What’s For Breakfast?

People really know me often say I eat like a horse (or pig). Well I’m not ashamed of it because I can’t really help that my appetite for food is huge. Maybe the saying “crazy hungry asians” is true. I’m for sure one of those.

Getting really hungry in the morning and having no idea what’s good for breakfast really was a problem for me in the past. It’s simple because 2 boiled eggs or a couple of toasts with coffee or a little tub of yogurt with a couple of pieces of fruit won’t fill the the big hole inside me. I need way more food than that for breakfast.

Luckily after years of struggle, I know a few good go to breakfast options for me now. They are healthy, easy & quick to prepare and of course big in portion! What can I say, all you need is a big breakfast!

Here are just a few examples:

1. Overnight oats

I had hesitation of making overnight oats for a long time. Firstly I don’t fancy cold breakfast that much. Secondly, I wasn’t sure if the oats will be “cooked properly” by just siting in the fridge overnight. Lastly, I doubted it was going to be tasty enough for me.

How glad I am to have finally tried it out. It’s just a like a magic “no need to cook”, satisfying meal. It takes no time to prepare in the morning and it’s perfectly cooked overnight! It can be super tasty by mixing everything you like together. And not surprisingly, it really feels good to have a cool breakfast in an extremely hot summer morning. If you still don’t like it cold, heat it up in the microwave – problem solved!

For someone who’s lazy and has no patience to wait like me, overnight oats breakfast is God send.

2. Eggs, avocado, nuts, yogurt, fruit and carrot cake!

A big eater often likes a lot of varieties for every single meal. When I say 2 boiled eggs or a couple of toasts with coffee or a little tub of yogurt with a couple of pieces of fruit won’t be big enough for me, it could be ok to have everything combined:)

Below is the breakfast I had a few days ago. Again, it didn’t take much time to prepare. Actually everything was immediately available apart from the boiled eggs. I was planning to cook half boiled eggs to make it pretty which takes about 5 minutes. But this time I got distracted (to do something else) and left the eggs on stove for too long so they became hard boiled.

Truth be told I love hard boiled eggs just as much as half boiled, if not more.

3. Stir fry veggies, eggs and shrimps (or omelette)

This is another favourite quick and easy big breakfast of mine. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Basically I just throw all left over veggies in the fridge and stir fry with eggs and shrimps (or bacon). Kale, mushrooms, red pepper are a few of my favourite vegi choices. Like overnight oats, kale is something that I slowly adopted over the years and grew to love it.

They say eat the rainbow is good for you. So what colour am I missing here? Oh blue. Maybe I can have some blue berries later. There aren’t any fresh blue berries left in the fridge but there are still some frozen ones in the fridge. What about some blue berry nice-cream in the afternoon? Hmmm…. yum!

Oh dear. Why I’m always thinking about food? Help.

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