, or it will lose its flavour. That is why old manor houses and modern restaurant have wine cellars.

What this means is that just shoving your most prized bottles into the corner of your kitchen, is a bad idea. Instead, set up a wine rack in the most temperate location, or if you can afford it invest in a wine pod or fridge where the temperature is digitally regulated. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Pairing your wine with the right food can improve the experience.

Most people know that you should drink white wine with fish and red with meat, yet their knowledge doesn’t go any further than that. However, the matching of wine to food is a much more complicated task than this.

In fact, the idea is to find a wine that compliments and enhances the flavours of the meal without overwhelming it. Something that can be pretty tricky to do.

Of course in a professional dining setting, there are sommeliers or wine waiters that will do this for you, offering their personal recommendation for the dishes. Although, if you’d like to try your hand, or should I say palate, at this challenging craft, there are some additional information no wine and food pairings. Good luck, and Cheers!

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