3 Trending Foodie Products To Try This Year

Food and drink are quite literally the source of living and contribute directly to our health and wellbeing. The food revolution of the past couple of years has been nothing short of astounding and just when you think you might have seen it all, something else comes along.

Here are 3 trending and organic products that you should try at some point this year if you can:

  • Fermented Foods
  • Alcohol-Free Drinks
  • Hyper-Local Produce

Fermenting food is nothing new and has been around for a long time but is usually associated with alcohol production, but you can eat it. On the flip side, alcohol-free drinks such as gin are making waves right now and supporting local producers is a great idea, but what if your neighbour grew your food, or better still, you grew it yourself?

Fermented Foods

You might be aware of the fermentation process used in alcohol production, but what about fermented food meant for consumption? Sounds icky, right? But fermented food is actually delicious when the process is done properly and is super healthy.

Fermenting organic vegetables such as cabbage for sauerkraut as a condiment or soybeans for miso as a dressing is an excellent alternative way to use such ingredients. But what of the benefits?

In an increasingly health-conscious world, we are always looking for the next thing to boost our wellbeing. Fermented foods have been proven to be excellent probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the gut that boosts the digestive system while lowering blood pressure, inflammation, and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Alcohol-Free Drinks

On the opposite side of fermenting foods for health, we have the fermentation for alcohol production. Alcohol has been around since the beginning of civilization at around 5,000 BC and is seen as a staple product in many cultures around the world.

But the dangers of alcohol are well-known, not only the impending doom of alcoholism but heart problems, weight gain, and long-lasting effects such as acid reflux disease and mental issues in some cases. 

Most of us do like to have a little drink, however, but not necessarily to get drunk. The fact is that most alcoholic drinks such as wine, gin, and beer are refreshing and taste great to adults which has caused an industry-wide acknowledgement that maybe alcohol-free beverages should be produced as well.

Zero alcohol beer has been around for a while now, but many established manufacturers such as gin producers, winemakers, and whiskey brewers are all making excellent non-alcoholic spirits. These can be used with mixers such as ginger ale, fruit juices, and even cordials for astonishing safe versions of classic cocktails.

Hyper-Local Produce

The joy of purchasing fresh and organic vegetables from a local producer is something to behold for anyone who loves food. Just knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it is grown puts ease on the mind that you cannot get with supermarket food.

But one growing trend is the use of hyper-local food. This term is traditionally associated with chefs who grow their own produce for their own restaurants such as Raymon Blanc. However, more and more people are beginning to grow their own food.

Gardening for vegetables isn’t as easy as it sounds and it takes great skill, effort, and dedication in order to grow some vegetables that you might take for granted. So, even if you don’t grow yourself, a friend or neighbor might and you should purchase some products from them.

The benefit of this will of course is the taste. There is nothing like the aroma and flavor of a vegetable that was picked from the soil just hours, or even minutes before cooking it.

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